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  1. What happened now? Did you get the steel master? Performance?
  2. You are right Shortbus. I am just thinking before that getting a pistol that runs 9mm major prohibits me from shooting 9mm minor (I have no reloading machine). On what I read, i just need to change the recoil spring, is this right? If so, I will go for Matchmaster or Trubor. What do you think?
  3. Hi Lojak, I am located in Canada and I am hoping you reply to this 4 years old topic. I am now like you 4 years ago going to buy my first race gun. I am leaning to STI Steel Master. What is your situation now with your race gun?
  4. Hi Adam, the 527 was sold already. thanks for the response
  5. Guys, I think I made a mistake.....not in my objective of converting my shadow 1 or 2 to SAO trigger. I bought a straight SAO trigger from dlaskarms.com knowing that i can only do the conversion using this trigger and removing the disconnector? Friends, please walk me through the processs. I watched a lot of videos but just want to make sure. I have now the SAO trigger (flat), what do I need to remove or adjust from my cz shadow 1 & 2?
  6. HP Jack, We have people who can make it move to Ontario.
  7. thanks blaster boy
  8. Thank you for the explanation HPJack. I will consider the 550 than sqb
  9. I have limited space for reloading, i will make some research for Dillon 550 and will try to email Pat H. What do you mean Hi-Power Jack in regards to SQD in 40? Thanks
  10. Hi, I am really injected now in IPSC and in the process of going to 3 gun this coming summer. I am planning to reload my own ammunition (9mm & 40S&W). To be honest, I don't know how to start reloading in regards to Canadian Law specifically in Ontario, Canada. I am getting different inputs like, i can reload in my basement, some will tell me that it must be in a separate building, some will say you can reload even in your apartment. I don't want to be in trouble with CFO and I am just trying to save some to further my own cause in lieu to financial and availability of ammo at all times. I am just planning to get a basic Dillon Square Deal B for both Calibers. My friends, especially Canadians, what I need to do legally?
  11. Hi Nokimberdave, Nice pistol and looks cool. I will be doing this to one of my cz shadow 1 and will run to standard eventhough its just for minor. I am not running to be the champion but for fun, friends and constantly developing my skills, if one day i got it, thank you. Thanks man.
  12. Hi, i am shooting in IPSC, i think i can run this in standard. Cz 2 for production and cz 1 for standard. I would like to know and see if the trigger pull and the positioning of my trigger finger will be as good in 1911.
  13. Friends, I would like to purchase a Single Action Trigger to convert my cz shadow 1 or 2 to single action. 1. Is it worth to convert 1 of my pistol? 2. Is there any significant changes in trigger pull? 3. Kindly share your experience with one of your SA trigger in CZ Thank you.
  14. Friends, I have CZ shadow 1 and CZ Shadow 2. I would like to know If I can swap the thin safety of CZ shadow 2 to my CZ Shadow 1 or vice-versa. Any inputs in regards to this will be highly appreciated. Thank you.