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  1. Next time you win something I'll have her put some in the mail for you. Your on your own for the milk.
  2. False. Blaming my gear is the only reason I dont win. And if someone has better gear than me and beats me its cuz my gear sucks. Unless I beat them, then I laugh about their bank account then go home and cry because I cant afford their fancy gun. At least when this happens my mom brings me milk and cookies.
  3. Why train more when you can make a 1 time investment in better gear....duh. Buy a SVI and then blame the equipment when you suck. Also if you cut a coil or 2 out of the mag spring you can get extra rounds in your 40 limited gun and have the same number of rounds as 9mm. Even better cut two coils off and take the follower out. Guaranteed to get a advantage over minor then. (you can also blame the gun when it doesnt work here too) 2 pages back: Getting rid of revolver is a good idea. Merging Revo, SS and L-10 together is a bad idea. Leave single stack alone. SSTK is a big enough problem on its own to go Minor v Major. But much like Limited, its part of the sport. Do you want a little car that maneuvers better or a big car with a big engine? Your answer: depends on the track Much like at the matches, if its 10 round, then you want the minor gun (little car). If its 8 round friendly you want the major gun (big car). I think this can be applied to SS more than limited, but if there are a bunch of stages that you can shoot without reloading a minor gun, or all steel stages (Area 5) then the minor gun is better. While comparing to what the pros shoot is a good idea, I would also argue they dont miss. so the Minor v Major for them probably doesnt matter. They probably all reload in the same spots and shoot the stage the same way with either gun. They choose major because if they do throw a C or D shot, they have padding for scoring. When the shooter gets to the 'pro' level, they'll pony up and shoot 40. and they'll be looking back at all the B and lower class guys arguing about this still.
  4. Literally the best advice ever. get the gear. Show up. and everything will fall into place.
  5. If thats the case, have an actual production divison and the mag the comes with the gun is what you use. You want to shoot your G17 vs my G41 then so be it. Factory everything. If Power factor scoring was still a thing then I bet people would still shoot major.
  6. ^Agreed. Dont like the rules, dont play the game.
  7. I don't shoot a lot compared to the top guys but with my loads: Major 40 and 45 in a Trojan 1911 175ish PF Minor in a Glock 34 or CZ Shadow. 135ish PF They all feel the same. maybe a little difference If I'm on the public range trying to get a 1 hold group at 15 yards slow fire. But the second I actually do something competitive its all a wash.
  8. Lube always helps speed. or so i'm told
  9. You must shoot alot....
  10. 40 in SS is nice because they make 10 round mags that fit the box. so you can show up to a match and see if its more 10-round friendly, shoot minor with the exact same gun. some matches favor 10 round shooting positions so the 8 round guys have to get creative.
  11. I guess I'm failing to understand why its even a issue. If you want to shoot minor then shoot minor. If you want to win, go practice. Also not being a great or even average shooter...I'd say that if the people that get paid to do this are shooting and winning with 40, they probably have something figured out. I look at it as. Few times have I ever seen shooting positions where I need to run the gun to 23(9mm) rounds instead of the 21(40sw). Generally your gonna have to bang a reload somewhere in the stage anyway with either caliber. So....why shoot minor when major is just as acceptable the playing fields are about equal. Yes industry wide 40 is loosing popularity to 9, but thats outside the competition realm. Cops still carry 9-40-45 and a argument can be made for or against all of them. The average person who buys a gun and shoots a box or two of ammo a month is going to go for cheap/fun which is 9mm 115gr. A real argument is SS major/minor.
  12. Assuming you are shooting a 45. Some 8 round mags and your ready to rock and roll. In Single Stack, you only compete directly against other Single stack (1911) style guns. Be Safe and Have fun are the two biggest rules. In that order
  13. I think we chatted about this at Optics nationals briefly. the only bummer is the price of 45s.
  14. Follow up to OP. Are you lubing cases to help achieve that speed?
  15. When there is a major less than a month out I'll hit the range once if not 2 times a week and average about 4-600 a session. The Mark 7 on my 1050 makes it so I can just walk through the garage on my way home from work and hit start and grab gear and the ammo then head to the range. It spits out 40's like a champ. I also run a two process, one go through size and deprime. clean it. then load it. I'll let it process about 2500 cases in a sitting since the bullets are shipped in 2500 round cases.