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  1. Thanks, I have an unloading tool that came with my Chiappa Rhino and works pretty well on 929 clips as well. i'm gonna order bladetech holster for now . Just debating between North Mountain and Speed e rack
  2. Thanks , fond them on TK website.
  3. Thanks for responses Are these the moon clips?
  4. So I got 929 , what next ? new to revolvers and just gonna shoot it at local matches . What to get , on the budget ? Don't wanna spend money on serious revolver gear , because I'm not even sure if and how long ill stick to it . Have absolute 0 revolver competition gear.
  5. I'm a believer
  6. yes , works just fine. Just found out that I'm missing safety lever spring as well. I'm pretty positive it wasn't there to begin with. I've recorded my gunsmithing adventure ,in case I'll have problem putting it back together and even watching video , I can't see that damn spring. Gun works fine without it , but wanna get one anyway.
  7. little more info would be appreciated I did some polishing and took one of the springs out. Even managed to put everything back together and it works but don't see significant reduction
  8. I guess I'm spending some money on Glasses then. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  9. You probably right. Although I did some research on YouTube and honestly I wouldn't be able to see the difference without watching this Video. Now I'm interested. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  10. Relax, have fun. That's the key
  11. You wouldn't happened to have video on what exactly you did , would you? Pill settle for more detailed description with some pictures
  12. And we all thank you from bottom of our hearts . It was an excellent match.
  13. I might be blind , but borrowed friends Oaklies and didn't see any difference . But I do keep them in case an once there's scratch on them they serve as reloading glasses and I get new ones
  14. Crap, I've been using $20 safety glasses from Home Depot , ones that have Mike Holmes stamp of approval , is that what I was doing wrong all these years ?
  15. there's guy with glass half full