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  1. I would go to Cajun gun works and buy their recoil spring pack. From memory 10 or 11lb was what I settled on. For the main spring their 8.5lb combined with their extended firing pin and light firing pin spring will light off federal. The 11lb main spring with the same extended fp and light fp spring will light off factory too.
  2. I had it backwards. the 357/303 is the one you want (it's the 1.55v silver oxide battery). the A76/LR44 is the cheaper 1.5v version. Two of the 1.55v stacked together give a nice boost over a regular 3v (that quite often don't measure a true 3v even new out of the packet).
  3. hmm, mine is nice and tight. I guess that's one benefit of using the 360 cutter and then walking it over a little at a time to widen the cut. We got a very tight, but smooth fit. I have 2 CK's now with the same racker and one is very tight (quite hard to remove the racker) and the other is about the same as my SV. I'm guessing a small variance in the dovetail cutters is responsible for that.
  4. the old polymer SV grips ARE sti grips just with the STI logo removed and SV emblems stuck on (look in the back and you'll see 'strayer Tripp international' written over and over down where the MSH goes (under the sear spring). it could just be a gap because basically all the 2011s are designed to run some kind of mag well.
  5. turbor has been discontinued so you may find a run out bargain. I seem to remember someone posted recently they picked up a new one for around $2K as a run out deal.
  6. there are different shapes of JHP. hornady HAP and Zero's are like a conical JHP. some others (MG perhaps?) are more like a round nose JHP. If you have feeding issues with the conical shaped JHP's try the RN shaped ones.
  7. Sweet rig. Love the cuts and the colour. Is it island barrel or regular barrel? Hard to tell from the pics.
  8. The best ones are the 1.55v (a76 I think?) stacked together. They give a noticeable boost in brightness.
  9. I can't see a problem using an ar pistol without a front hand guard and grip is using the pistol grip and weak hand on the magwell. The issue sue is the holster will be ridiculous and shooting a rifle without a stock might be fun but dudes with 'normal' pistols will be smoking you. Especially on stage and shoot stuff/classifiers. Imagine trying to run a quick el prez with your 4lb hand rifle...
  10. The problem is from time to time there are win primers with out of spec cups that are not quite round. These oval cups cause issues in primer feeders and on the press. I now just use fed and cannot remember the last time I had a primer issue (spp and srp).
  11. Eric means is the slide touching the rear of the comp at the top and therefore pushing it down a little. Make sure there's clearance between comp and slide when it's in battery.
  12. Two uppers on one frame isn't always ideal. You want the frame and slide to fit together nicely and with 2 slides you may get some uneven wear. Plenty of people do it with success but I agree a second gun is the better option for not much extra $.
  13. Both locking screws are on the right. Both take Allen keys (different sizes). Windage is also on the right (screw driver) and elevation on top (also screw driver).
  14. ATF rules have zero to do with uspsa divisional rules...