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  1. I shoot CO, and in my area for whatever reason, we've got a bunch of C-classers and then all the people testing out CO, who are U. Some of them are M open shooters, A Production, whatever. It is hard to follow this pattern of squadding with better shooters. I used to look for good Production shooters because of the same mag limits. I'm a little flummoxed now with full mags in CO. I'm now wondering who to look at: open shooters? Limited? Personally, I think the best shooters to shoot with are the ones who are one step better than you. Enough better to be able to actually reach, and just far enough ahead that they feel YOUR heat. That makes you better, and makes them better!
  2. I added as much weight as possible to my Glock 17 CO gun. I epoxied lead shot into the grip void and am using a tungsten guide rod. Still not like a steel gun, but the best I can do. Here's my thinking on CO. My carry gun has an RMR (G19), therefore I want my competition rig to also have a red dot. I use a DeltaPoint on my CO gun. If you use irons on your carry gun(s), consider Production or Limited. If you use an optic, you get to choose between Open and CO. Not that USPSA is self defense training or anything, but most of my reps are gotten through competition. I may as well shoot something a little similar to my carry rig...a little.
  3. I owned a Strike Eagle on an American Defense QD mount. I hated it!! I sold it after one match. 1) The sweet spot for eye relief felt extremely tiny. If I didn't mount it perfectly on my shoulder I was searching for the sweet spot. That could have been addressed with practice, but I didn't like that. 2) Heavy as lead! With that mount, I think I was adding close to 2 pounds to my rifle. Now, I could have gotten a lighter mount, but the Vortex SE is a biggun. 3) I decided to stay with a red dot until I can afford real glass. My 3-gun match around these parts doesn't have anything past 50 yards, so a Vortex dot works for me, but I have become a glass snob because I felt so burned by the Strike Eagle.
  4. Are you talking a minor load? Does it need to make 125PF, or are you just wanting it light? I have been building (down) a minor 40 load using 155gr bullets and Titegroup. I haven't had a chance to chrono my loads so I have a ladder all ready to go when I can get to the range. Check out this article: Make Right with ".40 Lite" CFE Pistol seems a bit slow-burning for this purpose. Titegroup is faster and may burn up better, being less flashy or gassy. There aren't many published minor loads, though. Or at least minor enough...
  5. I think when I saw that one I was early enough in my search that I didn't yet realize they are so rare. Otherwise I would have gone. That's just a 3-hour drive, no biggie. I just thought that every major club did one a year or something. I am discovering that I may have to drive some distance to get to one if I want to actually take the class. I really like keeping score, but I'd rather hold the timer now and then and yell, "Are you ready?!" Let me take this opportunity in this thread to ask a question. I've been offered many times to take a turn RO'ing and I always turn it down. What are some steps I should take to get to the point that I feel more comfortable dipping my toe in the water at a local level 1?
  6. I've been keeping an eye out for one in my area for over a year and...nothing. I will probably be traveling away from Oregon one of these days. That's unfortunate. I think more people being RO's is good for the sport.
  7. No, this isn't exactly correct. The hole patterns match on these, including both Leupold DeltaPoints, but the exact footprint of all these are different. If you mill your slide, you are marrying an optic. For this reason, I would only mill a slide for a high-end optic. I like the Viper and Venom, but I'm not sure I'd mill a slide for one of those, and especially not for a FF3. Just my opinion, though.
  8. I chose the DP Pro 7.5 delta for my open pistol, but that's also because I have 3 other DP's, all with the delta. I really like that reticle because it isn't just a huge dot, but has a fine point on the top. The window on that optic is way bigger than any of the Vortex options. To me, $400 was a lot to pay for, but will be worth it. The auto brightness adjust is a great feature and really works fine in the brightest of sun. I've never had a situation (low angle, high angle, morning, afternoon, summer, winter) in which the dot (well, the delta, in my case) washed out. I suppose you'll have to get back to us concerning whether the smaller dot washes out, but I suspect it won't.
