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  1. 10 feet or so. dot tracks slightly to the right
  2. dot is on target. 8 is pretty low already for major . its could be mashing
  3. When i used to shoot limited i just did the quick double into a target to determine which weight spring to use. worked well. now with my open gun it seems a little more thought is needed . i tend to hit a lot of A/C usually A first and C low left. i am using a 8 # variable now. So is there a test to determine what weight works best?
  4. shooting? i wonder if there is any percentage that can be placed on how much it affects your shooting when Roing matches. 5% 10% ? not at all? or does not affect you at all?
  5. i have loaded a ton of 40 with lead/coated/plated/FMJ through regular Lee dies. i don't even adjust the setting when going between bullet types. here is what i do lube cases set bell at .422 seating die only seats the bullet and closes the bell slightly FCD does the final crimp crimp set at .419/420 been shot through MP/2011/ Glocks with never an issue. i have always found it odd people having trouble with the 40SW. i find it a very forgiving to load.
  6. ok i must have misunderstood as i thought it meant that they got a mulligan for free on the first try.
  7. i like the 90 degree mount with my cmore, especially the lower offset. am thinking of trying the delta point . Are the mini style sights as low a 90 degree mount?
  8. this, although in the many times i have done this i don't recall anyone every using a proxy
  9. hmmm this is something new to me. So are you saying if a shooter has a gun or other issue while shooting the classifier they get a mulligan and can do it again?
  10. where did you find them?
  11. going rate for 9mm brass these days seems to be 1.5 to 2.5 cents a piece when bought in 3k or more batches. is it worth saving to sell at this price its up to you to decide. i would just save it and reload it .
  12. no idea. primers in my 173 pf loads look just like my 130pf minor loads. just load them up with a good reciepe and shoot them
  13. i have loaded and shot over 15k 9 mm major in the year and half i have been shooting it. i use pickup brass all the time. unless you shot the brass yourself or see the guy take it out of the box and shoot it. how do you know its once fired?
  14. Brass is brass to me. i have some 9 major brass i must have loaded 10 times. i don't really find 9 major really does anything to the brass if its shot from a tight chamber
  15. i put a sdie mount in place of the original serendipity. i am only using 3 screws. i loctited the screw using red loctite, came back from zeroing it and the mount was loose. so would adding the 2 other screws solve the loosening issue? or it does not matter and the issue is some where else?