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  1. The vortex Light hunter 1.5-8 might work as well
  2. Looks like just .750 for seekins
  3. Lots of people use 115. Not many do for minor pf. They will have more recoil. Should knock down steel fine.
  4. Yeah you could but it wouldn't be worth the hassle in my opinion if you were changing it back and forth very often.
  5. Atlanta arms
  6. Yeah they are! 9mm and .40 coming soon they say.
  7. They are proprietary looks like a lot of the gun is.
  8. Flint river armory csa45
  9. The plane applies to the whole shooting bay forward and back I agree with that. I'm talking about as the shooters body turns the line is there with him but it's on the original plane. I don't see how the shooters body position is relevant with the exception of sweeping, it's still just the muzzle direction.
  10. Is that how you read it? I read it as that is how the plane is defined not that the plane constantly moves with the shooter...
  11. Don't see a lot of what is being referenced there either. 6.6.5 180-DEGREE SAFETY PLANE: A competitor that allows the muzzle of a firearm to break the 180-Degree Safety Plane will be issued a match DQ. Exception: Except with a pistol while holstered, drawing and reholstering. Definition: The 180-Degree safety plane is defined by an arc both horizontal and vertical that is created when the competitor is standing facing squarely downrange and parallel to, the designated backstop used on the bay to define the 180-Degree safety line on that particular stage. Note: Any position where the muzzle points back towards the mouth of the bay past the designated 180-Degree safety line is a violation of this rule and considered an unsafe action.
  12. What rule are you stating here exactly? 10.5.2 If at any time during the course of fire, a competitor allows the muzzle of his handgun to point rearwards, that is further than 90 degrees from the median intercept of the backstop, or in the case of no backstop, allows the muzzle to point up range, whether the handgun is loaded or not (limited exceptions: 10.5.6).
  13. opens the door yeah but the door is already open. I don't think that would make it legal under current rules.
  14. Sfinney sig would have to sell a p320 carry with a cover plate not just offer the accessory I believe. pete that cover looks it may count as a different slide contour on top of the other issues.
  15. I don't see the irony I just see the rx as legal for co and not production unless there is an official ruling saying it is. Glock mos models are separate on the list. But a cover plate serves the purpose of filling large cut in the slide when a red dot isn't installed, that's another purpose.