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  1. If they look backwards, I'm left handed. I added the thumbscrews.
  2. +1 You can mount them to a Tek-lok at whatever angle you want by drilling an extra hole.
  3. Minor scoring and reloads are the only things hindering PCC vs Open on the current HHF's. A lot of PCC shooters don't practice reloads, but the ones that do are finding it doesn't take much to get fast. My biggest hindrance in the beginning was being left handed and shooting a Glock mag lower. I switched to an MPX after nationals and reloads are no longer a problem. At least once a week I spend 30 minutes of my dry-fire on an unloaded el-prez. It helps me work on unloaded starts from the belt, transitions and reloads. I've been hitting 5.00 par times pretty consistently the last couple of times.
  4. The 24-3G is the same trigger with a traditional curved trigger. That's what I went with in my MPX.
  5. They are still using HHF's from Open. There only appears to be 14 GM's in PCC if you look at the top 20 page.
  6. PCC and Open. They share the same high hit factors.
  7. The 33 is just the 31 with a +2 extension. When you remove the +2 to install the Taylor extension you end up with 41 rounds. Mine holds 42 now that the spring has relaxed a little.
  8. I use the Taylor and the spring that comes with it. Make sure you order the extension that's meant for the 33rnd mag. http://taylorfreelance.com/shopping/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=117
  9. It's in appendix D8: https://uspsa.org/document_library/rules/2016/PCC%20Appendix%20D8_Sep2016.pdf IIRC, the ATF has said the act of shouldering the SIG brace is illegal: https://www.atf.gov/file/11816/download
  10. I've had good luck with the Rise Armament RA-140.
  11. And how does that argument fly for non OEM extended mag releases? ...and aftermarket barrels...and slides...
  12. Same here and I just received the invoice and tracking today.
  13. enos10 worked on my last order
  14. I'm loading the 147 fp's at 1.100" with 3.2gr of N320.
  15. I just ordered 2500 of the 147 FP-NLG's and loaded them over 3.2gr of N320. Great load, very happy with it. How does the ETR7 compare to N320 as far as smoking? Have you loaded any of the 147's with ETR7?