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  1. I followed the Hodgon load data, use 3.7 gr TG in my 9mm minor and like it. I have several pounds that's why I wanted to test it in my .45. My friend has a crono but he lives 2 hours away so it may be awhile before we get together. I picked up a pound of Clays at my local shop, it was made in Canada and the powder I was using to test was from Australia, load data is the same though.
  2. Has anyone seen an X5 on the shelf at a gun store yet? My local shops have full size P320's but I was interested in handling an X5 before I ordered one. I already have a P320 compact and love it, and thought about getting a P320 RX for CO but have heald off buying one. I like what I have read about the X5 already.
  3. Thread Revival! I have been to the range several more times with these two loads,accuracy is about the same. Group sizes have shrank since I got back on my dry fire schedule. The load of 4.1gr of clays has the softer recoil, more of a push where the load of TG is snappy. I haven't chronographed the loads yet but my manual says both will make major PF.
  4. Well test loads batch #2 are ready, I kept the Clays load at 4.1 and the Titegroup load I backed down .1 to 5.0. I ran out of brass so the 2nd round of Red Dot will have to wait. I upped the sample size to 25 rounds for Clays and 23 for TG because I ran out of brass. I will test these at the range off a bench/rest instead of out in the pasture. I don't have a chronograph yet but will eventually.
  5. Hey guys I'm not writing off any powders from these results, all 3 loads shot well enough to justify further testing with bigger batches. I agree that I need to shoot from a bench to really test accuracy and take the human element out of it.
  6. Well I got out and shot today. I shot 3 5 shot groups of all the loads and was pretty happy with the results. The load of Clays was the softest shooting and most accurate at about 2". The load of Titegroup was a close 2nd on accuracy but had the most recoil, it wasn't terrible by any means. The Red Dot load was the least accurate at about a 3" group. Recoil was not far from Clays in my opinion. I will probably go with the clays load. Testing was done at 10yards standing. My pistol ran like a top with these loads, no FTF's or FTE's.
  7. Nice setup, I have had several savages and the all shot great. Any plans to reload for this beast?
  8. Well I loaded some test rounds tonight. I started with 4.1gr Clays 5.1gr Titegroup and 4.6gr of Red Dot Winchester WSP primers and Blazer Brass COAL is 1.258.
  9. I didn't make it to the range last weekend, my bullets delivered on Monday. I have my press set up now I just need to make some time to get some loaded up. Hopefully I have time to make it to the range this weekend.
  10. Well I have new dies, a shell plate and some 200gr coated SWC coming from Blue Bullets. I have some load data for all three powders, now I have to wait on UPS. Hopefully I can get out to the range this weekend.
  11. Thanks Steve, I will give it a try.
  12. Thanks for the load data, I will try it. My 1911 is a 5" barrel if that changes anything.
  13. I will give red dot a chance first. My brother in law has some clays that I can use for a test batch so I will try that as well. I will also try titegroup with coated bullets as suggested above, I have around 5 lbs left that I use for 9mm so it would be nice to only stock 1 main pistol powder. HS-6 data seems to favor lighter jacketed bullets so I will try that for a JHP load.
  14. Thanks, am planning to use coated bullets. I am buying large primer brass, that seems to be most commonly available.