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  1. mine is 124
  2. Friends, Some of us changed the recoil spring from 11 or 13 lbs to 8 lbs. Any comment on this? Any significant change in recoil handling. By the way the mainspring is still 13 lbs. Thanks.
  3. Yes, same here from double tap
  4. Hi aircooled, Thank you for the encouragement. We just started the transfer of ownership of the STI Stinger. The pistol is nickel coated, custom stippled grip, cape c-more mount and 2.5lbs trigger according to the owner. Hoping for the best and maybe later I will be getting the STI Trubor or Matchmaster.
  5. Frigpig look it in firearmscanada.ca or cgn. its now posted as Bul SAS Racing Master $2900.
  6. From a friend i saw his bul sas racing master in 9mm
  7. Guys, Now i am about to buy a new Bul SAS Racing Master in 9mm. Anybody in here who got a shot and experience with the pistol?
  8. Thank you DJC, HiPower and BeerBaron for the response. I am shooting already the Classic and Production in IPSC. Just recently, I found that I am having a problem using these pistols due to my aging eyes until one day I tried a a sigsauer 22 cal with a red dot and presto, I would like to try the Open Gun for my aging eye sights and increase the fun in the range. Actually, i just want to shoot 9mm minor only and the major most probably in the future but right now looking for a pistol race gun that can run 9mm minor or factory load reliably. I realized that race gun definitely an expensive one and don want to have something to be a $$$$ paper weight.
  9. Hi, I decided to take a step to get into Race gun. I am looking into buying but, wow, Can$4,417 excluding taxes and shipping with 2 mags here in Canada. Looking for alternatives, I came across 2 less expensive race gun in 9mm; these are 1. STI Stinger 9mm for Can$3000 including 6 mags, 7K rounds thru it 2. Racing Master Bull Custom from Israel for $2800 including 3 mags, brand new Friends, I am requesting for more info about these guns or if you are selling a race gun in CANADA, please help me out. What can you say about your experience on the said STI Stinger and Israeli made Master Bull Custom 9mm race gun? Thanks.
  10. Yes I am Canadian.
  11. Hi, I would like to ask if where can i buy the Dawson Front Sight with .240x.100 for CZ Shadow 2. I am from Canada but I have ways to buy it from US. Kindly provide me a part number. Thanks.
  12. Hi, do you have problem in feeding or extraction, bouncing of empty case to the cmore mount?
  13. Thank you Bamboo. i did have a magwell already from my previous pistol but i am looking for the dawson one
  14. Friends, Once again, I am seeking advice from all of you. I am getting older and that means my eyes sight are getting weak looking to an open sight. I am planning to build a race gun but this one is different. I have a STI Spartan 5 9mm, untouch and would like to convert it to a race gun by doing the following: 1. Install a cone compensator (from brownells) on its original barrel 2. Install a cmore sts2 red dot in a cmore mount that will be drilled on the left side of the frame 3. Install a thumb rest and a racker A gunsmith will be doing the installation for $200. Friends, do you think this is doable and worth the time and money? Or i will just need to buy the steelmaster or matchmaster? Its very expensive not to mention the costs of the mags. With my plan, i will spend only more or less $2T canadian dollars. I have lots of single stack 9mm 10 rds mags. Please help me out and suggest where i can buy these things here in Canada. Thank you.