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  1. Any updates? I have cash and no gun - the universe is not in harmony.
  2. I imagine a dark, smoke-filled bar. Shot glasses lined up like a Can You Count classifier. Of course, there's a table of 1911 guys too, bickering over where to build the local monument to JMB, their conversation punctuated with choruses of "praised be his name". The door opens and a pimple faced young'un (that would be me) stands in the doorway sporting a P10-C and mags facing the wrong way in their pouches. Y'all turn and squint against the light momentarily and then, without acknowledgement, resume your conversation, swapping stories about when you DQ'ed in '95.
  3. I think Will's on to something with sticking to a single author for a bit - I've just come to the same conclusion. Find someone you can relate to and then run with his stuff for a while. For me it was Steve Anderson. Ben Stoeger's stuff is really good too, but I just related to Steve's books more. Get to Work has had the most influence on me of anything I've read. Improvement was almost instantaneous and I see things completely differently now.
  4. I'm not one of these grizzled old Shadow shooters, so maybe I take a different perspective. USPSA/IPSC is probably the most difficult practical pistol sport (by miles), and Production division (along with Single Stack/Classic) is arguably the most difficult division. For a 12 year old's first gun my concern would be that you are really throwing him in at the deep end - manual decock or not. That's an awful lot to handle. If Production is your/his preferred division, get him a Shadow and let him shoot Standard cocked and locked for a season. Work on the stage planning and decocking offline. Pull him back into Production and manual decocking after he's built up some confidence and familiarity with the sport. Regardless, you might want to let him try out a P10 or P09 as well, as others have suggested. He might prefer a lighter gun.
  5. If you are referring to me as OP, I sat on my hands. I am neither knowledgeable, experienced, nor a good shooter, so I'm not sure you should take anything away from my evaluation either. My conclusions were along these lines... 1. Sight radius is completely meaningless with optics (obviously) 2. Barrel length affects accuracy, load for PF, and any added weight would mitigate recoil, so it's not unimportant 3. 4 1/2" is a good compromise if you want to double-purpose the gun (CO + Prod) 4. The ability to have irons and optics easily on the same gun (not necessarily concurrently) is a big advantage for double-purposing 5. For CO, in particular, the 140mm mag availability, cost and capacity should be included in your comparisons I had decided to go with an OSP when I last posted above. On the way to the store my good intentions got run over by events. I decided to focus on CO, so double-purposing became irrelevant. I picked up a PPQ and discovered what a gun can feel like when it fits me. The Sig 320 X5 became almost tangible. The CZ P10-C was waved under my nose (I have small hands but like a forward break). I tried the E2 grip on my 226 and suddenly found I could shoot it at last, but mag availability made that less desirable for CO. Crippled by indecision, familiar to me from stage planning, I decided to revert to my original optics plan and shoot Open. Hope that helps :-)
  6. It'd be a better choice for Carry Optics if you could actually buy the optic :-)
  7. Curved trigger?
  8. I checked with Mecgar directly about the 20 rounders. "We have been told from others that the magazine is not compliant." I just spoke on the phone with TRT Tactical and they said their +2 for the Mecgar 18 rounders is compliant. Although, that base pad looks suspiciously like the factory Mecgar extended base pad on the 20 rounders, so I dunno.
  9. For decocker configuration only, assuming it's been through a shop (CZC, CGW, AA) with their best effort, what has the best trigger - 75BD, SP01 or 75 Omega? Or less subjectively, what are the differences that you would expect? Did I miss any other steel options for decocker? Also, other than the triggers, and the obvious front weight on the SP01 are there any other material differences between these candidates?
  10. Just noticed the grip profile (wasn't paying attention, I know). Pretty much disqualifies me :-( With something that fat laterally up high, my thumb would end up nearly under the tang. And supposedly this frame was based off a current medium frame, which I can manage reasonably comfortably. Y'all enjoy it when it gets here. I'll be envious.
  11. Thanks for the info. I tried to rent one at the range today but they didn't have one. Went to the LGS and fondled one though. Darn the grip is ergonomic. It's the first gun I've ever been able to release the mag without breaking my grip. Trigger was nice enough (I'm not a trigger snob), and it points great. Now I have to decide whether it's worth waiting on the X5.
  12. Where would you get work done on Walthers? Do they have a specialist smith, like say Springer for XDMs? Also, what would be the best 140mm base pads for CO?
  13. @rowdyb Thanks for the reality check. I guess patience is in order - I don't think I'm up for being a trail blazer. Sadly I've had to concede that DA/SA is not for me (not the DA - another broken Indian issue). I'm envious of all you Shadowy people, but as Dirty Harry reminded us "a man's gotta know his limitations". The ergs and trigger of the P10 look perfect for me, absent hands on, but there are a lot of loose ends with the package. The trigger and package of the 320 X5 look perfect for me, but possibly not the ergs. PRP Springfield trigger looks good, ergs acceptable, package mixed, and it actually exists. These are the only options that appeal at all right now, so I guess I'll be sitting to out for a while (frustrating, as CO 2017 looks to be the perfect division for my tastes).
  14. Would love a full size, but in the meantime I was thinking of trying this one for CO. Need some advice .. 1. Anyone know a reason why milling for the optic would be a problem? CZC website doesn't appear to acknowledge the P10-C at all, so not sure how soon their plate system would be available if at all? Dovetail options? 2. Any ideas for the best route for 140 mags? Anyone milling the new hole in P09 mags? I don't need perfect solutions. The gun doesn't have to be "competitive" because I'm certainly not. Production listing timing isn't an immediate concern either - I'll be happily shooting SS in the meantime. The alternative for me is a Sig X5 but I doubt the ergonomics will suit me nearly as well, although there would be a lot less messing around required.
  15. A smaller font would allow them to go the whole mile and add "Frame Zone TM" beneath the banner :-)