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  1. Relax, have fun. That's the key
  2. You wouldn't happened to have video on what exactly you did , would you? Pill settle for more detailed description with some pictures
  3. And we all thank you from bottom of our hearts . It was an excellent match.
  4. I might be blind , but borrowed friends Oaklies and didn't see any difference . But I do keep them in case an once there's scratch on them they serve as reloading glasses and I get new ones
  5. Crap, I've been using $20 safety glasses from Home Depot , ones that have Mike Holmes stamp of approval , is that what I was doing wrong all these years ?
  6. there's guy with glass half full
  7. Hard to move , walk , draw....:)
  8. Would like to see this gun agains Sig 320 RX
  9. it's not standard capacity magazine , if you take it apart , then those are just magazine parts , Look into actual wording of the new law .There's more then one way to limit capacity
  10. yup , and few of them got DQ'd , and IDPA king won again
  11. Taandemkross is coming out with nice grips as well
  12. Just picked tandemkross trigger myself. Best $40 spent
  13. Good match. Somehow they managed to make it more challenging then last year . Wanna see all those USPSA shooters in low light with all those props. So far , 48th out of 200+ shooter overall. 1 second rule and fault lines really messed me up. I was lot slower then usually , worrying about hits and PEs , but I did manage get a lot les penalty points then last year . Here's some of it
  14. tried , didn't like it. Not even that crazy about this one . I shoot Grand Power mostly , this is just a back up gun