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  1. You're not relaxed. It is a conscience thing that you need to remind yourself not to do. Stand up straight and breath. My bet is your also holing your breath while your actually shooting.
  2. That looks like no fun and lazy for stage design. I'd be pissed if I drove to match, packed all my gear and shot 4 rounds all night. Might just start shooting no-shoots to liven things up.
  3. That's the kind of opinion I'm looking for. I love my Lim Pro for Production but would rather spend on mags than must have trigger parts.
  4. I'm trying to figure out if I can buy a Tanfo and just shoot it. The CZ TS I got is very shootable stock. I'll eventually put in a metal trigger. I don't want a $1200 new gun that has to have $300 in upgrades immediately. I might just be better off buying another CZ TS but I like variety.
  5. I recently picked up a CZ TS and love the trigger. Thinking about staying in Limited for awhile and would want a backup gun. Shooting Tanfo in Production I seem to prefer the ergos on the Tanfo/CZ guns. How does the trigger on a Limited compare to the CZ TS? Not looking for another multi-hundred dollar upgrade project just to be shootable.
  6. 13/32" is .343. You'll be undersize unless you are counting on drilling oversize due to chuck wobble and trying to do it by hand.
  7. Extra grip and a little added weight to get the mag to drop. Plus you can color code and have your mags numbered.
  8. Handgunner has a solid base in top compartment and in the pistol compartment. I put 3-4 hundred rounds in the top for a match.
  9. If you really want to shoot a 9mm bullet at major PF, just get a .357 Sig. Don't see the need for another division. We have 5 out of 8 of our divisions with minor/major scoring. Shoot minor and get more ammo capacity or shoot major and get better points. It is really that simple.
  10. Can't believe this discussion is still going. Shoot whatever you want and adjust to the scoring. This discussion is like a guy who wants to get into motorcross and buys a bmx bike. Shows up to the race and complains that the rules should be changed because he can't keep up.
  11. If the OP is at $2200 for a TSO vs. $1000 for a TS, that $1200 goes a long way to upgrading. I don't think my TS needs any trigger work. Mine breaks at 1.6-1.7lb and has no overtravel with the screw adjustment. I may at some point lighten the slide on mine. The fixed rear sight makes a pretty good slide racker.
  12. No experience with the TSO. Last month I bought a TS from a member here. Great trigger with very good accuracy. I've run it in one match so far. Only thing I have done so far is added some SP mag extensions, put on a left side wide safety and changed grips to some Scales 2.0.
  13. I have a PSA upper 4" with 6" handguard upper. PSA lower with Timney 3lb trigger, KAK Industries parts kit and a Shockwave. Magpul grip stop to keep hand from going too far forward. Put a cheap reddot on it. Sweet little setup.
  14. We have a local shooter that worked hard to make GM in PCC. Now he says he is ready to move to a handgun and work on those skills. He has shot a handful od Production classifiers and is in the 40s%. He is going to CO and will have to avoid classifiers to maintain a "U" or shoot 4 classifiers and immediately become a "M" irregardless of his %.
  15. I put the star on loan to an indoor club for use in their weekly shoots. I am yet to get there to retrieve it. As far as I know everything is working well. I should have time in the next couole week to go get it. I used a simple plate with a piece of 1/2" rod welded to it to create a ramp over the plate. It mounts on a single bolt with a spring to create tension.