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  1. We just need more 12 target arrays!
  2. I use a blade tech OWB for my 2011's.
  3. Y'all are nerds.
  4. I've got a NEF 45/70 you can borrow... single shot, so you'll be used to it. You've got to provide your own ammo though.
  5. Is your single shot 1911 broken?
  6. @L10tootielynn Send money now if you got the "thanks for registering email" or wait to be approved?
  7. It took at least an hour to fill up last year.
  8. In. Sold out in less than 5 minutes... gotta be a record.
  9. My new blue label Glock 34 MOS has a legit 7# trigger.
  10. They changed the way it's done recently. I believe for l2 matches, if a division has 50 shooters and 3 gm's that finish at 90+%, it automatically gets pulled into the system as a classifier. Otherwise, it's not a classifier. Edit to add: production is the only division that met the current criteria for the 2016 match.
  11. Ben has a grid of what he considers to be "GM" times for various drills and/or manipulations at various distances in his "Skills & Drills" book.
  12. I just switched to kydex for my limited gun two weeks ago. Yesterday this happened twice with my SV. Rough count, it cost me 7-8 seconds each time and cost me a division win. I spent last night with a dremel relieving the holster pouch because I don't think removing the extended button is an option on my gun.
  13. It could be worse than a plain ol guide rod.... ever seen a STI recoil master?
  14. My SV that cost twice what your CK did has a plain ol guide rod. It's always a gamble buying a high dollar gun sight unseen. Every body puts out a lemon now and again.