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  1. i have a stock 2 with about 1500 through her 

    gun has

    polished internals

    PD 14lb hammer spring, firing pin spring, trigger return spring

    EGD 1 piece sear, titan hammer, guide rod, black grips (would like to keep)


    it has no problem firing winchester primers

    1. Waldokill


      only looking for a stock 3

      i can also put stock internals back 

      wood grips was modified


  2. NICE! when can we start on my build?
  3. http://www.brazoscustom.com/magart/0505.htm this should help
  4. Patriot Defence are some legit folks....you guys can deal with confidence.....
  5. PM me
  6. happened once with my 155 but not with my 170
  7. 170 and 155 user here
  8. Hi
  9. Gun is for sale just FYI
  10. never ending fun