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  1. Do you know this for sure? There are other models on the production list that have triggers that function the same way this one does and they got approved just fine.
  2. Without a red dot the rx has a huge cut in the slide that's hardly the same profile as what's on the list. I hear what you're saying and it's been treated like it's legal. have you seen anyone use an rx without a dot in production? Do you think it would be ok at a major with just leaving the cut open in the slide?
  3. Correct. Is there a list you can point to with the p320 rx on it approved for production?
  4. Not sure if there is a list I'm referring to the line in special conditions. Assuming since the rx isn't on the production list that they filed the form for carry optics given people are using them without issues. There should be a list available since they make it known guns can be on one list and not the other.
  5. No. Guns can be specifically approved for co. That's how the 320 rx is legal for co. Not because it's close to the same as a regular 320 that is on the list. m&p core is essentially the same scenario you are describing and it is seperate on the production list like the rx would need to be.
  6. That would not be legal for production or carry optics. P320 RX is not on the production list and a gun with no dot isn't legal in carry optics.
  7. That's a nice pair!
  8. Makes sense I just figured the bottom one wouldn't hurt
  9. I meant the angle using the slot not vertically. using the lower 2 champhered holes don't quite line up. The top 2 do but that doesn't seem overly secure. found some better hardware and it feels alright now.
  10. Yeah I guess that would be a way around it. Just wouldn't have any adjustment taking away the bottom mounting hole. ah ok u sell them on eBay?
  11. Maybe to a normal tek lok but not my hanger it's countersunk for the triangle threaded in the vertical holes for mounting to the large plate.
  12. The holes are .750 center-center
  13. I'm using a hanger set up for the triangle so it doesn't work for me. I figured it would work fine just 3 vertically which is maybe what they set it up for, Or I just got the wrong thing. I'll measure I dont think I have a normal tek lok around.
  14. I bought an lag supernova holster for my Tp9sfx. Ordered it with the Tek lok hole pattern. This is what I got.. Ive always seen s tek lok pattern done in a triangle. This a normal thing?
  15. The vortex Light hunter 1.5-8 might work as well