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  1. Just bumping this up to congratulate @racerwong on his extremely rapid growth in USPSA. He placed 2nd overall in our local match tonight out of 25 shooters, even beating out several A-class shooters. Not bad for 8 weeks since his very first match.
  2. Most safariland stuff is actually geared toward the old line of Docter optics. And often need a little bit of opening with a Dremel and a sanding drum anyway. What gun/optic do you have? You might have some options
  3. Safariland has just released a whole new line of optic-compatible holsters. There are also a variety of other similar ones that will likely work as long as you're using a common (i.e. Glock) platform.
  4. You need to remove at least 4.5 oz of weight. The only way would be to remove significant chunks of metal from every possible area (shortened dust cover, lightening cuts in the slide, etc), but that would bump it to Open due to external mods.
  5. After seeing someone get DQ'ed when their rifle sling caught the butt of their pistol and lifted it up and out of the holster, I went out and got a Safariland ALS holster for my 3-gun pistol. I like having the retention and the added delay for depressing the button is negligible. Only about .2 seconds. It certainly won't make a difference in my rankings
  6. My vote would be to run your duty gear in Limited Minor for the time being. There is no point in training yourself to drop mags at 8-10 rounds fired when you normally have 17+1 on tap. Your duty gear shouldn't make more than a 0.5 second difference in stage time. I have a Level 1 holster for USPSA and a Safariland retention holster for 3 gun. My draw and fire times with each holster are 1.0 and 1.2 seconds, respectively. And if you reaaaaally want to game it, tuck the mag pouch flaps behind your mags so you have an unimpeded draw.
  7. New app from DAA. Currently for iOS (boo!) but apparently an Android version is in the works. No concrete info on an ETA though. This appears to have a number of features that make it superior to Max's ShotCoach app. I don't have an iOS device any more so I have no way to test it out though. Link:
  8. I'm not sure what I'm looking at. Is that a ShokBuff and an AlumaBuff sandwiched together?
  9. There's a big difference in your goals for competition vs carry. IMO, trying to bridge the gap and make it good for both pursuits will really just make it the worst of both worlds. A proper trigger weight for carry will slow you down in competition compared to what you "could" tune the trigger to. A slicked up 3lbs competition trigger is a little touchy (in my opinion) for defensive use and I likely wouldn't carry it. Others may disagree, but I don't like having a 3lbs trigger in my pants pointing at my femoral artery. I'm also in MD. I have a P-01 for carry if you ever want to take it for a spin.
  10. I really enjoyed this. Thank you.
  11. Mute = silent. You're looking for moot.
  12. I can't comment on the rules, but I can comment on the mechanics and manual of arms for DA/SA pistols. On CZs, the decocker drops the hammer to half cock. It doesn't quite fully drop all the way to the frame. However, on Sigs (at least the Sigs I've handled) decocking drops the hammer all the way to the frame.
  13. OP you said "shoots over a barrel" which is pretty vague. Everyone here (myself included) thought you were saying that he was shooting ABOVE the barrel (I assumed he was really tall). You should probably have said something like "shooter knocked over a barrel." I think everyone has figured out your question though.
  14. I would be annoyed to have cables running everywhere while I'm trying to draw, perform reloads, etc. Then again, there have been times where I've wanted to dryfire but haven't been able to due to the noise of the buzzer. This has the potential to be a good idea. Ideally - bluetooth integration, so no phone cables. But there would be a problem with latency (e.g. delay) between the timer issuing the buzz to the sound finally playing through your headphones. Probably about 1/4 second.
  15. I might have agreed with you if he didn't post 3 separate times with more and more info. Once was enough, no?