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  1. Any extra long ones that fit a speed chute?
  2. Was the slide weight above STI's minimum slide weight?
  3. Was this horse beating thread not enough?
  4. 1.155 is Max. I always loaded to 1.148.
  5. They seem to be popular in europe with a lot of top guys.
  6. I think you are confusing RO and Rules. Yes a shooter will game the rules 100% if they can. Why wouldn't they? The RO is just the vessel by which it is done.
  7. You know that's a 2 way street, right?
  8. Sounds pretty Us Vs Them.
  9. Remington Nitros or Winchester AA's 1325+. I normally run the 1350 stuff. The inertia system needs recoil to cycle. With that giant integrated unit hanging out front, a lot of recoil is soaked up. You need a heavier load to reliably cycle the gun.
  10. Yes and no. Some majors do, some don't (I think they apply for it?). I was at a major last year that had 4 open GM's and it did not count. Another major had 3 open GMs and it did count.
  11. Hahaha no worries. I shoot CCI 500's anyway and im stocked for a year or two. Thank you for the offer.
  12. I have had that happen as well. I guess the unintended consequence is these things now have a little bounce to them on a hard floor. Glad it worked well for you.
  13. All built by Don.