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  1. I'm just hoping he's gonna do follow up after he puts more rounds thru it. GPs are tighter and like to be oiled. I had G35 that I had nothing but problems with , does that make glock bad ?
  2. he kind of concentrated on negative. I understand that it didn't perform flawlessly out of the box , but neither did my Xcalibur He should really do follow up after putting some serious rounds thru it.
  3. That sucks lol
  4. I normally shoot Xtrim which has a slide cuts and it is SSP and ESP legal. I was thinking new rules got away from bull barrel . New Sig 320 X5 is legal in ESP , don't see why Xcalibur wouldn't
  5. So , with new rules , Am I wrong thinking Xcalibur is ESP legal ?
  6. Lol , damn autocorrect
  7. Nope , got all my brass and moon lips back. It's actually an achievement at that range. Lol Now thinking about revolver for IDPA.
  8. few stages from Spring Blast
  9. 8 stages at Spring Blast match at Long island . Revos are fun
  10. OK, got my holster all setup , moonclip holders , ready for first USPSA as a revolver shooter this weekend
  11. I love my safariland rig for USPSA and 3gun , ELS make stuff easy. Just look for coupon before getting it, I had $40% off when I ordered my stuff
  12. yes you start with hammer down. No deckocker on Xcalibur , you have to manually put hammer down
  13. Absolutely. Might've been my first match with revolver , but not first match. Lol Funny thing , when I went to do first reload , I've pushed cylinder release and froze for split second waiting for magazine to pop out. Lol
  14. First match under my belt with 929 . Local IDPA match , they let me shoot 929 , even use Hogue holster with Protocall adapter . Second overall , only 16 shooters , not bad
  15. I have to finally buy trigger gauge , but my finger gauge says trigger feels around 7lbs and gun is 100% with federal and Winchester primers and feel pretty smooth. Hits on the spent cases suggests , FP would ignite wolf primers