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  1. I used bladetech forever until they finally cracked from years of abuse. Decided to give weber tactical a try. The double layered kydex will take much more abuse for many years to come.
  2. MBX

    Ive got 5 - 170 mags that all hold 30 in 9 major without issue. They have since I took them out of the package.
  3. MBX

    only 29 rounds? should be able to hold 30 without issue.
  4. Loaded well over 100K of 9 Major loads ranging from 6.9-7.5 (7.5 is a V6 set up) without issue in the last 2-3 years. Only problems came from stepped brass. CFE Pistol and WAC might be the "Same" powder, but they chronoed very differently out of the same gun, for me.
  5. Normal week is fry fire 6-7 days a week. Live fire on Tuesdays and Saturdays. MD local indoor match every other Wednesday. Shoot locals most Sundays when not at a major.
  6. Make sure the tubes drop free before you do all of this. I had one that was a bitch to fix after I loaded it all up.
  7. So far no, I built up some hot glue around the top to prevent this issue. So far no marring of any kind inside the gun.
  8. You also need .003-.005 of clearance from the slide to comp so its not slamming home. Aftermarket parts fitted at home don't have the best ascetics but work just the same in the end.
  9. Start to dry fire daily. Most of your issues seemed to be around "Finding the dot".
  10. Hope that guy is licensed to do so.
  11. You can get PDs for like 82-85/K when buying 20K or more.
  12. JRE, Bert Cast, Practical Pistol, Ellistronics
  13. Did you ever reach out to MK7 about your concerns via phone or email once march hit?
  14. I recently just made overweight dry fire mags. I took a some old beat up practice mags that weren't functioning 100% anymore, taped up all the holes, capped the top, and left the basepad off. I then layered hot glue and bullets until the entire mag was filled . They weigh around 40% more than a fully loaded mag. This has helped out tremendously in the last few months with consistency and speed. (it could also be this has motivated me to practice reloads more)
  15. Trying to work bill drills at further distances lately to be more aggressive on longer shots in matches. Was able to rip 6 alphas at 17 yards in 2.00 pretty consistently. New goal is 2.0 or under from 20. Tried a few last night and ended with lots of charlies.