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  1. I bought a Burris branded one from a seller on ebay.
  2. I run a #12 in my Lim Pro but it only does Fed reliably. If I go to #13 I can get away with S&B and Win. I love finding reloading supplies I forgot I bought. Most recently was a jug of Titegroup. I've never loaded anything with it but for some reason an 8lber appeared in the back of the closet.
  3. I send a request about once a week to Magpul for a D60 mag in 9mm. If they could get a 60 round drum for $100 it would definately sell.
  4. Checking all my usual spots and I can't find who carries a dovetail optic mount for my new 2.0. I had one for my other M&P before I went with a Carver frame mount.. Haven't 100% decided on optic yet.
  5. Make mine green. When are orders going to be taken?. What is the price for aluminum going to be?
  6. I do have some deer stands that I don't want to hit so we stay away from shooting in that direction. Maybe one day I'll ad a side berm. I must say that while I am a member of a club where I can go shoot anytime I want having my own place is way better. I can leave my steel setup and just show up and shoot.
  7. My range has no berm but I shoot from an elevated level and have all of my steel set so I fire level or slightly down. Field rises up gradually and nearest thing in the direction we shoot is over a mile away. When the fields are down I can see where my bullets are impacting in the dirt. When we shoot rifles I can get back 600 yards and be shooting into a berm across the field against the timber line.
  8. I think it looks great. How difficult is the cerakote process? I've been thinking about buying a kit.
  9. Yes.. Backpack is very rigid with or without foam. I'm concerned about the compartment above and putting too much weight in it.. It is labeled for ear protection but I don't wear muffs so I was going to put ammo there..
  10. I'm waiting for LOK to come out with some palm swells. I have a set on my SP-01 that makes that gun feel better than my Lim Pro. I just wish they would hurry up so I can put the EGW grips aside.
  11. Where did you get the dovetail mount?
  12. Might have to go that route. I don't see where anyone is offering green.
  13. Looking for green +0 basepads for my SP01. Tried Springer, Stoeger and TTI. Either not a color option or TTI doesn't have a +0 option. I've got a color theme going with pouches and grips.
  14. I'll probably go with a set of 6" plates off ebay. Don't know if the DOM tubes that come with some are worth the extra money that come with some sets. I'll be putting mine in concrete as it will be a permanent fixture on my range.
  15. With the foam in and that holding my pistols for a match, I'd have to take the whole bag to the safe area to gun up. That seems like a bit of a hassle.