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  1. I followed sx2gl35"s advise and was able to install the trigger. However, it will not reset and takes considerable force to pull back the bolt after firing. Any suggestions?
  2. I bought a Hiperfire 24C for my JRC and was disappointed to learn it would not fit. Does anyone have any experience with a replacement trigger that works well in a JRC?
  3. Actually it happens shooting one handed and when others are shooting the gun so I don't think that's the problem.
  4. What would cause a Glock to drop the magazine after the first shot? Tried different mags and had the same result.
  5. Looks great.
  6. Nice review.
  7. Congratulations.
  8. Nice job Zack,
  9. If you could set up only one steel challenge stage to train with, which stage do you think would provide the most benefit and carry the skills acquired on to the other stages?
  10. That's great news.
  11. I have the EGW mount and it has worked well for about 5,000 rounds.
  12. Very nice.
  13. PM sent. I am in Houston and have one you can borrow.
  14. Where?