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  1. 17lb hammer spring is pretty safe. 15 works for me too but I like a bit more pressure on the hammer.
  2. The steel grip does make it a apples/oranges comparison though. CK do offer a stippled plastic grip (same as DVC) and that model costs within about $50 of a DVC (price of both guns at same supplier). I agree the test firing thing as a a reason for your malfunctions isn't exactly kosher. I tend to wonder actually sometimes whether all guns are test fired or not. To the point in your later post about providing load data. Even though you clearly won't be loading 9 major there are still a massive range of loads for 9mm. consider factory loads which come with everything from 115gn to 147gn with shapes from RN FMJ, HP and a range of OAL. Then we have handholds where some go as light as 90gn for steel challenge and in USPSA some shoot 160gn or even bigger in 9mm minor. coated lead, jacketed, plated, different brass. powder from super fast to medium burn rates. loads from 100PF right up to 140pf or possibly more in a 'self defence' load. OAL's from as short as 1.080 right out to 1.165 or more. I'm not sure if SVI actually provide a load but I do know they recommend people use 3N38 in their IMM open guns. I think the variety of loads is probably a lot to do with why some people get a gun from a builder that runs from shot #1 and others need some tuning/adjustment. Sometimes there truly IS some problem with a component on the gun (ejector, extractor are pretty common issues that need attention). I completely agree the gun SHOULD run (but it's hard to guarantee it will with all loads) and that if it doesn't run with your particular load the builder needs to make it run. That is most definitely within scope.
  3. Looks to me like the gr is caught against the comp stopping it moving back. If you can: try and push the barrel back down into the slide. You may have to push the guiderod forward a little as you do it. Once the barrel is back in the slide properly the guide rod should be free. Then an you can stick a paperc lip in the hole in the gr then remove the gr. remove the reverse plug. Then pull the barrel out through the front of the slide. Youre not the first to get stuck!
  4. If you want to know for sure take those 20 'duds' to the range and get someone with a 1911 or 2011 to shoot them. Btw cci are towards the harder end of the primer hardness scale. I also think it was weak strike from the gun for whatever reason (dirt, weak spring, timing, etc).
  5. Personally I'd go for the Lyman 1200 tumbler. It has a slotted lid so you don't need a media separator (saves some $) also it comes with media (Lyman green corncob) that will last you about a year. I messed around with walnut etc too. The Lyman media is amazing. No need to add anything to it. The lyman is $55 at cabelas but then you are sorted for: tumbler media for 12mths (or around 10-15,000 cases) media separator (just add a bucket) by the time you buy cheapo tumbler, walnut, polish, separator you'll be up more than that and the Lyman does an amazing job.
  6. Agree with that wholeheartedly. Ammobot is in fact trying to patent their whole auto drive. Though they claim the case ejection is patented it doesn't show up in any patent search I've done (it's possible it's there as searching is a bit of a dark art). In their main patent your case extraction video is cited as potential prior art.
  7. In an ideal world I agree. A gun for $3k should not have any issues. But as I said you have to judge this stuff by comparing to its peers. In this case that's competition 2011s. An sti DVc is basically the same price (within $50) and from what Ive personally seen many have way more serious issues than this. So do 2011s from other makers in this price range. If you go up the scale to sv it gets better but they are not immune either. I know personally of a few guys whose new sv's had to go back. I totally agree it should come ready to rock.
  8. Never have to reload again! Think of the savings!!!
  9. I can only back up what the others said. Get a 'conventional' 2011 open gun. Given your hand issues and lack of reloading id go for a 9mm trubor or similar and set it up to run factory 115gn minor. Winchester white box fmjs should make minor and though not really working the comp they will be soft to shoot. A 9mm 2011 open with 6lb spring should run 115gn factory no prob. Just make sure it's up around 1150fps to ensure you make minor. A's are still 5 points and misses still cost you minus 10. So while minor is a disadvantage shooting a costa or some 40 I think is worse.
  10. Yeah you can bend stainless rackers. Its just harder. Chuck it in a vise, heat and bend.
  11. Yeah 550 I feel is the press for the guy with 5+ caliber and just one press. But for someone loading 1-5 calibers and mainly loading big volume of 1 or 2 the 650 is ideal. The 550 for me has a few deal breakers for any volume. No auto index - I want an auto rotating shell plate. It's a safety thing and speed thing. Not desiged to be case fed. Yes they sell an add on but the press is really desiged to be hand fed. That's a big no no for me. 4 station means it's not designed to be bullet fed either as bf on 550 means seat and crimp in one which sucks. De-primer/primer system. I hate the Rube Goldberg type primer system which deprimes and primes at the same station with that little contraption that holds and the releases spent primers. So the 550 has a place but bulk loading is not its forte.
  12. I dunno. RT is an sv man of old. Ck are great but they're not sv... fortunately they're not sv money either. I still think they fill a niche in the market pretty well. Those who want custom gun quality parts and features but don't mind it not being a one off and perhaps lacking some of the small attention to detail. Anyone can see ck hit a winning formula as they have sold tons of them. To be honest trace I'd take a good look at an atlas titan or chaos (assuming you want a 2011 for either ltd or open). I've not even shot an atlas but it seems there 'semi-custom' line is a step up again from the ck semi customs. The price is a step up too but it looks like you get a nice boost in attention to detail etc for that extra $$. I think atlas will pull quite a few guys who were looking at a ck or blinged up sti. The downside is longer wait time and more $ so there's always a trade off.
  13. Well yeah one of the forum rules is basically no negative stories/complaints etc. I presume it's to protect the owner from litigious types... i stil think mainly your expectations were not in line with what the product offers or you just have plain buyers remorse. Ive had some small issues with both of my ck's too. Do I wish they weren't there? Yes. Do I think ck should have taken a little more care on certain aspects of qc? Hell yeah I do. But I accept the product for what it is. And it doesn't have any meaningful affect on my enjoyment of the product. I am by no means a fan boy and I can recognise the limitations of the product. But I don't judge it in a vacuum. I compare it to its peers/competitors and in that light i think it stands up pretty well. Ck will likely address your guiderod tool marks and the ejection issue. You can do that without shipping the whole gun. They can ship you a tuned ejector and polished guiderod which would be an easy option on their part. The finish issue to my mind is just a mismatched expectation on your part so there's no real fix for that. Hopefully from there you can enjoy the gun, or just sell it. You shouldn't be forced to keep a toy you don't like.
  14. Broski I know money is tight but loading 9 major it's nice to be able to use things like the lee u-die. You can't do that with the square deal. If you can stretch to $609 I'd go that way and get the 650. All youll need to add are 9mm dies which are $40 for a set of lee dies. It comes with everything else ready to go. The 650 has many advantages over the sdb and over the 550 it has a couple of important benefits too. 5th station. This is a biggie and is not something you can later add to a 550 or sdb. It allows flexibility to do things like: progressively size with regular sizer then u die in station 2. Run a powder check. Run a bullet feeder. Seat and crimp separately with other combos of powder check etc. Much more flexible with the 5th station. You dont need the strong mount (in fact I prefer it better without). As you go you can add things like roller handle, case collator etc as funds permit. But the base model 650 with a set of lee dies will get you going for little money. The press doesn't come come with the brass collator but it does come with the case feed parts so you can just drop brass into the tube which is already faster than having to feed them into the shell plate. Some people rig up extra tubes so they can prefil them before loading even. I think it's worth spending the extra if you can.
  15. Btw a ck thunder at ssi or sc is $2850. An sti DVC limited is $2799 (on special). With some of the crazy stuff I've seen on dvc's the $50 premium seems pretty reasonable.