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  1. I shoot 124gr bullets as well. So far I am okay with 11# recoil spring but I am going to test it more. My main spring is 11#. I also install a CZC extended FP with reduced FP Spring. So far no light strikes with any primers after over 4K rds- CCI, WSP, S&B, and Federal.
  2. it also depends on the bullet weight.
  3. I removed a little of bit of metal from the back of the trigger (It is 85C Trigger). Looks like it worked - no more issues so far
  4. Does anybody know how long the new TRS for Shadow 2 lasts? I used to replace TRS's on my Shadows every 2-3K or so, basically each time I took the gun apart for cleaning. With the price of $2 it did not matter. Looks like the new one is $10. I am wondering if it is more durable and worth the price
  5. the shortest ammo will work in all pistols
  6. I had a chance to play with the USPSA production box today . I checked my Shadow 2 with SP mags pads - fits just fine.
  7. Well, reaming the throat does not bring the chamber to the specs. It is already in the specs. That is why all the factory ammo works fine. The ammo we reload needs to be in the specs:) Second, there are no any concerns with reaming the barrel. Do it if you want to. It is just a waste of money and time in my opinion.
  8. I still shoot Glocks and other pistols. I had some issues with Lone Wolff and KKM barrels that did not like the long ammo I used to load for Glocks stock barrels as well. They all now work fine with the shortest ammo I load for my CZ.
  9. The clearance is alright. I replaced the CGW trigger pin with the CZ pin. The gun is working now. I can sometimes recreate this type of issue if I push the hammer all the way down before decocking it normally. The frustrating part is I can't do it consistently. Most of the times I am able to decock it just fine.
  10. What I meant is you just need to find the right OAL for your CZ and load to it. After that it is not an issue. The issue discussed in all those threads is people do NOT want to load that short for various reasons (Wrong ones, IMHO). BTW all the factory ammo I tried worked just fine in all my CZs (5 total).
  11. This was my initial thought as well. The screw was not on the way though. Also it would not explain the intermittency.
  12. I have shot close to 100K of various 147gr and some 124 gr bullets through my 3 Shadows without any issues. Reloads and factory ammo as well. I would load it as short as needed to work with my barrels. Sometimes it is as short as 1.060 (Which is the OAL of American Eagle 147 factory ammo that I occasionally shoot at major matches). The OAL depends on the bullet profile. I do not think there is a need to ream the throat at all. This is not an issue IMO.
  13. I got the CZC short disco installed in my Shadow 2 along with a CZC Competition hammer, and a 85 C Trigger. No fitting, just drop in parts. I have shot around 1.4K rds through it. Every once in a while I am experiencing a problem decocking the gun and have to apply some force to the hammer to move it. One time I was not able to decock it at all for a while - see the video. After multiple attempts, all the sudden it started working again flawlessly. . I am thinking that the disconnector may need some fitting. I have also heard that it could caused by the CGW trigger pin. Those pins presumably have some tolerance issues which could account for the intermittentcy of the problem. Any idea? Thanks