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  1. This is lazy, and I might add, piss-poor officiating. Familiarize yourself with the provisions of 9.6. If the ROs do not comply with these rules, speak with the RM. If the RM will not comply, speak to the Section Coordinator and Area Director. If they ARE certified ROs, there are provisions for discussing the matter with the DNROI. These folks are doing you, your fellow shooters, and the sport in general a disservice - based on what you describe.
  2. No. By rule, Classes are recognized by Division only. Match results that combine results, either overall or by Class, are unofficial and not authorized by the rules.
  3. 1 o'clock is a no-go ... But if you're willing to move it behind the hip bone (as required) I see no other reason you could not use such a holster. (Unless I'm missing something here ...) Refer to the rule book and see if what you want to use, and where you want to place it complies.
  4. USPSA (nor any other Region, for that matter) has the authority to run a Level 4 match. Level 4 and 5 matches are International matches and can only be approved by IPSC.
  5. However ... There is absolutely, unequivocally, unmistakably NO reason to require him to modify his gun. It is perfectly safe and TOTALLY acceptable for the shooter to insert an empty magazine into the gun in order to drop the hammer if the design of the gun so requires. The best practice is for the shooter to carry an empty mag in his pocket for just such a purpose in order to not delay the unloading process. However, emptying the remaining rounds in his last mag is an acceptable (albeit slower) procedure.
  6. None ... See 9.1.3
  7. 100% concur ...
  8. I hear ya. Mine was a Springfield 1911 in .45 ACP w/ a PDP.
  9. I'm relieved to hear I apparently misinterpreted what you said. I hope you can understand my alarm ... No offense intended. For the record ==> I know of at least one RMI who is a Master Open shooter. He has troubles maintaining true M scores now, but that has little to do with the fact he's an "RO." He's also over 60 and starting to slow down a little!
  10. Ahhh ... Someone else old enough to remember! 😋
  11. Folks ... Please read section 9.6. It deals with scoring and VERIFICATION. If a shooter (or his deligate) is not given the opportunity to observe the targets AS THEY ARE BEING SCORED, how in the heck are they going to have the ability to challenge the score, as is their right? I have seen this happen in matches from local clubs, through Area Championships, to the Nationals, and even at the World Shoot. A shooter who has not been given an opportunity to review his hits as they are being scored can insist on a reshoot and, generally speaking, it must be granted.
  12. I'm hoping you mean this tounge-in-cheek. This is the absolute worst possible approach and attitude to have while working as an RO. The shooter you are running deserves better than this. The results for everyone in the match deserve better than this. Safety DEMANDS better than this! I hate to come off this strongly, but if you are a currently certified RO, and this actually IS your belief, TURN IN YOUR CREDENTIALS! Please tell me this isn't the case ...
  13. Please stop right there and read the following from Troy: Rules at all levels USPSA I was recently asked a question, couched in an actual event at a local match, regarding rules application. Seems that a competitor was disqualified for an action that the rules specifically state is not a DQ. What really bothered me about the question was the person that posed it followed up with, "Oh, well, it was just a local match, anyway." My response was somewhat less than cordial. Local match or no, the rules are the rules for the sport, and must be followed. Not following our rules is the biggest disservice to your competitors, your customers, possible. USPSA matches around the country can be compared to a pyramid: lots of local matches on the bottom, supporting the larger (State/section, Area, Nationals) blocks on top. If the bottom blocks are weak in any way, the structure is unstable. Following the rules at your local match is the best way to ensure a strong foundation for our sport. The rules are easy to find, and help is but an email or phone call away. Let's all try to do it right. Troy McManus, DNROI
  14. See 9.1.3 and 9.6.2 ... Did they comply with these rules? If so, it's on you. (Sorry.) If not, you should have been granted a reshoot.
  15. Thank you ... This may very well prove my point. Top shooters - or at least those with the wherewithal to have multiple guns available for a given division - appear to already choosing their gun based on the facts of the match they are entering. Apparently, they looked at the setups and decided which gun would give them the best chance to win. Nothing sinister in that!