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  1. I just switched to kydex for my limited gun two weeks ago. Yesterday this happened twice with my SV. Rough count, it cost me 7-8 seconds each time and cost me a division win. I spent last night with a dremel relieving the holster pouch because I don't think removing the extended button is an option on my gun.
  2. It could be worse than a plain ol guide rod.... ever seen a STI recoil master?
  3. My SV that cost twice what your CK did has a plain ol guide rod. It's always a gamble buying a high dollar gun sight unseen. Every body puts out a lemon now and again.
  4. If you want one to actually look decent after hard use, stick with hard chrome or stainless.
  5. How traditional? Bladetech makes a 6" owb holster for fdc and sdc Guns. They opened up a 5" edge holster so my 5.4" sv would fit.
  6. Gotcha. That makes sense and could very well be the problem. Thank you.
  7. I'll check on the mag front at lunch. I've read your second paragraph a couple of times and I'm having trouble tracking what you are saying. I have backed the over travel screw out to allow more travel, are you saying I should go the other way with it to see if I am allowing too much over travel?
  8. That will be the first thing I monkey with, most likely. I tweaked it some time ago, but it never gave me this issue. Just looking for other ideas that could be causing this before I tear it down.
  9. A while back I had an issue an issue where if I kept the trigger pinned to the rear and cycled the slide, i would get hammer follow. I remedied (or thought I remedied) by installing a new disconnector. Fast forward to today, now if I pin the trigger to the rear and cycle the slide, it is not resetting.... trigger still moves freely and I have verified that it is not an issue with the overtravel screw. It resets properly if I am not holding the trigger to the rear or if i am resetting the trigger during recoil (as is my usual shooting method), but it happens every time if I use the "pin and reset" method, either via firing the gun or hand cycling the slide. I'm assuming it is either related to the disconnector or the sear spring or some combo of the both. Any thoughts of things I can / should try?
  10. I use a U die and factory crimp die and still get brass that won't gauge and certainly won't run in my AET barreled SV. Just bought 15k brass for cheap. Seems half of it is glocked.
  11. It's an interesting question. I live in a city that is literally 80+% African American. There is one African American that shoots the local, highly attended, USPSA match on a regular basis. But then when I go visit my wife's family in South Florida, it is not out of the question for me to be the only non-Hispanic on a squad... I would posit that it is some stigma that guns and their association with gun violence and crime have in the African American community that keeps shooting sports from being more popular...
  12. Even my guns that lock back, lock back with one still in the mag. I'm shooting a L10 match in the not too distant future which should be interesting. Sv new or old, STI stock, tti, grams, Arredondo, sps... just doesn't seem to matter. Must be my bullets.
  13. My next step would be trying .400 sized bullets.
  14. So which one are you selling me?