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  1. This is the biggest thing for me. I used to live with people that were also into the sport so we would attack the loading thing as a group. Someone sorts brass, one case guages and one loads. or a similar type set up. More recently than not moved across the country and being the solo man in the operation now, its nice to be sorting or cleaning or doing whatever else while the machine does its thing. And it'll stop itself if it jams so I dont need to stand there and watch it as closely
  2. Lots of people are praising the 1050. I agree its a kick ass machine. However... I started on a 650 and will confirm that is the first love. You have warranty for life and cost to switch calibers is cheap. I can go from 45s for IDPA CDP to 9mm in less than 15 min. I have a 1050, I have it set up for one caliber and dont plan on switching it. to much money and work put into it. I even develop my test loads on my 650 then just set the 1050 and load away. IMHO I spent alot of money on a 1050 I didnt need.
  3. Bayou. Good Consistency and price point. Never had a problem with them, even shoot my C model Glocks.
  4. I launched one once doing something. I was standing up, standing over the gun on the table. I knew it was gonna pop but let it slip and no shit. it flew right past my head, I heard it hit the ceiling in the garage and then felt it land in the hood on my hoodie. Talk about a lucky day. I probably have AR detents lost in at least every room in my house.
  5. Here is some quick data off a load workup I just did for my STI DVC Classic in 40. I didnt have a large amount of overlap in the charge weights but it should be enough to give you a answer. These are 3 shot averages for the Bullet/Powder type. 4.7Gr of Titegroup, The only overlap charge weight I had Berrys Averge FPS: 928, Blue Bullet Average: 1005 LongShot 6.9gr...Berry: 1032, Blue: 1090 (I had a outlier in the test batch for the Berry's here) 7.0gr...Berry: 1016, Blue 1096 7.1gr...Berry: 1019, Blue: 1104
  6. I use a CED 7000. But it picks up alot of other shots when people are blasting ARs in there with me. Mainly just use it indoor for the draw. Hard to determine what shot was what.
  7. Well if you really think it is a barrel issue. I shoot a Storm lake in my G19 and never had a problem with it. If you have matches coming up and down have a whole lot of down time, your options are limited. Any chance you know someone from a local club that you can take their barrel and put them it in your gun and play with it?
  8. I really like the CED medium bag: https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/CEDDAA-RangePack-Medium-Size-Backpack--P2906.aspx
  9. Makes sense. I know my RMR was stuck on the two pins pretty good, when I took it off.
  10. I had a issue with mine not zeroing (I have a post about it). Sent it back to the guys that did the milling and fixed it no problem. For the Vortex I also did not have any elevated posts cut into the optic. Not that you mention the posts, I couldn't tell you what the bottom of the optic looks like but I do know that my RMR has these posts and the slide cut on my shadow does not. Interesting. Guess we'll wait and see how it goes when i take the gun out to play next time.
  11. Also Attitude is critical. You need to be up there taping targets every stage, no exceptions. You need to be out there shaking hands and talking to people about product.
  12. Here was my take away from the stage. (in no particular order) You needed to slow down and get hits. 30 second times where not bad. At a nationals this is good. It forces someone who has been pedal to the metal to slow down and focus. This is a skill needed by all shooters. Max shot the thing in 19 seconds and zero'd it. So my 40+ second time was ok because I still got points. (or at least thats what I tell myself). A Glock 19 and a 13MOA dot wasn't the way to do this. I felt like at some points the entire dot was covering all of the available target area. its Nationals. I expect it to be a hard match. Yes there were some blaster stages and some fun stages and then this stupid hard stage, which in reality wasn't really that hard. I just suck and didn't practice. Sure I could have done better. But I hadn't shot a actual match since like October because in MI nothing goes on outdoors over winter. And when I do practice my club thinks it'll scare new shooters away with hard stages so they purposely dont set them up. This evens the playing field for everyone. Sure open guys, but also PCC. Whats the point of a rifle if you aren't pushing the gun and your skill set.
  13. I say that. But having 2 pistol cans and a MPX....I dont think they have been out of the safe since Jan last year.
  14. I really like using the GRX push through size die. Can honestly say I dont think I ever had a case that went through the size die fail on a case gauge. I just dont want to sit there and use the push through die then put everything in a machine and load it. To much work to avoid the 1 round that doesnt fit in the Hundo gauge.
  15. I shot a 13 on my pistol recently at a match and it was a little to big. On the far targets with hard cover or NS's the dot was basically covering all of the avaible target. Would go to a 3 MOA.