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  1. Good choice, you can't go wrong with mgm products.
  2. Edge hit's should stay. A hit is a hit, if it is a concern paint should be applied after every shooter. Painting the edges good is very easy. When you have shooters running sub 2 sec strings edge hits are not uncommon to see.
  3. I use mine with leatherhead bullets 125 gr coated and it works great
  4. Polymer click switch here because it's what i had available but wouldn't really see a need to change so it's what i'm sticking with
  5. C more railway for me. I run the 6 moa dot with great success.
  6. Has anyone tried this with the ETS 31 rd mag? I put my plus 6 on and it only added like 3 or 4 extra rounds. This is done with all ets internals. It has been 100 percent through 400-500 rounds but would like to see if the plus 10 with tf springs gives you full capacity in the ETS.
  7. Uspsa made an announcement making them not allowed. I want using them anyways but some of you may have.
  8. You don't have to maintain a 125 pf in any division in steel challenge, also take the time to get the hit it will always be faster than extra shots and reloads
  9. Because that is the uspsa rule set. Same reason you can't use a non production holster. There is limited division that will allow more ammo and a "race holster" so no need to change production up.
  10. Have you looked into the mech tech conversions yet? I have one that I've ran all season without any issues. And having the mags and pistol already make it a bonus.
  11. You might look into a Bushnell first strike then, I had one but I didn't like it so I put it on the wife's. 22 and it seems to be fine for her
  12. I've been having good success with a cmore railway in 6 moa for uspsa matches have shot long and close shots with no issues
  13. Been using a 6 moa c more on my mechtech conversion for both steel and uspsa matches with great success.
  14. Most people i've talked to just use their production load with great success. I do the same loading leatherhead bullets 125gr and 4.0 gr of etr7 at 1.120