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  1. Have you tried the USPSA website? They have a forum and the email contacts are listed.
  2. Lone Wolf, Carver,and SJC all make 9mm comps with 1/2 - 28 threads, I just sold a Lone Wolf last week but I still have a new SJC 11 port that I'd sell, contact me via PM if interested. (I switched platforms a while back and don't use screw on comps anymore)
  3. The only time I've "lost" my login was when I logged in with my tablet. (usually at a motel). When I don't do that, I stay logged in indefinitely. I suspect it has something to do with logging in from different locations.
  4. Put some Dychem (or Sharpie) on all the contact surfaces. Then operate the pistol in the "failing" mode. This should indicate where the binding is occurring. Don't remove metal until you determine where it's binding. (it's hard to put back on once removed). Good luck.
  5. Not all stepped brass is created equally, the height of the step vary between brands. On Ammoload and IMT, I can run them through the sizing die with no problems. (but they never get that far anymore, they are in the scrap bucket first )
  6. Yes, that was it, thanks.
  7. Your best bet would be to contact DAA and ask them, the .380 might be a bit too short to get a consistent "flip". Going by the statistics from the nationals, most 9mm shooters use 124-5 grain FMJ bullets. But I would suspect that the heavier bullets could be used with the correct adjustment. (I'm in the normal range and use 124's, haven't had any problems after the first couple of weeks learning what adjustments were needed)
  8. What does your ammo chrono at? 6.7 seems a bit on the light side. I use 7.0 AC with a 8# spring (and no aftec extractor) for 174 PF.(1400 fps with a 124gr bullet) I can't remember the last malfunction. It was probably in the break in period up to 1000 rounds. I also use MBX mags. Make sure you tune the follower, feed lips, and springs according to their videos.
  9. Jack, here's the picture of the racker installation you asked about.
  10. You need to play around with it, everyone is different. I'd suggest mounting it in the middle position with 2 screws and then shoot a few matches moving the *thumb rest [generic]* forward and back until you find the "Goldilocks" position (just right). I use a 90 degree mount so I had to modify the pedal a bit to allow for C-More adjustments. It looks like a lot of stuff jammed on the left side of the gun but I adapted fairly quickly.
  11. If the step is to control bullet setback, it would be a very compressed load, take a look at a cutaway with a 124 seated to the step, it would look pretty funny and probably not feed very well.
  12. I stand corrected. I'm claiming a senior moment.
  13. Next Sunday I will shoot my first USPSA match as a Super Senior. (and I can still see the marks on the boards).
  14. You order wrong on that verse (not surprising considering the topic of this post) It goes "I'm not as good as I once was, but I'm as good as I ever was....once!" Stepped on it on this one.