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  1. What is that comp made of? I have reamers that I could loan you. Definately have a couple nearly new .375" but coming up .010" in titanium would be tough by hand.
  2. What is the website? Not coming up in search.
  3. I got my TS in on Thursday last week and am impressed with the trigger. I see no reason not to run it stock for awhile and see what normal usage brings it to.
  4. North Central Illinois Custom Kydex. S&W M&P 2.0 5" 9mm with a Burris FFIII.
  5. It was made after the last printing of the rule book. If I recall correctly, the change to .357sig for major blocked up another equipment rule change that the board wanted to enact within the 2 year limit. I think it was the idea of moving the holster distance limit to 3.125". But don't take my word for that being the change.
  6. .357 Sig is a major caliber for limited.
  7. +3 on the S&S. Most consistant coating of any of the brands that I have tried.
  8. I was unaware that mixing and matching still got the discount pricing. That makes things easier.
  9. Any discount codes for Benos members? Getting ready for a large basepad order and checking before I submit.
  10. I haven't shot CO yet but plan to this month. I bought a M&P 5" 2.0 and put a Burris on it. A couple TF brass agwells and I'm ready to try it out.
  11. There is a dealer here in town that has one in stock.  They are good people, I bought my Dillion 650's from them. And their price for it is pretty darn good.  Hope this helps you.  http://www.armslist.com/posts/6707248/denver-colorado-handguns-for-sale--eaa-witness-elite-match---40-sw


  12. I just ordered one of the U dies and a Lee factory crimp die. Both on sale for $17.99. Thanks for the info.
  13. Thanks for the rundown. I'm looking at a used one that has some stuff done to it already. As I read it, a magwell is not possible on the Match frame?
  14. Where does the Witness Match guns fit in the Tanfo lineup for quality? Seems like alot of talk about the Stock and Limited series but not so much on the Match line of pistols.
  15. Right out of the box? No work needed?