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  1. Why would you need to smooth out the backstrap if you are going to add Sicarbide on it? If it's just about the thickness have you considered stippling or jumping to the Gen4 platform?
  2. Pros: No capacity loss, different recoil impulse, cheaper guns, bigger holes. Cons: Ammo expense, no cross division reloading, bigger holes it goes both ways especially on no shoots.
  3. Beautiful blueing, all I would want on tol of this is shielded ambi safeties and a racker.
  4. All that's left is components. Good luck and happy loading.
  5. Once the weight is off you need to try out different recoil spring weights until you find one that works for you.
  6. Another option. Find a GSSF match around your area and take it to the armorer on site. They will replace most of the internals. Then send the slide off to one of the many people who mill for a dot and have them cerakote it at the same time. Boom, new-ish gun. Although I do recommend selling it and buying a new MOS one as well.
  7. This is a good idea.
  8. Honestly, since you are new to the 2011 platform I would just try to find a used edge or eagle to get acclimate the to platform. All the while trying out the short/long, polymer/metal, non/lightened. Even going from a 10 to a 12.5 lb recoil spring changes how the gun feels and shoots. First you need to decide what kind of shooter you are? Can you handle heavy recoil, how fast are you transitions, what kind of impulse do you like? A light gun is harder to control but will move faster. An all steel heavyweight is a tank but recoils like a pussycat. All things that are considerations.
  9. +1 on the DS perman grips. They take some fitting but be patient and go slowly. Grip tape is the best as the stippling gets a little wonky on them.
  10. +1 for the UM rage.
  11. What are the issues you get from weak magazine springs?Imbalance in slide speed and round presentation from the magazine. The first sign of worn/weak mag springs is typically FTL and/or jams involving the last few rounds in the magazine. When you start getting these failures...take note. Pretty much what he said.
  12. Cost and power factor for non reloaders.
  13. 6+1 and sometimes an extra two behind the holster
  14. +1 This match is a blast with a quick turnaround. You shoot 8 stages and you can be done by lunch.