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  1. Just saw this on facebook. Looks like an SVI grip. $650 option
  2. Is the "poly" coating on the blue bullets the same Hi-Tek coating found on Acme and Bayou bullets or something else? Is it as clean?
  3. You can put your fifth mag in your back pocket. Use this for your 1st mag. You do not need to come to the line with all magazines in pouches
  4. I have the live and spent primer upgrade on my 650. Both work quite well
  5. Where is the cost savings for competitive shooters?? Still have to live fire at Matches. If your dry:live ratio is 5:1, your dry fire costs will exceed the live fire costs Meh.
  6. I had a thought today at the range, probably not original, but here it is: Why not use a Federal Primer for only the first shot of a stage as it will be the only DA shot. This will allow me to use a light hammer spring in my Tanfoglio. I can use any primer for all subsequent SA shots. I can designate the Federal primer-containing magazine with a different color basepad. Shooting one match per week (a high estimate), I have enough to last ~35 years.
  7. I liked it for the few matches I used it before I got a DAA Race Master
  8. I have a blade tech speed rig for a 6 inch STI. Minimal use. Let me know if you want it.
  9. Horse is out of the barn, so to speak, but why didn't you lightly sand the areas that were too prickly for you?
  10. I spent this morning watching the videos and tearing apart my LimPro. gave everything a good cleaning and repolished some things for no apparent reason. Got everything back together with minimal cursing and no lost springs. Thank you for the outstanding tutorial. One quick question: Is it normal to have a little vertical play in the firing pin retainer? Seems much tighter fit in my 1911/2011?
  11. I just found 13K Federal small pistol primers in the back of my safe that I didn't remember buying!!! Time to try the 12# hammer spring in the Tanfoglio
  12. Is this deal still available for 250? It says 280 on the website any code needed? Thx
  13. It fits. Before I had a Chen 2 magwell installed on my WC, this was verified. A NHC 5" 1911 with a Dawson Ice magwell also fits the box.
  14. From this Forum!
  15. Thanks for the videos!! Perfect timing--I bought a Limited Pro today