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  1. 1.145OAL, made 171.5 PF at the last chrono and that was 4.3gr of ramshot competition
  2. I have the palm swell bogies on my shadow and I don't think they are aggressive enough, for me anyway.
  3. Looking at maybe replacing my TSO grips with something that has more bite. Who makes the best grips for the TSO with the magwell on ?
  4. The benefit of the TC is that you can actually load them longer in short throated guns like the cz and tanfos. It's a great design and is very accurate. If you want to try them out use (moser) as a coupon code and it will get you a discount.
  5. Blue Bullets 180gr with 4.3gr of ramshot competition gets 172pf out of my CZ TSO and I get 2" off hand groups at 20yrds. Use code (moser) at checkout for a discount if you want to try them.
  6. I'm really interested to hear what you thought of the 2 guns in comparison to each other. I would like to shoot some CO and have been looking at both. Please let us know what you think.
  7. I did not realize that. I toned it down to 4.3 and that gives me a 2" group at 20yrds with 172Pf. Seems to work great. What should I be looking for as far as over pressure?
  8. I'm using ramshot for .40 and it's awesome
  9. Man these 180grblue bullets are really accurate in my cz TSO. If you guys want to give them a try, use code (moser) for a discount. This might be the best shooting gun and most accurate load I've ever had.
  10. Where the best place to get the MSA sordin pros with gel cups?
  11. Sounds like the springers will be great for you then. Believe they are cheaper as well. Good luck either way.
  12. Problem with the sprinters is that you have to use a set screw to install and disassemble them. That sucks if you need to do that on several stages at a match and the set screw will eventually strip out. I got CZC ones and they are great. Mine is for .40 though.
  13. These safeties suck on this gun. The only thing stopping this gun from being perfect in my opinion
  14. So have any of you guys changed the front sight on your TSO. If so what seems to be a good size? Height and width wise.