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  1. Mine doesn't. Straight up and down.
  2. Also helps the mag drop from the gun faster.
  3. I see what is holding you back from GM. You've got the gun on the wrong side.
  4. What does one of those cost? Will it make weight?
  5. I've been shooting my Lim Pro for several months now and am getting pretty comfortable with the switch. Today I was at the range and was going between my new SP-01 and the Lim Pro for a couple hundred rounds. Decided to shoot my XDM for a couple mags and gun felt like I was trying to hold onto a bucking bull. The XDM is a gun I've got about 20k rounds through and before starting to switch over was very comfortable with. The XDM was a gun that I was thinking about turning into a CO rig but now I'm questioning even keeping the gun.
  6. Aside from the whole ATF arguement, we can all agree that an AR that is chambered in 9mm and does not have a stock and a barrel of less than 16" would be classified as a pistol.. Since only pistols are allowed in Open division we have cleared that hurdle.. The issue at hand is whether a handguard is also a foregrip. If we say that the handguard is a foregrip then the rules don't have anything about where the magazine has to be inserted.. If we take that conclusion to an end then if a person runs an AR pistol with no handguard they could gain support from the weak hand by holding in front of the trigger guard. A pistol shooter is allowed put their finger in front of the trigger guard to gain support. If a handguard is not a foregrip then I don't see any issue of a 9mm AR pistol being legal in Open division as the rules currently are written.
  7. Definately a semantics issue there. Now I'm not 100% on the foregrip/handguard thing.
  8. I wouldn't be touching my shoulder with the gun and a handguard is not a foregrip. I don't think 5.1.10 applies.
  9. Because??? I really don't know why.
  10. If I get a legal holster made for a AR platform 9mm pistol, can I shoot it in open?. I don't see a restriction on size of pistol or weight.
  11. Everytime I shoot PCC I take off the handgun. I don't think I've seen anyone shoot while having their pistol on. I haven't asked about the rule but I figure that I want to take the weight off and I don't want to take the chance of dislodging my handgun with the PCC.
  12. Doesn't really need a rule to cover the unloaded gun with nobody down range. You took your gun out of the holster without direction of the RO. Automatic DQ regardless of any other circumstance.. Unloaded table starts are probably the second or third leading cause of DQ behind 180 and AD.
  13. I'm running Ghost pouches on all my rigs. Very good adjustable retention.
  14. If I keep my Lim Pro I'll be in the market for a new holster.. I have a Bladetech now that seems to either be way too sloppy or too tight. Can't seem to find a good middle ground. Really doesn't have good definition and that might be some of the problem.