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  1. 8 MOA Cmore I typically run all glock magazines in my JP but I have used some KCI mags without issues.
  2. I run that exact "flag" in my shotgun for 3-gun, I love it.
  3. I use the UTG Chamber flags, its like 12$ on amazon for 6. Cheap and effective.
  4. Are yall really shooting stages that have a round count anywhere near 60? I thought my 33 rnd with the TF extension was overkill.LOL
  5. I personally would think so, I would rather have it built in than attaching something to make it side charging.
  6. I have always had a question about this- PCC is now a division of USPSA right? If you are paying match fees for a sanctioned uspsa event how can they dictate what divisions are allowed and not allowed. If its a official division and you are shooting a USPSA match shouldn't all divisions be allowed?
  7. The only downside to SBR would be if you shoot matches out of state. While I am not the most versed on the laws regarding it don't you have to file paperwork while transporting a nfa item to another state?
  8. I have a Dawson CRP edge that I might be thinking about getting rid of. Shot PCC for the first time and not sure how much my limited gun will get used next year now.
  9. Its to prevent over insertion of the magazine
  10. We have a club around me that wont let PCC shoot there because he doesn't know enough about it and the pressures created with a PCC
  11. I don't think the holes provide significant weight reduction or were intended for that purpose so I don't see why they would be illegal.
  12. JP- GMR-13- Why bother building when you can just buy a JP
  13. Ill address one part of the question regarding the thermal dissipator- don't bother. I highly doubt you will be shooting the gun fast enough to notice any difference.