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  1. When I first got my Trubor, I tried running some minor PF ammo through it (134 PF), no bueno, couldn't even get it to cycle once. I didn't try other springs because I hadn't planned to shoot minor PF, after testing I ended up with 7gr of Autocomp with a 124 and get 173PF. For me, this is the "Goldilocks" load. But. a bit of warning, every gun is different, my old gun was at 173PF with 6.8 gr Autocomp, when I tried that same load in my Trubor, I got 164PF
  2. Which is probably why Apex says that the forward set sear will not work with the stock trigger.
  3. MBX

    The only way mine will hold 30 is to leave the spring out.
  4. I've used MBX mags (both 140 & 170) since last fall and like them a lot, I've since sold my STI mags (I did have problems with those, mostly my fault because of forgetting to put the spacer in when cleaning during a match , don't have that problem with MBX)
  5. Not in production since the stock trigger is hinged and the Apex is not.
  6. Go and look at a few of his posts and the answer will be clear.
  7. Congratulations Paul. Are you going to get that tatooed on your forearm?
  8. And none of the parts for a 1911/2011 are drop in parts. Everything has to be "fitted". It's easy to get spoiled with production guns.
  9. You know, there's probably a reason why STI sells more guns than all the rest combined. Personally I think the problem has more to do with the owners than the guns. (any problems I've had, they've fixed in a very short time. I've had very few problems)
  10. My tablet, about the same size as the paper version, but the paper version doesn't have a "search" function.
  11. Maybe DRNOI needs to make a ruling that a CED paster gun is not a gun replica.
  12. Wasn't that easy? . Good luck on your first match
  13. So are you saying that you automatically give USPSA shooters a FTDR, or that they just get one because of something they do during a stage? Hopefully it's the second one.
  14. If your septic system is that close to your well, I'd be worried about other things before lead. (just a joke, not serious)
  15. Here's my take on mounting a thumbrest, had to do some custom milling to allow for adjustment of the CMore. It works well for me.