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  1. Go to results page and see if the match is listed. If it is and it doesn't have a notice about the activity fee needing to be paid then you will earn your classification on Wednesday.
  2. Unless she's recently had a birthday Venice Oliver completed the US Steel Nationals over the weekend shooting RFPO and RFRO and she's 6 years old.
  3. I will clarify that the aiming flag should be centered in front of the box. The height of it really doesn't warrant any discussion, IMO. People aim at the general direction of the flag/post. As long as everyone shooting that match has the same thing to aim at it's good to go. Next thing you know someone will say the aiming flag has to be set using a transit.
  4. I use a 2x4 painted red. I put in a spare stand.
  5. Contact Troy ( If anyone has any data to share it would be him.
  6. Although the rules say the aiming point is 2' high I've seen everything from spots on the ground up to 2+ feet tall markers used. With the new wording the MD's have some flexibility and don't have to have a flag exactly 2' high. Showdown was a clarification for how many strings you could shoot before moving to the other box and by putting a flag in front of each box we are consistent across all 8 stages now.
  7. Eventually PS web will generate the report so there is no need for Eugene to add it. In a perfect word you could upload results to PractiScore and then they would be automatically sent to USPSA/SCSA as needed. Without question PractiScore is a game changer for our sport.
  8. Depends on the arrangement between the MD and club. For example at mine all income, less expenses, is turned into the club. At CMP range they collect a per competitor fee for use of the range. The remaining money goes to the MD.
  9. I'm thinking you would need some deep pockets to pull that off. Things are picking up, nation wide, and I know Mike and the BoD are very pleased with the progress that's being made.
  10. That would be a question for the range.
  11. I have no idea what USPSA paid for it nor do I have any idea how much they would want for it. You could buy WSSC match if you were interested though.
  12. This was published in the Down Range email today and we'll get the official rulings posted on the SCSA web site soon. MD's at all match levels should implement these rulings at your next match.
  13. Only if you want to re-key every score for every competitor. EzSteel lacks the ability to import scores.
  14. if you have troubles once you get it on an iOS device contact me at zack at uspsa dot org and I'll help.
  15. Let me touch bases with Troy and see what he's leaning towards for SC RO training. I know he had a conference with the RMI staff recently and perhaps this was a topic at that conference.