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  1. Mine runs great... after removing the massive burrs on the frame rails that would not allow the pistol to even be racked/ cycle, replacing the extractor and tuning the ejector. The odds that a DVC will run out of the box are slim.
  2. No issues with MBX or even STI mags sticking in my Evo grip. Have you made sure your mags/ bullets aren't hitting your ejector and causing issues?
  3. My FGW Open build shipped with a sheet that said to run 1 spring in the Aftec for the 1st 5,000 rounds. I went about 6,000 and then started experiencing a somewhat erratic ejection pattern (no failures, but the brass was being kicked all over the place with no consistency). Moved the original spring to the front and put a fresh spring in the rear and it's 100%.
  4. I've noticed the yellow kernels from Silhouette (formerly WAP) but never from Autocomp (WAC).
  5. I would definitely only use one load. Your gun will behave and most likely your POI will be completely different between minor and major.
  6. Kroil to loosen the build up (allow a day or so to soak) then, use Boretech C4 Carbon remover and scrape with Arredondo comp scraper. Best way I have found yet without having to remove the comp etc.
  7. I just purchased (3) PT's, they are fantastic. I have not personally tried the Double Taps, but I like the PT shields significantly more than the Swensons.
  8. Very well put. I bought the gun as a back up and certainly wasn't expecting too much as I'm well aware DVC's are a mass produced factory gun (I figured I would have to tune the extractor, trigger work etc.- the usual). But, after 50 rounds and the slide completely locking up due to massive burrs on the frame rails...that is just comical. Also, STI states that they don't use MIM parts. Does STI use any MIM parts? A: In the Past STI has used high quality MIM parts. We no longer use MIM parts on our firearms, we use the highest quality machined parts available. My DVC Open's grip safety tells a different story...
  9. I had a similar issue with a DVC Open 9mm, went through all the usual suspects such as the disco binding, extractor tension etc. As it were, I found massive burrs on the frame rails, STI warrantied the issue. Pretty hard to believe that this could have passed QC.
  10. KKM also sells 5" Barrels, but they are special order. Atlas sometimes has them in stock if you call. Hack off .400" from your slide and you are in business.
  11. Lense's will not stay clean with barrel holes even if you have a blast shield. Just the nature of the beast.
  12. Can V4 cuts be performed on a customer supplied slide?
  13. RTS2 Update: I was in the middle of a class when the point of impact changed on my open gun, hitting very low. I figured this was no big deal as my previous slide ride's would lose their zero all the time. I assumed the the lock screw came loose and I simply needed to re sight in. Put it on paper and tried walking the POI up. Scp[e ran out of elevation and the sight was still impacting about 3-4 feet low at 20 yards. Ran another 10 rounds through the gun and was promptly greeted with a glass shower. To Cmore's credit, they are are replacing the scope however I'm still frustrated with the durability and I don't have much confidence in the replacement holding up. The RTS2 was on a Fullsize FGW build with a Limcat mount, less than 5,000 rounds on the scope. Edit: this is a V4.
  14. Yes, I fit an STI slide to the PT frame. My PT frame had a good amount of material on the rails to work with.
  15. I tried to fit the PT evo to a CK frame and on an STI frame. Both would have required a mill or CNC to remove enough material as it would have taken days by hand (if possible at all). The STI was the closest but the CK was very, very far off. My solution was to order a PT frame from Atlas, the Evo grip almost dropped right on, took about 10 minutes with a stone to get a perfect fit.