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  1. Their machined ambi safety is still nice, but I agree the other parts have changed for the worse.
  2. Filling the mags with hot glue and bullets works beautifully. Thanks for the tip Max. Only problem is when one bounces up and hits me in the shin. These things are heavy.
  3. I believe Lonestar's original design had a screw that allowed for the sear engagement to be adjusted. It looks like that design is no longer available and it's just the traditional file to fit lug now.
  4. Here's a thread with a good discussion on the topic. http://forums.brianenos.com/index.php?/topic/236906-new-mount-need-to-trim-mount-screwsbest-method/
  5. I've had 2 detonations (single primer thankfully). Both from trying to crush a primer into a pocket that had a ringer in it. I've since learned to feel it during swaging and it hasn't happened again.
  6. Racemaster Holster--a degree or two out from the belt and a couple of degrees tilted back. Not far from being straight down in all planes.
  7. Congratulations! I RO'd a stage you shot last year at the SNS 400. You're pretty darned quick for a big guy.
  8. Can't believe you didn't pull out your pocket knife and dig that case out to finish the stage
  9. What kind of ramp is on the barrel? Is there good case head support? That case must have been seriously compromised to blow out there in the web portion.
  10. I'm not sure if it's just my experience or not, but I had them give up on me rapidly at a match last week when the gun (Open 9 Major) had been 100% through several matches prior. First stage was a 7 round classifier and the gun ran perfectly. Next stage I had a failure to extract. Chalked it up to ammo and went on to the next stage where I had a failure to extract on every one of the last 12 rounds of the stage. I took it over to the safe area and thought the extractor was cracked or something because there was so little tension. Turned out both springs were done. The gun didn't have very many rounds through it which makes me suspect they were bad out of the package. Popped in a pair of new springs when I got home and it ran through 100 rounds flawlessly.
  11. I'm sure you probably already know this, but putting a partially filled mag back in the pouch after shooting can be a bad idea. I learned the hard way to drop it into a pocket until after it's refilled.
  12. This is the only solution I'm aware of: http://www.uniquetek.com/product/T1568-6 I believe it requires prepping your brass as a separate cycle from the loading cycle.
  13. Lone Star Innovations does great work as well.
  14. Very cool. Wasn't expecting to see myself, but you got some good shots of me from Stage 6/7. Thanks for posting them.
  15. That is an outstanding base to start from. The PT slide is a new offering, so there's not much of a track record yet but I can't imagine they would produce a dud based on all their other products. Once you get all your parts together, recommend sending it all off to Gans Guns. He does good work and has a quick turnaround time.