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  1. And every single gun being different too. What may work for you won't work for me or the next guy.
  2. I moderate on another board of the same back end. It's amazing that they can actually go negative in posts too.
  3. 2a armament and v7 weapons make lightweight ones
  4. Summer is an xds with 7+1 and a spare mag with 9. Winter is glock 19 15+1 and a spare 15
  5. ITs because the forums are in http and not https. Meaning any credentials you use are not encrypted in transmission.
  6. I'm the match director so during matches I don't really get much time to reload so I make sure I have enough mags to get through a match with minimal reloading. Allow me me to introduce you to the northeast. In march.
  7. Looks like I'm ready for the season to start up here ive got my gun all tuned up and belt all set up. Decided I better do something about the base pads before they get busted up so picked up some Hennings. This is the first gun I felt that the basepads help on the reloads. I've found that for me reloading lower and more horizontal also improves my reloads. I've gone from in front of my face to about chest high. I tend to fumble my angle less
  8. It's very similar but the dot makes for a more precise reticle. I'd want to see through it but I think it's a bit of an advancement
  9. That reticle came from their twitter feed around the time the email came out for the 1-8 it's either the new reticle for the 1-6 pst or the strike eagle 1-8. From the looks of it I think it's the new strike eagle in speculating of course
  10. I like it if that is the reticle I'll be getting one for sure. I don't shoot a ton of three gun so it works for me
  11. I'm thinking this is the new reticle
  12. I will probably get one. Guess we will see.
  13. We are close to the border for ny and nj we see a bunch of L10
  14. You mean to take the black off it? I've considered it but I've grown to like the contrast.
  15. I was thinking it's bropen. Broke open