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  1. Thanks for the info. I tried to rent one at the range today but they didn't have one. Went to the LGS and fondled one though. Darn the grip is ergonomic. It's the first gun I've ever been able to release the mag without breaking my grip. Trigger was nice enough (I'm not a trigger snob), and it points great. Now I have to decide whether it's worth waiting on the X5.
  2. Where would you get work done on Walthers? Do they have a specialist smith, like say Springer for XDMs? Also, what would be the best 140mm base pads for CO?
  3. @rowdyb Thanks for the reality check. I guess patience is in order - I don't think I'm up for being a trail blazer. Sadly I've had to concede that DA/SA is not for me (not the DA - another broken Indian issue). I'm envious of all you Shadowy people, but as Dirty Harry reminded us "a man's gotta know his limitations". The ergs and trigger of the P10 look perfect for me, absent hands on, but there are a lot of loose ends with the package. The trigger and package of the 320 X5 look perfect for me, but possibly not the ergs. PRP Springfield trigger looks good, ergs acceptable, package mixed, and it actually exists. These are the only options that appeal at all right now, so I guess I'll be sitting to out for a while (frustrating, as CO 2017 looks to be the perfect division for my tastes).
  4. Would love a full size, but in the meantime I was thinking of trying this one for CO. Need some advice .. 1. Anyone know a reason why milling for the optic would be a problem? CZC website doesn't appear to acknowledge the P10-C at all, so not sure how soon their plate system would be available if at all? Dovetail options? 2. Any ideas for the best route for 140 mags? Anyone milling the new hole in P09 mags? I don't need perfect solutions. The gun doesn't have to be "competitive" because I'm certainly not. Production listing timing isn't an immediate concern either - I'll be happily shooting SS in the meantime. The alternative for me is a Sig X5 but I doubt the ergonomics will suit me nearly as well, although there would be a lot less messing around required.
  5. A smaller font would allow them to go the whole mile and add "Frame Zone TM" beneath the banner :-)
  6. Noticed this today, and thought I'd share it. Thanks for all your posts and keeping us in the loop as much as you could. Sig should be thankful to have you as a wingman.
  7. Official word from Mecgar about the 20 round 9mm AFC mags: "We have been told from others that the magazine is not compliant."
  8. Thanks, Forklift. That looks like about 5.5" which would leave a bit to spare. My 18 rounders are exactly 5" and the description says the 20 rounders are 5/8" longer, so I had assumed they didn't quite fit. It won't kill me to buy one to be sure anyway.
  9. Can't see any 140s there. The MG +2s are about 143mm [edited from 149 in original post on account of bad math] by my reckoning, but I haven't had one in my hands to make sure.
  10. Where can I get some base pads? The only ones I've found are (out of stock) Taylor Freelance X5 base pads, and I suspect that the magazines are different. Also, for posterity, and the other half dozen people who shoot a 226 in USPSA, the Mecgar 20s are too long as far as I can tell.
  11. Do you know if the GG drop in flat trigger is profile compatible with the X5? I mean will it be Prod legal when the X5 is?
  12. For Prod you're going to need 5 mags (say). I put the XDm at about + $145 fitted out. Diffs described above, except that the Xdm has 19 rounders versus 16 rounders for the Mod.2. You want to look at Springer Precision for your bits. It seems as if everyone gets a Springer or Powder River action job too. Considering the amount of ammo you are going to burn in this thing I don't think the cost difference is material. I'm with Bidah - pick the one that works better for you. I rented both and put a box through each. I was no better placed picking one than before I started though, so good luck.
  13. With the latest CO rule change I'm looking for something better than my Mecgar 18 rounders. Does anyone know if the Mecgar 20 rounders are 140mm legal? Or have any other suggestions? Really happy with the rule change, FWIW. CO is starting to get a character of its own IMO, instead of just being Production's red-haired stepchild.
  14. This is all too weird, don't you think. It can't be an oversight - it's not like Phil Strader doesn't understand USPSA. There must be something more to this that we're not in on yet. I cannot believe shaving existing mags or buying new ones is Sig's strategy here, not even in my most pessimistic Sig-skeptical moments.
  15. I hope they do. I guess they would be more expensive than regular 320 grip modules, both for manufacturing and also marketing reasons, but I personally wouldn't quibble over that considering the flexibility they would offer. Thanks for the tip.