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  1. Very nice, one of these days i'm going to prize my pocket book open and get a set of steel targets.
  2. It may be a good deal but I'm just a doofus who will most likely never shoot an AP match but would like to practice shooting a moving target. No offense intended.
  3. Yikes, $6,000. If the op comes up with a cheapish way to make one please post how.
  4. 115 grain Zero JHP, 4.00 grains N320.
  5. I like CBC brass just fine if it is sorted out. As mentioned above, it is thicker than others.
  6. Since the 115 factory loads work fine at least you know your new pistol is ok and you can feel good about it. I keep meaning to experiment with lighter recoil springs with my Glock 45 acp to try to get it to run with light loads. Good luck.
  7. I would shoot a few hundred rounds of the heavier loads and break it in a little before I started changing stuff around. Also, with that stumpy grip on the G26 you should be extra diligent about getting a firm grip.
  8. I haven't made any but If I definitely like the MGM style better where a hole in the plate hangs on a hook welded to the cap, as opposed to the ones with a welded bracket on the back of the plate.
  9. If somebody gave me 2,000 rounds of ammo I would go buy a pistol to shoot it up in if I had to. Shoot it up.
  10. I have used cheaper bullets for practice and didn't have any problems. In my case the plated bullets were loaded with the exact same charge and die settings as the JHP bullets. Only $30ish a thousand cheaper. The plated would have been nearly (and occasionally were) as good as the more expensive jacketed bullets but the premium bullets give me a little extra confidence for matches.
  11. I use 23.2 grains XBR 8208 with 69 and 77 grain SMKs. Both loads hammer in my WOA service rifle.
  12. This is the one I use for a G43, I like it a lot.
  13. The small crew that runs the monthly match I shoot should be getting paid. I'm not a member of the club, have no idea how the finances work.
  14. I could agree with the ringing part but then you have deaf ROs. What I have found aggravating in the past is somebody finding a gray speck on the edge, that looks like it could be a gnat turd, and trying to argue it was a hit. Zack should come up with an integrated scoring system. Wire the targets to record hits, timer automatically puts the time into practiscore while accounting for misses.
  15. Transit is the word you are looking for. : ) Target height could be set very close with a $20 hand held sight level if the operator was properly trained in it's use.