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  1. Red for the mount, but none for the thumb rest. A good torquing is all that is required. I've never had a rest come loose.
  2. Or better yet, treat all threads with Loctite primer/conditioner prior to Loctite.
  3. I use molded in-ear plugs plus a set of earmuffs with a 31db Rating. The electronic stuff does not cut it.
  4. I like ltdmstr, suggestion, except I use ISMI springs all around (except for the Colt sear spring). You definitely want to use the JEM Grip Safety (Egw makes it for them) and the JEM MSH to replace the plastic piece of crap on the STI grip. I also prefer the Warren Tactical fixed rear sight. Stay away from Ed Brown parts unless you want to do a lot of fitting.
  5. If you want to run inexpensive (relatively) factory ammo, get a 9mm 1911 and shoot SS minor. It will be your least expensive option. Store bought 45 ammo is going to be hotter than you want. If you want less restrictive gear positioning, shoot L10 Minor with it. If you are not hung up on a 1911, consider Carry Optics. Now you have a dot and no mag capacity restrictions. Everyone is scored Minor, so no penalty. Really, a CZ with dot and 20 round mags will be a lot of fun, especially since you are used to shooting 8.
  6. Why not try other brands of magazines. I use GSGs and Brownells for my Unit 1 and GSGs and modified plastic mags for my Exo3. The one thing I have learned is all 22LR mags will not work in all 1911/2011s.
  7. I had the exact same problem trying to use two Nelson Conversions of two custom 1911 45 pistol frames. Larry said the mags were designed for GI spec mag releases. Even replacing the mag release with a "standard" height unit did not fix the problem. I flied the release slot on the mag to get it to sit lower. The mag would hit the ejector and cause feeding problems. I continued to file until the mag lips just barely cleared the ejector. Then the top round would not feed. I finally gave up in disgust and sent everything back to Nelson for a refund. I bought a Marvel Precision Unit 1 and have had zero problems with it on one frame. I have zero problems on the other frame as long as I use their mags. That frame has a mag release designed to hold the mags higher in the frame. Brownells mags will not work with that release, but will with a "standard" release.
  8. b, I tried the Unit 1 on both pistols. I could not get the conversion all the way on because the rail hit the frame mounts. However, I looked down the rear and could see that the slide would hit the ejector. I didn't try the CWA because the reflex sight is Loctited to the slide and I didn't want to break the bond. It looks like you are back to square one unless you have a 1911 45 to put the unit on. That's a better choice anyway, because you have a wider range of mag choices and they are a lot cheaper than 2011 22LR mags. If interested, you can build a dedicated 1911 frame for the conversion, for not a lot of money. The Marvel Unit 1 is complete and locks onto the special slide stop. The bulk of the slide and the barrel are fixed and do not move. So you don't have to "fit" the frame rails to the conversion. If it slides on, you are good to go. You don't need a 1911 ejector. So all you really need is a frame, a mag release, and the firing system. Steve
  9. The three clubs I shoot Steel Challenge at use GT Targets steel plates. There is nothing exposed except the flat face of the target. You still get hit with some splatter.
  10. The 13lb spring works best for 172PF loads. It also works for 140PF, but the brass doesn't eject as far. BTW, do not use the recoil buffers that came with the gun.
  11. I don't think you will get the Unit 1 or the CWA to run on a Steelmaster without modification. Marvel Precision flat out says it will not run on a 9MM gun. The problem is the 9mm ejector. Later this morning I'll try to put both my uppers onto two 2011 40sw guns. The 40 and 9mm both use the same ejector.
  12. I first tried a Nelson Custom conversion. I was a Bob Marvel design that was originally sold by Nighthawk Custom Firearms. I had problems with two of them and finally sent it back for a refund. Mostly mag related and feed problems. I then bout a Marvel Precision Unit 1 from Marvel Precision. It is the original bob Marvel design that was improved on by Marvel Precision. I ordered it with the .400" to .499" accuracy guarantee at 50 yards with Eley Target ammo. It is 100% reliable. I use it for bullseye where the last thing in the world you want is an Alibi. One round of CCI standard did not fire after multiple attempts, but that's not the conversions fault. I shoot CCI standard plastic box for practice and Eley Target and SK Standard+ for bullseye. My competition conversion is a custom one made for me by Chet Whistle of CW Accessories. He makes conversions and accessories for the GSG 1911. It consists of his Exoskeleton 3 with his custom barrel and all the rest of his upgrade components. The only GSG part he uses is the bolt. His isn't ready yet. I had some teething pains with it at first, because I was using it on two custom 1911s. His stuff is designed for standard 1911s. Once the problem areas were identified and corrected, it runs well. I can't say it runs 100%, because I get in the way sometimes. With this unit the entire slide reciprocates. That is not a problem, except that I have a habit of riding the safety. I sometimes ride it too hard and touch the slide. That slows the slide down and causes a misfeed. I have the same problem on my Open guns. Once I learned to stop doing that, the problems stopped. It will barely run on standard ammo. It works and is reliable, but the brass almost dribbles out. I use the variable rate spring because I like the feel. It runs 100% with CCI AR TActical and Minimag ammo. Note: CWA's custom barrel has a beefy feed ramp. It is designed to use the GSG mags. You can use the cheap plastic mags but the have to be modified first. It's easy to do. I would stay away from the Kimber and Ciener uppers. Advantage arms uppers work, as do the Marvel Precision Unit 2 conversions. The Unit 2's entire slide reciprocates, as does the advantage. With the Mark 1, the slide is stationary and only a part of it moves back. BTW, you can order an extra power recoil spring with the Unit 1 and shoot hi-speed ammo. If I could only have one 22 conversion, it would be the Unit 1. I have the compensator for it and the different weight recoil springs. The only reason I don't use it for Steel Challenge, etc. is it looks like a bullseye gun. The CWA upper is waaay racier. BTW2, I was originally told to stay away from conversion units because of the reliability issues. I did the research. It turns out that there are some real junk conversions out there. I originally didn't want to spend the money for the Unit 1, but I thought better of it. If thousands of bullseye shooters use it, it must be okay. They cannot afford a malfunction, because then they call an Alibi and take a big scoring hit on the reshoot.
  13. Up until recently I use FF3s in 8 MOA for everything. They are inexpensive, reliable and have a lifetime warranty. I recently went two a pair of RTS2v4s 6 MOA for my steel guns and prefer them over the FF3. The class is larger and more contrasty, and the dot can be made brighter that the FF3. That was my problem on really bright days. I also have a DeltaPoint Pro and like it. I prefer the operation to the RTS2, and the dot is brighter. However, the glass is smaller and I don't like that. I will note that with all C-More products you really have to watch the batteries. With the RTS2 the dot can, and will, go out on you in the middle of a stage if you let the battery get below 2.8V. And it does that without giving you the flash/flash/flash low battery warning.
  14. I've had problems with Volquartsen stuff. I particularly did not like their lower. It went back to them twice to fix what should have been standard operation. In neither case was I satisfied. I sold the pistol and went with a full race Buckmark. Now that Buckmark is my Wife's target pistol, and I shoot 22 uppers on 1911 frames. I'm much, much happier with them from a reliability standpoint.
  15. okay. I'll take a harder look at the new TSO at the club. I must say I was not impressed for the price delta over a straight TS. I know you need the +1 to seat the mag. My point was it doesn't give you enough capacity in 40, and you are still 3 light in 9mm. 20 in 40 is the play for Limited.