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  1. Are we talking about full mass or light weight carriers? I know some 2 gun matches don't allow lightweight carriers.
  2. I guess I will stick with the light contour. Thanks for all the responses.
  3. How are the JP ultralight barrels in the accuracy department? Especially after hosing targets and then having to shoot at a distance? Thanks, Adam
  4. Looking to possibly get into open and the Dissident Arms shotguns have caught my eye. I do have a question though. I am left eye dominant so i shoot my long guns on the left side. Are the Dissident Arms shotguns lefty friendly? I saw a video on the different controls and it seems like the mags release is only set up for right handed individuals. Thank, Adam
  5. So what I am seeing is the the recoil difference between the two is not worth the extra $600. Plus the price in mag difference as well.
  6. Returned as the Beretta M9A3.......
  7. I tried a buddies JP and that thing kick a lot for a 9mm. I shot the MPX right after and it recoil a lot less. I was wondering about the Scorpion because it is a LOT cheaper. Thanks, Adam
  8. How is the recoil difference between the CZ Scorpion and the Sig MBX. The CZ seems to have aftermarket parts coming along and the rifle itself is not that expensive compared to the Sig MBX. Thanks for the input. Thanks, Adam
  9. Got the KKM barrel in the mail. Now just waiting on the Glock 35 to come back from Overwatch Precision!
  10. Pistol: A custom 9mm double stack 2011 frame with rail for light Shotgun: Breda B12i Rifle: 16" Strong Side Tactical stretch barrel - SLR Adjustable gas block - RCA titanium bolt group - LWRC ambi lower - Timney trigger
  11. I have had great success with PMC out of any AR I have shot. We have a range with 600 yard 18 inch circle steel and I can easily hit it if I donny part.
  12. Went with the KKM conversion, thanks to all that replied. Now just waiting to get my 35 back from Overwatch Precision.
  13. Get anymore range time with it?
  14. Johnny Glock competition trigger kits are fantastic. If you are looking for a flat trigger which I have come to love go look at Overwatch Precision. Adam
  15. I had that problem and it was causing my gun to have malfunctions. Went back to a Glock 17 sized guide and it worked fine.