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  1. They are legal. Taccom has even renamed them a "splice" to help eliminate confusion. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I enjoyed the match too. Nice mix of stages and I liked the simple scoring. I looked for the next 5th Saturday on my way home and set a reminder in my calendar. Can't think of any suggestions for improvement other than trying to keep the barrels in place. The water sounds good in case we run out of what we bring.
  3. At what age does the senior category start? I'm already having senior moments so I could be there.
  4. I measured 0.6255 on mine.
  5. Pro registration is on Practiscore. It will still be first come first served, so be ready when it opens up. Linda has the link in the post above.
  6. Working with David was great... I would not turn down an opportunity to RO a stage with him. I just hope he doesn't hurt his knee right before the match this year.
  7. Shooting the match and working as an RO on AM3 last year was a blast. Already reached to Mike for this year. Looking forward to August and another fun time at Rockcastle.
  8. I saw a video that had the longer mag down and the shorter mag up. They had reversed the springs to keep the spring joint from passing over the mag joint. Tim, have you seen these used in configurations with the short and long mags in both orientations, up and down? If so, have you experienced any issues with the spring joint passing the mag joint? I've got your coupler and I'm trying to figure out how I want to assemble it. Sounds like my 22 round ETS is out.
  9. I shot my first 3 gun match with a 9mm Citadel 1911 and had a failure on the third stage. I went to slide lock with one target left. I inserted a full magazine and hit the slide release. The bottom plate came off of the mag and the spring, follower, and eight rounds of 9mm hit the ground. Armscor replaced the magazine but the original mags are now just used for loading Barney rounds. I have only used Wilson ETM mags in matches since then and have not had any more problems.
  10. Please provide enough contrast... I'm planning on shooting irons at this point, unless someone wants to provide me with a scope and mount.
  11. I just ordered a 26" version from Bud's. They accepted an offer of $402. Too late for the rebate but still a good price.