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  1. Yes it is ok.
  2. Is your stock 2 reamed or factory
  3. Love mine. Best muffs on the market. Everyone always chokes on the price but they don't after demoing them
  4. Almost al I've seen are using the 24c
  5. Mpx guys are using the hyperfire as they are standing behind it. I emailed geisselle Last week and this was the response around their triggers in an mpx and the ssa-mpx
  6. Was kind of thinking the same thing. Do you set up targets in ways that are putting other classes at a disadvantage?
  7. Well I guess I need to start looking around for oen
  8. Where did you find a pst 1-6 already
  9. Agreed. Cruise is about as opposite as he book character as you can get. Reacher is more the rock than anything.
  10. I'm just really surprised we haven't seen dedicated Pcc triggers done yet. The market is there
  11. Interesting may have to try some of those
  12. Good to know I thought it was just done every 15th.
  13. Mine is an 8 inch barrel sbr
  14. But I'll add mine are subsonic 147s. I never push them super
  15. I run blues in my mpx with zero issues