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  1. I find that if I'm not careful my bladetech will hit the mag release button and next thing j know I've got an empty gun
  2. It's literally as easy as going in the App Store and downloading it.
  3. No I ordered mine before I knew he was a dealer. If I had known I would have.
  4. I just finished the install of mine. I'll live fire it tomorrow. Man what a pain in the ass to install
  5. We use fired as well. Sync pre match using my truck hot spot or phone hotspot. If anything gets scrambled both are close by to get a new sync. I've been considering a battery operated router lately. I also use an iPad as my master. The fires are cheap last a long time and run PractiScore natively. Not much you can ask for
  6. I'm running 1680 as well 10.8 grains behind pc bullets 215 grains at 2.10 im going from memory here but that's my recollection my next heads will come from leather head
  7. My first and favorite game gun was a bone stock stag arms optics ready model. I still grab that thing from time to time and I have about ten other ars in the safe
  8. I'm with Adam I just put it together. There is little things I'd change but I'd take my set up anywhere and run it any time built ar spikes receivers spikes lpk efx1 stock geisselle sdc enhanced trigger lightweight bolt and buffer. Odin works 18 3 gun barrel adjustsble gas precision armament severe duty comp and a razor 1-6 inbound with a warns mount then a benelli m2 and a hopped up glock 34
  9. I got a chuckle from that but I think they basically sent the entire inventory back so anything that had never been issued looked mint still. I would have loved one that had the finish all scuffed up but wasn't spending 3k on them. I can get a nighthawk in that ball park
  10. I don't know yet. I haven't gotten it out. Best part is it should run my production loads as well since the barrel lengths are the same. The can is a gemtech gm9. I didn't realize they were legal in steel challenge. I've never had any luck getting the timer to pick up shots through the can. I can see the fit and finish of the barrel is top notch no machine marks and a great fit. Once I popped my gas valve and cleaned it every thing went back together quick and easy
  11. I totally need to jump on the hiperfire train for my mpx. It's not competition worthy but this is my mpx. my new in lead we trust 4.5 inch barrel came and I had a chance to get it on the upper. Shortened up my oal by about 6 inches suppressed.
  12. And a lot of them are unfired too
  13. And go slow. You don't need to remove much. I was terrified when I did mine but found it to be a very quick process.
  14. Here it is with said birds head. The shockwave 14s they are doing right now are so close to this it's scary. I don't think my balls are that big to try one. This is not fun to shoot either
  15. I'm using the sig branded ones