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  1. what kind of modification to sides of follower is needed?
  2. I don't think switching from s1 to s2 is a big deal. Daily dry fire, and a couple of thousands rds should be enough . Shoot a few standard drills such as el prez and Bill drill to see if there's any difference especially in target transitions.
  3. Awesome, no L10 minor!
  4. I would buy a Shadow2 in .40 for sure. I am about to start shooting L10 min. Would be nice to do it shooting major
  5. I have tried to tune/fix CZ factory mags many times. At the end I stopped using them completely. The factory mags are just not that durable and sturdy as MecGar. I bought 17 rds mecgar mags and stopped thinking about mags ever since ( over two years).
  6. that is a good point
  7. So since the CGW race hammer is apparently Production legal now would anybody prefer it instead of CZC? I have never tried a CGW hammer and wondering what is the difference.
  8. ouch
  9. Stay positive:)
  10. It could be on the April BOD minutes
  11. Can anybody post some pictures of how they were doing it? I am a little scared of using a hammer on my slide
  12. I am a glass half full kind of guy as well and I think it is some great news!
  13. Interesting.. I find its easier to reach the DA trigger on shadow 2 compared to shadow 1 with czc thin aluminum grips.
  14. As I understand, no. The stock discos are different but the CZC one would work in both
  15. I think it should work with 11# MS and an extended FR/Reduced FP Sping combo. I am going to try