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  1. I don't care enough to hunt for it, but I recall him making a race gun for someone.
  2. I thought they were the same as well and considered the lack of a magwell being a contributing factor. That being said, I swapped back to the aluminum msh I am having issues with and it is noticeably larger than the NIW STI polymer main spring housing. The old one fits with no gap and much tighter to the grip safety than the new one. If I kNew the make of the old one, I'd just order it again. No idea who the maker is though. Probably SV.
  3. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  4. Search is your friend. Basically bending one of the coils to get the bullets more nose up. I did it because I was getting nose dive jams, but it fixed my getting in front of the extractor problem as well.
  5. Does anyone know the differences? I have an older (2004-05) SV that I recently started getting occasional light strikes with. After trouble shooting, it appears that the main spring has wallered out the aluminum MSH and created a ledge, for lack of a better word, that was occasionally interfering with the mainspring and slowing it down to the point of a light strike. I replaced with a 1911 MSH that I had laying around the house and it cured the problem. The 1911 MSH obviously isn't profiled for a 2011 grip/magwell. Instead of doing some hours of filing, I just ordered a new polymer factory STI main spring housing thinking it would be a drop in part. It drops in, probably too well. There is a noticeable gap at the bottom of the grip. Are the main spring housings between these two grips the same size? as it appears that the STI I ordered is a fraction too small for the SV grip on the gun. Or is my grip stretched out at the bottom, which is possible as I am not running a magwell on this gun? and is a gap between the grip and MSH an issue from an eventual reliability stand point? It is pinned in and seems to currently function properly. I didn't think to take any pics.
  6. I had this issue with my SV and old style sv mags for a while. I tweaked the mag springs and put an enos bend in the springs and it fixed the issue. I haven't had it for some 7-8k rounds since. I tweaked the mag springs for an unrelated issue, but it has fixed both problems. YMMV.
  7. Thank you, but no need. Its apparently a redesign. The non-milled hole is the new style. As far as removing the bottom magnet, I had to hold the nut to keep it from turning with a big flat head screw driver.
  8. My understanding is that the Mississippi Classic is on hiatus for 2017 due to major berm work at the range in Byram.
  9. And for the love of Christ, how do you get the bottom magnet off?
  10. I ordered 3 mag holders, two plain, one with magnets. The bullet out pouches on the two plain pouches are not drilled out for the rubber washer/spacer. The one with magnets is. I am assuming that they should be drilled out to fit the rubber space in. Can any one confirm? pouch on left is the one that has the magnets. you can see that the other one is not recessed.
  11. @Dancin Dan was this match be considered a classifier?
  12. I load at 1.18 but my SV has run everything from factory loads out to 1.22. It would probably run longer than that, but the mag is the limiting factor.