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  1. Johnny Glock competition trigger kits are fantastic. If you are looking for a flat trigger which I have come to love go look at Overwatch Precision. Adam
  2. I had that problem and it was causing my gun to have malfunctions. Went back to a Glock 17 sized guide and it worked fine.
  3. Does anyone notice with either the KKM or barsto a big shift in point of aim from the .40 to 9mm? Thanks, Adam
  4. When I shot for HK I used the VP9 in everything (IDPA, 3 Gun, USPSA). Had no problem keeping up with all the other guns. Now there a little more recoil then with a CZ/ Glock 34/ Beretta but nothing that didn't keep me winning. Adam
  5. Soooo go with the Atibal and leave the Strike Eagle 1-8 alone? Adam
  6. $1379 on shooters connection with $39 in shipping. So if the Beretta being offered for $1200 is actually shot little as described I can save $200.
  7. I have a chance to buy a WC Beretta with trigger job and mag guide for $1200. Basically brand new, decent deal?
  8. I guess I will be going with a KKM barrel.
  9. I guess I am going to have to give the Atibal a try.
  10. Do they seem to hold the same zero as the .40 barrel?
  11. Basically I am getting a Glock 35 totally done up by Overwatch Precision. I want to get a 9mm barrel to shoot 3 gun with it as well. What are the better conversion barrels out there. I here Lone Wolf isn't as good because they have tight chambers which don't like reloads all that much. Thanks, Adam
  12. Back up to see if anyone has any further information.
  13. Thanks for the replies!
  14. Just as the title says; how are the Faxon Gunner barrels? Thanks, Adam
  15. Check out Overwatch Precision. They have doing mods now and the flat trigger is awesome. Overwatchprecision.com