  9. Alright, I just went and measured them. DeltaPoint: 1.02"W x 0.73"H DeltaPoint Pro: 1.01"W x 0.74"H I was surprised that they are essentially the same size. The shroud on the Pro makes it seem even larger. Definitely a big window on both!
  10. I'm not getting those DP numbers. I have both and the Pro is bigger than the original. I love me a big window. After using any DeltaPoint, the Venom and Viper and FFIII and Romeo1 are all tiny. Personally, I run an original DP on a milled slide with suppressor sights for my CO Glock 17. I run a DP Pro on a frame mount for my open Glock 22.
  11. No need for a slide racker on a CO pistol since there's no frame mounted Slide Ride getting in the way. As you already discovered, though, not legal anyway in CO.
  12. I have seen an option from Strike Industries for Glock that adds a little pic rail attached to the back plate, but that raises a sight way too high. The lower the better. The higher it gets, the more work you'll have to do getting used to indexing the sight. Unfortunately, dovetail mounts don't allow cowitness with sights. Milling is best for that reason, but to just get started, a dovetail mount could work great. That's how I started (with a Leupold DeltaPoint on a Glock). I have a 3moa Venom and like it on a 3-gun shotgun rail, but for pistol work I would suggest a 6moa dot, so that would mean a Viper or wait until April when the 6moa Venom becomes available. Those windows are pretty small so will require a lot of dry fire practice to be able to consistently find the dot.
  13. I just bought one (7.5moa delta) for my frame-mount open gun. I love the reticle, the HUGE window, and the battery door operation. I also love how it turns on upon any movement. Personally, I make sure an optic is real by purchasing them from a reputable source. I will NEVER buy an optic on eBay, for example.
  14. Pistol? Rifle? The Aimpoint T1/H1 is great for bright sun, but that is on a rifle. I really like the Leupold DeltaPoint, original and Pro. I've never had a problem in the bright sun. Which Vortex are you running?
  15. I have personal experience with 4 major red dots. Trijicon RM02 6.5moa dot: I've got this on my Glock 19, with a pre-milled OneSourceTactical slide, a SilencerCo threaded barrel, and Suarez suppressor sights with a black square rear and fiber optic front. The RMR has a super robust body and glass, but the thickness of the glass makes it a bit distorted and colored. I would have no other sight on a carry gun, frankly, but I'd never use it for competition. I haven't had to replace the battery yet and I've had it over a year. It is on all the time. Leupold DeltaPoint 7.5moa delta: I've got 3 of these! One is on a Glock 17 with a milled OEM slide. This is my CO pistol. One is on a Glock 22 converted to 9mm with a milled OEM slide. This is my home defense pistol. One is on a quick release ADM mount on the rail of a KelTec Sub2000Gen2. This is my PCC rifle. I love the size of the window, I've had amazing battery life, but I'm not carrying any of these. They are discontinued, which is a shame since they are my favorite sight! It has zero parallax. I owned a 3.5moa dot, too, but that one had way too much parallax and I sold it off my 3-gun shotgun. Leupold DeltaPoint Pro 7.5moa delta: I just bought this last week and put it onto a new open Glock build on a frame-mounted SJC micro mount. This window is even bigger than the original (We're talking CMore RTS2 size!) and the battery compartment is ingenious! Since the body is so tall, I can't imagine being able to co-witness iron sights, especially on a Glock MOS. I've had a lot of success with this reticle and I'd choose it every day of the week. The point can be used for fine work and the whole triangle is great for fast target acquisition. It turns on when you move it and turns off after it stops moving. Vortex Venom 3moa dot: I bought it for my open pistol, originally, because the battery compartment is on top. When I received it I was appalled by how small it really was and just knew it wouldn't work for me. But the quality was great so I didn't want to return it. I would never use it for a carry or self-defense pistol because you need to push a button to turn it on. I know some people turn it on every morning and let it run all day, but that just doesn't sound right for my needs. It comes with a pretty good pic rail mount so I put it on my 3-gun shotgun instead of the 3.5moa dot DeltaPoint that I had just sold. It has no parallax and it will be great for that purpose since long arms don't move as much in relation to the eyes and the smaller window will be fine.