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  1. There's never a good time for that but a area much!!! Geez that sucks!
  2. Anybody else do any work to their TSO?
  3. First batch loaded up this past weekend was. Got 2" group at 20yrds. Ran stock springs without the buffer. 4.5gr ramshot competition 180 blue bullet 1.133 OAL 175.5 PF
  4. So did you try it? How did it turn out?
  5. Will there be a classifier stage? If so which one?
  6. Nice find
  7. I run these in my shadow at 1.140 OAL and they plunk test fine. Barrels not reamed either
  8. It looks awesome Stuart. When do you think the whole gun (new frame, slide, barrel) will be ready? Tell Angus to hurry up. You know the new stock 2 pro is coming out soon.
  9. This is true as well. I have shot them 2 times now. Once was at a match on a stage and I used my shadow 1 loads and my 11lb recoil spring. The guy had lok palm swell grips on it and when I picked it up I thought it was awesome. Probably one of the best feeling guns I have tried. We also took it apart and the new machinery really shows, it looked great and was very clean on all parts. Then, we shot it and it just was bla!!! Really didn't like it and wasn't easy to track the sights. Could be the sights which suck, could be that it prefers a different recoil spring, could be that I have to get use to it or a combo of them all, idk. However I do know that I picked up another guys stock and with my 135pf loads it was a dream to shoot. I could shoot it much faster and with better hits then either the shadow 1 which I've shot for 3 years or the shadow 2. Everyone in the group felt the same way and I know 3 guys now that are selling there shadow 2's. I might just hold out for CZC to come out with there bull barrel gun sometime in 2092
  10. The guys that have bought them are realizing it's not the great super gun some people thought it would be and all there buddies are trying them out and deciding to get stock 2's instead. Or at least that's what I'm seeing from where I'm at.
  11. Blue bullets. Use code (moser) for a discount at checkout also
  12. With or without buffer? I think running the buffer is a risk for competition.
  13. Does taking out the buffer change the felt recoil?
  14. Man that 12lb recoil spring looked really good. Did you also have the buffer installed?
  15. Lol. Maybe so