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  1. By the way, Central Florida RPC is having their monthly USPSA match this Sunday. Registration opens tonight on PractiScore. Don't need to be a member to shoot a match. Based on your location (near MCO), I would highly recommend joining the club. The process is a little prolonged and there is a separate step to allow access to the action range. Totally worth the effort.
  2. Central Florida RPC is members only. Volusia County Gun and Hunt Club has open range days on Wednesdays. I think it is ~15.00 to shoot
  3. Jeezus, Jeff, either you simply enjoy douchebaggery or you really need to consider another hobby. Or buy a therapy puppy. Shoot what you want but Limited scoring is not changing despite how proud you are of your flawless logic
  4. IBTL OP is actually brilliant. He is going to rack up 50 posts in a hurry and then be able to sell his 9 mm
  5. Th Hodgdon website is merely a starting point. You can use load data for other 124/125g jacketed bullets. Start at the low end of the range and work up using a crono. I have loaded 125g HAP in the past with Titegroup. If I remember correctly, with a 5" 1911, ~4.0g at 1.120" produced 130ish PF. I stopped using this bullet due to cost
  6. Tactical Magwell pics. PM me for payment details
  7. Will do
  8. How about 40 shipped??i'm at one of my kids soccer tournaments right now but I can send you a picture when I get home this evening
  9. I have an STI Tactical magwell (lightly used) that is IDPA legal. Let me know if you want it
  10. Excellent!! I hope it feels just like my SVI aggressive grip.
  11. I really hope that these are going to have a very aggressive texture. I would hate to have to cover the bling with grip tape!
  12. Very excited to try these!! Any guess-timate regarding availability?? Are we talking a few weeks or months?
  13. Here is a Stock, not a Stock 1 on gunbroker. Looks like a LimPro but the barrel looks Stock 2-ish
  14. This is not a joke...just got 10K of the GM small pistol primers from Cabelas on line an hour ago