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  1. Also had the same jam pop up again last Practice session. It was also with the one mag that I have with the widest feedlips. Front was at .365 I believe if my memory serves me correctly. I'm going to turn them all down to .350 or smaller in the front and see what happens.
  2. You carried and imm open gun?
  3. idk but you should just buy one of the engraver thingys lol. I wouldnt risk it dumping chemicals in there when the engraver works as well as it does. I think I read that SV also will not warranty their comp if you use solvents to clean it.
  4. Thats a nice two minute video of a 650 powered by a mark 7 but gives no insight into any issues. Maybe get a close up of the powder actually spilling?
  5. Also it was super satisfying to do. I almost want it to build up a shit load of lead again like it was so I can get the satisfaction of seeing the lead just flake off leaving a super clean comp.
  6. I followed this advice and picked up one of these for when the time came where I finally had to clean my comp. Well, got a New gun (New to me)and the previous owner shot some CMJ exposed lead base bullets and the comp had some significant lead deposits. I tried running some Acme coated through it and must have put too much crimp on them or they just dont work like Blue Bullets have for me out of my previous open gun because the Lead build up got really bad. Busted out this little engraver tool and rounded off a nail like shown and described above and got to hammering. This little tool with a rounded nail is the best thing since sliced bread. The description like a mini jackhammer couldnt be more spot on. It breaks the lead and carbon off with very little effort and leaves a nice undamaged super clean comp as an end product. Thanks for the tip Seehawer!
  7. Hmmm.. do you run an upright mounted cmore? I had a jam like that lately with an upright mounted cmore and just chalked it up to luck and getting trapped by the cmore. The op having it happen with a 90 cmore is strange to me.
  8. .340 In the front and Im assuming .005-.010 smaller in the rear?
  9. I got an rts2 with a v3 board (checked by pulling the battery and reinserting.) it's going to sit on an sv imm 9major should I just go ahead and send it in to be upgraded for the v4 board or try it out and wait for it to fail before going through the hassle? What's the cost to upgrade to the v4 and how long does it take cmore to do it? Is it just a hit or miss thing or is the v3 inevitably going to fail on an open gun?
  10. Happens with 9mm too. Every other round is at a slight angle. Hasnt presented to be a problem as far as I can tell so far. Im using two 170s and one 140 all of them do that.
  11. 8.8 sounds like an awfully high charge weight with a 124gr. 8 Gr makes 176pf in my gun with 124mg Jhp **Edited** im going off memory here so maybe im wrong on my charge weight and PF. I'll have to check my notes and confirm. DISREGARD for now. (this is another reason why it is important to use a chrono and work up your own load to confirm PF)
  12. Listen to the latest episode of PPS and that is the first question covered. Was that you? lol
  13. unless youre shooting a major match where they chrono your rounds, none of this matters. Buy a box of whatever you like the most and run it, you will be scored the same as everyone else at your local match shooting production.
  14. I disagree. Those are just definitely overcrimped.
  15. this is an edge. Im assuming there is no dot on the gun. Resting an iron sighted gun has shown me that I cant group an iron sighted gun off a rest. IDK why but its very difficult for me to do. I can always shoot a better group with an iron sighted gun free handed. Maybe thats just me though.