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  1. Love the bullet. Don't like the coating. It does smoke more than other alternatives. WST worked very well for me with them.
  2. Loosen the powder measure screws and rotate the entire measure slightly. Tighten the screws and see if that fixes it. If it feels worse, go the other way and try again. It could actually be the failsafe rod binding up with the rod guide bracket and/or the two bell crank parts. Hope I made sense.
  3. $90 is a ~K bullets. Nothing to sneeze at IMO.
  4. Many were enlarging the mag catch hole upwards on the new style SV mags so they could seat it in non SV frames. This basically makes the mag sit lower so you wouldn't have the interference issue. Now, whether that is the correct way to make the new style SV mags work is a different question. I got a couple of the new SV mags for practice only (this was before MBX and now STI came out with their new mags) and enlarged the mag catch hole. They work without a hitch. I honestly don't know about the Dawson mag release. If I were you, I might consider filing down your existing mag release very slightly.
  5. Exactly. The only real force the ejector should be subject to is longitudinal with only the empty brass rim hitting it. Just go slow and remove material only where you need to.
  6. Before changing out the mag release, I would relieve the underside of the ejector until neither the case or the magazine lip touches it. Just conjecture but it could be the round pushing up and out on the bottom of the ejector as it's being stripped from the magazine. Hope that made sense. Regardless of the bending issue, there should be some daylight between the ejector and the mag lips/ammo.
  7. Have you tried putting a loaded mag and checking for clearance? It could be the case hitting the ejector.
  8. I've used both. No issues with either.
  9. They are great bullets. Very consistent and very accurate. Price is competitive/reasonable. I've shot 9mm 125 and 147, and the .40's in 155 and 185 grain. Absolutely no fouling that won't come with a few passes with a nylon bore brush. No scrubbing or solvent required. The only drawback is that they smoke more (including the new Gen 2 coating) than the other brands, which is why I don't use them. There are other brands that are just as accurate that smoke noticeably less.
  10. WST strictly based on accuracy. Its the most accurate powder in both 9mm and .40 in every single one of my pistols. (Others I've tried: N320, Solo1000, titegroup, e3, clays, Prima V.)
  11. If you're shooting 9mm or .45, that's getting into Dan Wesson territory. PM9 is $1380 on GB all day. Although you can still find some Trojans on GB for $1200, at $1500 MSRP, street price is going to be around $1350. I'd take the DW. Easy choice IMHO.
  12. I had a similar issue with an older build last year. This was on a dovetail sight. I put 5 very small dimples with some green loctite and it worked out great.
  13. Have you thought about taking a small center punch and putting a couple of dimples in the bottom of the sight?
  14. I'm thinking the same thing. I'd get a 10 and 11 lb recoil spring and a 17 lb mainspring and test them out. The weight of the mainspring will also affect how the slide cycles.
  15. Just heard back from Blade-tech and they don't make a holster for this model.