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  1. Accurailed guns are super awesome. It moves the wear point from the slide to the rails, so then if your gun starts to get a little loose you can just pop in new ones and bam there you go, fixed. Instantly bank vault tight again. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  2. You can't shoot major through 9mm in limited. Fitting a new upper would work, or you could possibly get a new 40 bull barrel and have it fit to the current slide. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  3. Yea they aren't as soft as feds for sure, for me they have always acted exactly the same as WSP (ie, if it will pop Winchester then the SB will go too). Either way though, they aren't a "rock hard" primer like was mentioned in this thread. Rock hard to me would be Tula, Wolf or magtech. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  4. 9 major. 115 Everglades JHP V2 8.9 HS6 1.165 S&B SPP ~175 pf
  5. The primer hitting the ejector is if you are ejecting a live round, hence why people always say to not roll the gun on its side and slowly pull the slide back to make the round fall into your hand like many always do. Also, S&B are absolutely one of the softest primers on the market. 11.5# hammer spring in a CZ sets them off all day (like 30k rounds). I totally agree on the other parts though, the firing pin channel especially. There shouldn't even be oil in there, as it can slow down the firing pin.
  6. Or have the activator only available from a different place.
  7. You never once said you had damaged hearing, so there is no way I would have been able to know that. I can hold a conversation with Mike Burgess at matches, and he has nearly complete deafness in one ear and still wears earplugs. Just have to stand on the other side haha. The MSA or Pro Ears are probably both good options for your needs.
  8. Yes, they are huge and I make fun of you both. You just don't know it. The plugs thing is a good point. When you put them in properly, they are not uncomfortable and they are extremely effective at blocking the sound. The only reason I bother with muffs at all is to stop the pressure/concussion I can feel from my open gun.
  9. I have never understood why people don't like using regular foam earplugs. They give you the absolute best protection and are the absolute cheapest option. I wear earplugs all day and put my super cheap muffs on right before I shoot (only because I can concentrate better when the concussion is dampened, which the muffs give me the impression of. It doesn't bother me to shoot with just plugs, that is what I do in practice) and immediately take them back off when I am done. I am actually looking at getting a new pair of super cheap muffs that are not electronic and are thinner than my current ones, because I hate when my muffs accidentally get turned on and I can hear stuff while I am shooting. As a bonus, you have a great excuse for ignoring people you don't want to talk to when you can't hear them with your earplugs in.
  10. Matt, do you have the video?
  11. The best way to learn how to shoot partials at speed is to do it, a lot. In practice set up wide open targets and then headshots or zebras. Practice shooting the open targets at full on speed and then dialing back your vision to pay more attention for the partial, then open it back up on the open targets. Practicing with a tough mini popper and an easy open paper is good for this too. Or, an open target on both ends of a plate rack. Hose, shoot two plates, hose other side, shoot two plates, etc.
  12. There are many cheaper choices out there in high quality projectiles. Look at the case pricing. At about 8.7 cents, they are 20% cheaper than hornady (cheapest I have ever seen on HAP is like 10.9) The Hornady rifle bullets are reasonably priced, but your pistol bullets could present significant savings.
  13. I want to see the video. If I turned around to run back and engage a popper and the two ROs were standing in my way, I would stop too. It is ridiculous to say that they aren't interfering, if they are that close behind you and you have to retreat uprange. If their positioning is what caused the hesitation, then they were interfering, right? I'm not saying it is bad ROing or anything, just that in that situation it was interference. S--- happens, tape em up and shoot it again. I have gotten interference calls for turning to run uprange and having to hesitate to wait for the RO to move. This is no different in my mind. Now I really want to see the video.
  14. From talking to some very trusted fellow open Shooters, along with what I've read on enos, the disadvantages of 3n38 that I can see are that it's a pain to load, the rounds will grow from being so compressed, and it's expensive. In that order.
  15. My question is why would you be loading with hornady bullets vs something much cheaper? I have a 650, and it is nice. Caliber changes are a breeze. But if I had the money, I would have a 1050, no question.