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  1. I use a tiny oring under head of screw. Seems to work. grips are not getting loose anymore
  2. Mine fit perfectly also.they are great but kind of expensive. Now just need to shoot more
  3. I was running into the problem of second to last round jamming. followed johnbu advise and polished the timing block (rib) and put a chamfer on the corner. So far slidelock every time, all mags. thanks for the tip
  4. And don't forget putting one in the no shoot
  5. Bevan is 6 to 8 weeks waiting on tooling to come back. I think there were so many barrels sent in that the reefer were worn out
  6. I have now completed several Transactions with patriot defense. They have the best customer service I have ever delt with Many thanks Admin if this is not allowed ok to delete
  7. Is the extra power extractor spring a big benefit?
  8. There are other threads out there that say to send barrel and get reborn to proper specs. Tooling was not in spec when made or was a nato spec or something
  9. I'm curious. Not trying to mess up your thread but in uspsa, do you have to engage safety when hammer is down for the start
  10. I think sporting models weigh more also have center bead safety doesn't go on automatically I was pheasant hunting yesterday and gun was getting heavy after the 6th mile
  11. Be careful of sporting clays. I was strictly pistol, now more shotgun than anything. love to hit the clays
  12. Seems like a toss up
  13. With 40 cal you will not have to change primers
  14. Thanks. Will that fpb be back in stock soon