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  1. And here I would have called him MUM ...
  2. Spot on ... While no longer popular, in years past I've seen MANY instances of walls, platforms, fences, etc. which the shooter had to climb, descend, or whatever in order to navigate a CoF. A barrel is, by it's very nature, a barrier ... specifically, a vision barrier as one cannot see through it. Hence, it is FULLY covered by 2.2.3. et. seq.
  3. Please reread (old version AND the new, per the NROI Ruling) and explain to me how barrels would NOT qualify as "all such barriers, walls, vision barriers and snow fence barriers [...]" It will not matter whether it is a snow fence, wooden wall, pile of tires, or even barrels ... They are ALL subject to the rule - per the rule.
  4. Isn't there an App for that? ;-)
  5. OK ... We understand now that the bullet went from left to right (in the picture.) Now ... What did it hit FIRST: The brown side or the white side of the target. (Or did it truly hit the exact edge side of the target ... directly with the point of the bullet?) From the image it's hard to tell, but it appears to me it MAY have hit the back first and exited out the front.
  6. I actually had that happen once. It was a 3 gun match and the shooter was on SG ... Slugs. The squib went poof, the slug left the barrel and bounced comically down the range. I watched it bounce ... The shooter watched it bounce. He looked at me and I looked at him. We both shrugged our shoulders, let out a laugh and he kept shooting! In the case you describe, the only option I have as the RO, knowing full well the bullet left the muzzle, is to look at the shooter and issue a range command ... "If you are finished ... etc." If he stops it's on him as I didn't stop him, it WAS safe for him to continue, and I didn't (at least not directly) coach him. Do I have any problem with that? Not at all. My job is to ensure safety and not do anything to influence the shooter's decision-making paradigm absent some safety issue.
  7. Thank you. It is unfortunate that there are some in our game who fully believe the RO on the timer is allowed to look only at the gun, the whole gun, and nothing but the gun while running a shooter. While he needs to be fully aware of what the shooter is doing with the gun at any given point of time, there is absolutely no reason on earth why he cannot also observe other things that are happening within his field of view. By way of comparison - A fighter pilot who focuses on his target and nothing but his target will eventually wind up with two things: Target fixation and a heat-seeking missile up his a$$ 6!
  8. Correct ... PRIMARILY - but NOT EXCLUSIVELY! Any competent RO is capable of observing much more than just the gun ... and MUST be able to so do if he is to run a stage safely! I challenge you to tell us which RMI EVER told you the RO on the timer must look at the gun and NOTHING ELSE. I feel reasonably confident that any of the Instructors reading this will tell you, in no uncertain terms, that is NOT what they teach.
  9. I really wish this nonsensical myth would die. The human field of vision is SUBSTANTIALLY wider than the 1-2 degree field of view required to monitor where the gun is pointed and whether or not the shooter's finger is inside the trigger guard. If one cannot mentally monitor other things outside that 1-2 degree field of view while the shooter is going through the course of fire, then perhaps he/she should reconsider his/her competency as an RO.
  10. Generally speaking, it is good practice (and manners!) to do your inspection/check/minor adjustments BETWEEN squads ... Try whenever possible to AVOID doing it in the middle of a squad.
  11. George - You're quite correct! What the IPSC rule does is to permit the shooter to carry the mags picked up from (for example) a table after the start signal and carry them ANYWHERE ON HIS PERSON HE CHOOSES TO. The Divisional requirements in the appendices are overruled. Mike USPSA RM IROA CRO
  12. There's nothing that says you can't download a copy, print it, or save it to your smartphone or tablet.
  13. I think you need to review ... If the RM determines your equipment does not fit the Divisional requirements you declare, his decision is final. Per the rule, an AC does not get a vote in this matter.
  14. You will also need to remember there are some slight differences in rules/etiquette between the two rule sets. I won't list them here, but you can find an article on it in Front Sight from a year or two ago. Also be sure to closely follow any and all instructions as to transporting your gun and ammunition and the entry/exit requirements for whichever country you are visiting. We have it very good here in the US ... Not everywhere in the world is so generous!
  15. Thanks Paul ... About what I thought. It's unfortunate no one really saw the value in what you were doing. Thanks for the effort!