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  1. If you want it more straight just put a plastic spacer or washer on the lower screw between the two pieces on either the Tek lok or hanger
  2. The blade tech doh really point toward the leg. I'm not a fan of that. The boss will be straight.
  3. Picked mine up today haven't had a chance to shoot it yet but first impressions are good. Had a Q5 match before and prefer this so far, Trigger is just as good or better and I like the ergos better as well. The sight plate/optic mounts are a good design with an exact fit i doubt you would ever need to re zero going back and forth. Fit and finish looks good not much for tool marks or anything. Mags drop free nicely. Only complaint is the included holster isn't very good but I wasn't expecting to be.
  4. yeah at 4k the price gap shrinks a lot. at 1 or 2k its significant. good to know
  5. Those do look nice . If they didn't cost more than pd I'd give them a try.
  6. I believe you can tell by the serial number on the sight.
  7. Depends on the bullet profile
  8. Your first paragraph is contradictory in my opinion. Aside from the atf argument you cant determine the rest of that paragraph. Saying we all know an ar without a stock and under 16" is a pistol is determined by atf rules not uspsa.
  9. What is the uspsa definition of handgun then?
  10. Atf allows it yes uspsa may or may not I'm guessing not but you should be safe for sure with no added grip at all.
  11. Yeah the source that shows the atf sees a difference Between handguard and foregrip is the guns that are allowed to be sold as "pistols" with handguards. Vertical Grips and Similar Installing a vertical grip on an AR pistol is illegal. It, by classification, creates an illegal Any Other Weapon (AOW). However, recent BATFE clarifications have created some options you should be aware of. The BATFE has clarified that it does not consider angled foregrips like the Magpul AFG a vertical grip and therefor it is legal to install on an AR pistol. Additionally, if the AR pistol has an overall length of 26″ or greater (the BATFE’s definition of not easily concealed) and lacks a buttstock (not an SBR), you may install a vertical grip because it does not fit the BATFE’s definition of a “handgun”. AR pistols in this configuration do not fit any BATFE definition and thus are classed generically as a “firearm”. Guns that are classified as “firearms” may have vertical fore grips installed. To be clear, in this case the term “firearm” is an actual BATFE classification of a gun that meets certain criteria not a general term used for all guns.
  12. The atf sees a difference between fore grips and handguards. an ar pistol with a handguard is a pistol. Once you add a foregrip it becomes an "aow" look at just about every ar pistol sold. They have handguards. The uspsa rule is preventing things that make guns not a pistol.
  13. I don't think a handguard counts a fore grip. if it did even having one and not using it would be against the rules according to 5.1.10
  14. I'm using grams 13 coil in my 9mm 140mm mbx ,work perfect so far even with short factory ammo fit 22 reloadable 23 is tight.