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  1. I had the same problem and they told me the same thing, "I was the only person with the problem." I like CZC but that comment combined with all the reports of problems concerns me. The Taylor Freelance +10 run like a charm. I did have to increase my OAL to 1.160 on Berry's 124Gr HBRN. I am only competing with the TF mag extensions. I have two +20 CZC extension that I will cut a good deal on, if they want them.
  2. No attempt to troll. Just pointing out the ridiculous safety concerns about PCC that has been cleared by an RO and then has a chamber flagged inserted. If your concerned about being flagged by a rifle with a chamber flag then you should be equally concerned about a bagged rifle or a holstered gun. Just logical thinking through it. The being shot by a gun in a holster or bag comment has more to do with general population thinking a gun is clear or there is a malfunction and the gun goes off. Either way one can logically come up with a gun going off in a holster or a bag. A gun cannot fire with a chamber flag. Hence safer. This leads me to think people's safety concerns about people walking around with rifles with chamber flags has more to do with them not wanting a rifle at a pistol match then it has to do with safety.
  3. My big thought on the "sweeping rule" with a flagged gun is no different than being sweeped by a gun in a case or a hand gun in a holster. In my opinion I am more comfortable with people walking around with exposed rifles with chamber flags than rifles in gun cases. At least I know the gun is inert with a chamber flag. I don't know the statistics but I can summarize more people have been shot by discharges from guns in holster or cases then ones with chamber flags. Also how likely is someone to be shot in the "make ready" of a pistol shooter vs rifle? I only point these things out to expose the hysteria around safety with PCC vs what we already deal with with pistols.
  4. I just RO'd 60% of a local match. I actually don't mind. I am less bored waiting for my turn to shoot . Also makes the day move faster. I hand off the timer when I am "in hole." That gives me enough time to get my head back in the game. Only real negative is on a hot sunny day is the extra time exposed to the sun vs hiding under my umbrella next to my fan(s)
  5. To be clear they are not CZC Hammers. They are CZ Comp Hammers from CZ UB. From what David has told me the way the CGW hammers are made they should last longer then the CZ Comp Hammers. When it comes to trigger weight and break most people will not be able to tell a difference. How the hammer fits with "your" gun will matter more.
  6. My question is more focused how they work with the Taylor Freelance Mag extensions not on the actual OAL that fits the chamber.
  7. Anyone have any success with PD 124HP with TF +10 mag extensions for CZ Scorpion? If so or if not, what was the OAL? My experience with RN 124 and the +10 mag extension is that you need to load long around 1.160 to guarantee they feed 100%.
  8. With 125Gr SNS with Titgroup I had extreme leading in the barrel and comp of my 16in carbine. With my pistol the barrel was just dirty but you can see from the pic I had leading on the end of barrel and threads. Plus the inside of the Kaw Valley linear comp was coated in lead. I believe running a hot powder like Titegroup in the longer barrels of the Scorpion pistol and carbine result in more leading compared to my SP-01 Tactical. I get a very small amount of leading in the grooves of my SP-01 after 10k+ rounds.
  9. Same for me. I prefer the TF +10 on the 30 vs the +20 on the 20. Both work equally well for a 40 round mag.
  10. My biggest recommendation is to not shoot coated lead with Titgroup especially in the carbine. I had serious lead issues in the barrel and muzzle break. With my pistol the barrel never got bad but the linear comp was completely coated on the inside. I switched back to the OEM flash hider. My upgrades are Yeti Switch back grip and mag release. Right side safety delete and magpul AFG. The CZC trigger and polish job is fantastic. If you plan on competing its worth the money. I could not get the CZC +20 mag extensions to work. The Taylor Freelance +10 seem to work so far. You need to keep the mags clean and run long COL. Right now I am running Berry's 124 HBRN at 1.160. I tried RMR 124 match but they could only load to 1.132 and would not run reliably with the TF mag extensions. The 30 round mags have run everything I have put through them. Malfunctions with the extended mags would result in a round at a 45 degree angel with bullet tip stuck against the outside of the top of the chamber. The round in the photo is the 124 RMR loaded to 1.132. With even shorter bullets, SNS 124 RN COL 1.090, the bullet would be side ways against the chamber. Malfunction would happen in the first 6 rounds. I am still waiting on my tax stamp for the pistol. I am still undecided on SBR vs carbine. I am leaning toward SBR.
  11. I also zero at 10 yards. For me its the best middle ground for offset for targets seen in a USPSA Match. When I first zero'd at 20 yards the offset for targets 7 yards and closer was way to low. Around 6-8 inches. Not a big deal with wide open targets. Once you start engaging head shots with hard cover or no shoots at the speed. Under that stress I am not going to consistently apply the necessary Kentucky wind-age. Much easier to apply 6-8 inches of Kentucky wind-age to the few 25+ yards targets we see in a match.
  12. I am having success with 3 MOA
  13. Cmore RTS2. So far love it!!!! I also like it better than the tube style.
  14. I have used the Primary Arms Micro, (Chinese Aimpoint Clone), great for range use or as a entry optic for PCC. I am currently running the C-More RTS2 v4 with a 3 MOA dot. Love it!!! I recommend it if you are serious about USPSA PCC. The tube style have too much going on in the sight path. I figured there is a reason everyone went with the C-More style in open. The current v4 of the RTS2 has solved the issues on the previous versions. If your purpose is more tactical ninja stuff. Aimpoint and clones I understand. You cannot co-witness the RTS2 with the scorpion OEM iron sights. The Primary Arms can and I imagine most tube style can as well, depending on mount.
  15. Good idea. I just ordered a Switchback grip for Yeti Works and was going to adjust it to see if it made hitting the mag release faster and easier. The big weakness for me with PCC is the reload, 1.71-2.00 seconds. Probably not a big killer in a match but I will need to get that close 1.0 sec to get a GM card.