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  1. Good to know, thanks. Perhaps it MAY be time for USPSA (etc.) to rethink the holster ... But clearly not universal. See the following:
  2. Mike I used a Serpa holster for a while in both SS and PD. I stopped using it as it made me nervous ... pretty much for the reasons you seem to outline. That was a personal decision. As a RM, I would be somewhat reluctant to invoke 5.2.6 for this holster ... Unless: - Multiple instances where such accidents have happened - Likely followed by a manufacturer's recall of the product. (Not likely ...) - A ruling or advisory from USPSA (or perhaps some other high-level organization such as the NRA) recommending against using this holster. (Again, not likely ...) - Some other authoritative and reasonable reason for me to prohibit a popular and (when properly used) perfectly safe product. We play in a risk sport ... To call it otherwise does it a disservice. * (* Borrowed from Warren Miller on the topic of skiing ...)
  3. Different strokes, Nik. Different strokes. As I said, just my point of view ...
  4. Troy also seeks out opinions, from time-to-time, not only from his Instructor Corps, but from ALL of his RMs as well. He definitely does NOT make his decisions in a vacuum. We don't always agree along the process, but in the end, we all support the final decision.
  5. Dooh! - Didn't see your post ... Sorry.
  6. It appears you are looking at an outdated version. This changed effective 1 Feb 2017. See the following for the current version: D7_DNROI_2117.pdf
  7. Official ruling is found here:
  8. THANK YOU! Someone else who recognizes that a functioning gun and a little practice will get you further than all the stupid gaming tricks in the world!
  9. Not to be overly pedantic, but it appears some are confusing "location" and "view." Both are described in the glossary. If I take 2-3 steps I am in a new location. A new view requires that something has to have interrupted my old view of the targets (such as a wall or other prop) and the new view has a different array of targets available.
  10. OK ... I've checked my gun at home and I know I've got my full 2 oz to spare ... I put 1.5 oz in each mag to achieve what we're talking about and still have .5 oz to spare. That's roughly the equivalent of 4-5 extra rounds of 9mm, from a weight perspective. And I would still meet Division requirements.
  11. In a standard VC type situation, run them in quick succession one after the other - without scoring. (Multiple target arrays.) It can save a little time, but becomes manpower intensive as you really need a separate RO to monitor each shooter while the RO on timer goes from shooter to shooter to manage the stage.
  12. Understood, and I agree with your statement. What I stated is a personal opinion, admittedly at odds with the rules and current interpretations. I get it. But like I said, don't mean I have to like it!
  13. I'll go one step further, Moto ... I don't really agree with the concept of allowing a shooter to start standing "on the fault lines when the description states "inside the fault lines." Inside the fault lines means just that - not on top of the fault lines. But as I said before ... I fully understand the current concepts and rules application and I can, do, and will abide by them ... Doesn't mean I have to like 'em!
  14. Then, I think, you would probably bet wrong. There's no effective way to prevent a shooter from adding weight to the bottom of his 10-round mags to achieve the same effect without using ammo to do it. I suspect, though I don't have this on certainty, it was to provide a strong disincentive against shooters who would overload, use the extra rounds, and hope the RO didn't catch it.
  15. If you want the exact rule numbers ... Your CZ would fall under ... That means your Ready Condition is governed by Rule (Application of the thumb safety) only applies to and ... Hence => Your CZ should be decocked (manually or by decocker, as applicable for your model) and the safety need not be employed.