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  1. HI,


    Keith here with the mags. I can do Paypal if you like.




  2. Currently using HS-6 and thinking of new powders as reserve of HS-6 runs low and need to reorder powder... Should I be considering - Auto Comp - CFE - 3N38 ??????
  3. Like other have mentioned - I would expect the gun smith to figure out the issues and fix BEFORE delivering the gun to you.... At least it is working....
  4. I would have to say if you are planning to shoot .40S&W limited, you should start reloading.... reloading with give you opportunity to build custom load for you and gun while making power factor.... If limited then .40S&W but if production then stick with 9mm....
  5. That would hurt for sure....
  6. Which clubs are you shooting at in MA?
  7. Glock 34 with some synthetic grease and no issues - approx. 200 rounds....
  8. Run it with the gear that you have and then you can figure out if money will go to gear for open or another shot gun and rifle.... 3 gunning is addicting and expensive.... For me, my simple 3 gun set up is - glock 34 - STAG Model 8 with C-more or Leupold CQT - FN SLP MK1
  9. Right handed and left eye dominant - I can close right eye with now problem... Lot of guys that I shoot with use the tape on the eye protection for the weak eye....
  10. You have to practice a lot and get fundamental down before first match..... Not that I am discouraging anyone but it is sometimes scary with new shooters that CHOOSE not to practice with a USPSA group before showing up to their first match.... EDIT: - Also, for first match, just take your time and get the accuracy.... Speed will come later....
  11. "Sling shot" with the weak hand... Usually use same technique for other jams that I encounter - FTF, etc.
  12. Warren/Sevigny - I always use fiber option on front... Rear sight is usually U-notch competition... Works for me....
  13. Customer :"I am looking for .357 magnum to shoot out off my SIG in .357 SIG.... I cannot find any .357 SIG ammo so someone told me to use .357 magnum" Guess for us shooters it is a numbers game
  14. Get the magazine.....
  15. Yeap, exactly what I was thinking...