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  1. I may have misread. trolling through patent searches is bad enough when I'm doing it for work. this was a passing interest so I'm willing to take your word for it. Having re-read my post I can see it sounds a bit negative. I didn't mean to pooh pooh your product. I was just thinking out loud. I didn't understand why you'd bother to patent? As I pointed out it won't sew up the 1050 automation market the way it's written. I guess my point was why patent at all? Just do what you guys do: make and sell press automation. I think you guys have a fairly sound product that sits at a price point that makes it an attractive option for many. With so much prior art in reloading press automation space I just wouldn't bother with trying to protect my IP that way. I do wish you guys all the best.
  2. they look really nice. good job.
  3. I wonder why they bothered? mk7 already have their patent (and an earlier priority date) and this particular patent is easily worked around. Given it's not going to deliver them exclusivity over the 1050 automation market I wonder why they'd bother? They certainly didn't invent 1050 automation, nor even 1050 chain driven automation. They may be the only firm doing 1050 automation where the lever is retained but most people just wonder 'why?'.
  4. That's a shame. I didn't like their collator system (having to change rings for different bullet types is a hassle) but I did like the idea of placing and seating the bullet in the one station thus allowing 1050 and 650's to not loose a station to bullet placement. I chose a mr BF for the collator but having competition in the market is always a good thing so I'm sad to see them go.
  5. agree. I don't think the 'hand gunner' is that great. I like the GPS tactical range bag. I've used it travelling overseas to matches. use it as my carry on bag (with no gun stuff in it obviously) then use it at the range at the match. it's a great 'travel' and range backpack.
  6. The CR speed is a great holster but does not have a 'positive' lock. it just puts more tension on when locked. this means you can remove the gun even when 'locked'. in the daa you would have to break the holster or the trigger guard for the gun to come out while locked. I want my lock to be secure. I don't want my gun hitting the deck if someone bumps me while pasting etc.
  7. I wouldn't recommend that in a 2011. in a tanfoflio/cz sure, but in a 2011 if you remove the overtravel stop you may get too much travel. it can cause issues if the trigger bow is hitting the grip safety, over working the leaf spring etc. just wind it out a bit to ensure there is sufficient travel past the break.
  8. the CK C/P cut has the lissner radius on it too. in fact most people now doing the C/P frames and barrels are really the L/C/P cut they just call it C/P.
  9. it looks like it may be a cone comp. interesting gun. my only concern would be slide as those cuts basically go right across the top with little meat left in the middle. otherwise it's a 2011 with a decent comp and accurails. not much has really changed in 2011's since the 90s. a few small parts and niceties but nothing major. no reason it couldn't be a competitive gun. I agree I'd suggest see if you can handle it and shoot it before deciding. I think it's pretty good value.
  10. I switched from a 90 cmore to RTS2 for 2 reasons. one was the thumb crowding on the left of the gun became annoying an second reason was the crappy zeroing method with slide rides just bending the plastic 'hinge' not giving very precise or repeatable adjustment. I would say dot height from lowest to highest is: 90 cmore, RTS2, DPP, upright cmore. with mounts being equal the DPP will be a little higher as it's body is thicker. the caveat is that some mounts are taller or shorter than others AND this will also be affected by the hole position in your frame. some are drilled slightly higher or lower. My switch from 90 cmore to upright RTS2 was painless. I don't notice any height increase at all. I have one RTS2 in 8MOA and one in 6MOA and trying to decide which I like most before I buy 2 more of them. I 'thought' I preferred the 8 Moa but the 6 is growing on me. One other thing I found. I regularly see the Cmore slide ride lease size quoted as 29mm diameter. I measured one and the actual glass diameter is more like 26mm. The bezel may be 29mm but the glass is not. So the lens size reduction is not as big as you might think.
  11. I would go double stack. I prefer the double stack mags and the grip. It also gives you the ability to late change grip options between plastic, aluminium, steel, titanium and grip shape, reduction, stipple, silicone carbide, build it up etc. I would go with a 4.5inch gun. probably not a ported barrel but a comp (like aircooledracers for example). Bull barrel Heavily cut up slide trip top, windows in the side cut the crap out of the rear like the M2i gun pictured above. get the slide down around 8oz. I think you could get it even lighter. My SVI mid length major PF gun is 8.2oz and still has meat that could be removed in the rear. One way to get it light is sleeve the barrel (or run one of the 'full profile' bull barrels that don't taper). to fit that you need to tunnel bore the slide out to 0.70 (or whatever the particular barrel diameter is) and that removes more weight. I'd probably even run an aluminium comp (or titanium) to keep it fast to point. all the usual tricks, profiled firing pin stop, beveled leading edge of the breach face etc etc to get it running nice and smoothly with low powered loads.
  12. you can tune the 650 so that no powder spills. I have gone up as high as 10.4gn of 3N38 in 38 super with no powder spill and no need to slow down. the key is: roller bearing with a washer on top under the shell plate bolt head cut 1/2 coil from detent ball spring use delrin detent ball spend time tuning the shell plate bolt tension to be juuuuust right. it does take 5-10 min to get a shell plate that still moves freely but has no jerk when indexing. yes N105 fills the case too. it's a good thing.
  13. Start at 9.5gn of n105 with a 124gn rn @ 1.240 oal. Work up from there.
  14. The lisner improved c/p cut is my preference. As above check what cut your preferred barrel option is available with.
  15. I can't believe they blued a high end limited run gun when the 'stock' version of that model is hard chrome with tin barrel?!? the two tone looks bizarre. They put black controls on it then slapped on a silver magwell? Looks like a parts bin special. It's a shame as I like to concept but it would look awesome with all black parts and gold barrel or hard chrome with silver parts and black barrel. Another missed opportunity...