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  1. See this for removing the thumb safety: If you have an older SV they may also be secured with a small set screw.
  2. I use PVC tubing in the correct diameter, cheaper and you can cut them to the length you want. It makes the loading process a lot smoother and filing the tubes is pretty quick, you can do it while watching TV or something.
  3. The bluetooth module and the app are pretty nice but they are somewhat slow. You have to wait anywhere from 0.5s to 1.5 seconds between shots for the data to transfer to your phone/tablet. Does not seem like a big deal, but if you are used to just shooting over the chrono you may be missing shots.
  4. Call/mail Dillon with your address and they will send you some. You should have some spares on hand anyway since they tend to break after a few thousand rounds.
  5. http://cz-usa.com/product/cz-75-tactical-sport-9mm-dual-tone-20-rd-mags/ Wouldn't that fit the bill? Or you could go with a Tanfoglio of course.
  6. IMO the barrel support is more for the peace of mind, if you have a round trigger guard the pistol can rotate a bit on the holster. The retention is still solid though. It has been a while since I used a SVi metal with a STI insert, from the top of my head it had a lot of play. Too much for me. Guess you'll find out yourself soon enough
  7. Also since the 9mm rim is slightly larger than the .223 you risk stuck cases because the shell plate has less to hold on to than with a .233 shell plate.
  8. Does the gun still fit the box with those magazines? Just asking because mine (an older P18.9) does not fit the box with SVI mags
  9. You don't need to write down the shots right away. It stores 9 strings of 99 shots which you can read back anytime, as well as High/low/average and deviation/Extreme spread. Those 5 numbers are all you need really.
  10. I just pour them from the VP tube to the primer tubes, "problem" solved. (ie. the black part that inserts into the VP goes on the open side of the primer tube)
  11. Heh, on my Vibra Prime and my LnL they are some of the easiest primers to work with. Maybe there is a difference in batch number.
  12. Wish I knew since there is no way to get an original over here. I did get this tip from Travis :
  13. They are relatively hard which might be explained because they are suited for both rifles and pistols. I use them in both with no issues. (19# mainspring in the 1911)
  14. At 10 yards all groups should be like the lower left otherwise you will not even be on target for targets at 25 yards and beyond. Pretty much impossible to say what is going on there is not really a pattern in those groups. Try shooing those groups again, take your time and use proper breath and trigger control. How do they end up? Inhale, exhale (not fully, somewhere like 80%), slowly squeeze the trigger till the shot goes off. Do not worry about controlling recoil and do not squeeze the gun, especially not with your stronghand. Do this in dry-fire as well, there should be absolutely no movement in your sights whatsoever. If you get most of your groups like that bottom left you can start worrying about speed and find out where and why you are dropping your shots. Sorry if this is a bit basis but there is not much to go on just by those groupings. Also I find it easier to aim just below the dot instead of at the dot, it is hard to see sight alignment if you are aiming at something black. Unless you have good light or good eyes.
  15. 650 or LnL AP as said before, just the fact it uses propriety dies is a no-no for me. Once you start loading progressive you will probably end up loading rifle with it as well, unless you only shoot very little. I have the LnL and with a "poor mans" bullet feeder I can load 700 rnds/min easy (9mm), I don't have a case feeder because I don't think you need it. Contrary to the 650 you load cases from the left so you can grab and load a case while operating the handle with your right. Spend a few minutes setting it op correctly, ensure the timing is correct and it won't let you down.