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  1. Noveske Beer nuts or Oreos?
  2. Krieghoffs are nice guns. I shot a model 32 for quite a while but couldn't keep the trigger working right. Damn thing would double all the time. Really blew the hell out of those targets when it did that!
  3. I use a tungsten guide rod with a captured 13# spring. Very flat shooting and no failures whatsoever with factory ammo. I mostly shoot light stuff for 3 gun.
  4. +1 on this! I got some of Taran's base pads and they work great! And they look cool...
  5. Did you actually pattern the gun with the Chamber Mates? I've never used them but have heard the patterns can be inconsistent due to the short "barrel".
  6. I shoot a Burris MTAC 1-4x out to 400 yards in local 3 gun matches. It's doable, but I'm itching to try a 1-6!
  7. Don't be afraid to ask at the local clubs - you never know what you'll find. I've seen clubs that have upgraded their old Winchester machines that will practically give the old machines away. My local range sold some Beomats…but they neglected to let me know which really torqued me off! I would have paid a lot more than they got for them!
  8. Read this forum and go to matches. Given where you live, you can easily attend matches and compete or just watch. You will learn a lot doing both of those. I think you'll find most shooters are very willing to talk about their guns, accessories, etc. Remember to be respectful - some people don't want to chit chat in the middle of the match. It's best to wait until the scores are in the books before asking too many questions.
  9. That's good to hear! It would be easy for Brazos to say it's not their fault and point a finger at STI.
  10. I've looked at the strike Eagle also and would love to try one. I also know there are tons of people who have ordered them so I think there is probably a long waiting line. Then again, Vortex may be accounting for this and producing a lot of them before the official release so it's hard to say when one would actually be available.
  11. Take a look at this thread: I'm partial to the MTAC. If you watch the DVOR website, you can regularly get it plus a mount and a FastFire in your price range. Welcome to the game!
  12. Stock II Swedish bikini team or Jamaican bobsled team?
  13. I guess it's no surprise the word "attorney" has now appeared in this thread. The context in which it was used may not affect STI directly, but it will certainly add to the bad blood that no doubt exists between themselves and their retailers. I'm sure Brazos, Dawson, and everybody else are getting sick of calls asking "when". Those dealers probably aren't getting good answers from STI either. STI has a great reputation for customer service. That reputation will not survive unless they accept responsibility for whatever is going on and start communicating with their loyal customers. I also think they should bite a bullet here and do something for those who have been waiting for a long time. How about throwing in a free magazine when the guns are finally shipped? It would cost them some money in the short term, but it would definitely lower the blood pressure of some growingly impatient shooters and build long-term trust!
  14. Well done, that's a great accomplishment! However, now you're in trouble because you're going to feel like you should be able to do that every time you shoot!
  15. ] Try the Arredondo 1.75" keeper. The one on my ELS broke pretty quickly (within days of getting it). The Arredondo slides a lot better since there's no velcro, and it's one piece of plastic without any buttons to fall apart (where mine failed), so it should be sturdier. Thanks, that sounds like a good idea. I may get one just in case something happens to the original keeper. I have read other posts about people having trouble with them.