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  1. Same crack as my friends CK. Your not the first
  2. Is your load a compressed load with that powder?
  3. a sized unflared case measures .370/1. so .380/1 is enough bell i have found in my experience. i loaded thousand fmj/plated/coated and have not had any issues. bell too much and one might see setback issues here is what dillion says
  4. what i think is happening is that it a combo of longer 9mm cases and your seating die down a little too much . turn the seating die out a maybe half a turn or one turn and reset the seating depth. as stated before set the bell to .380 with a case in the middle range of lengths . you will be surprised how much 9mm varies in length. set the crimp to .378./9 try this and get back to us with the results .
  5. You are belling way too much. Also it looks like you are doing seating and crimp with the same die?
  6. I bought 1k 147 9 and 1k 180 40. The 147 were about 2 grains over which I have found is pretty common. They loaded up and shot quite accurately. The 180 were short 1 to 2 grains which is odd as every cast 180 I have weighed has been 1 or 2 grains over. They loaded and shot like any other . The coating was quite good and uniform . No bare spots . Shipping was quick
  7. if one were to put a metal grip on top of a plastic with a arched MSH would the profiles match? Found this vid and it seems to answer my questions.
  8. So are the metal grips basically a plastic grip with a arched housing? i notice that most of them have a hump at the bottom.
  9. i would love to try their bullets, but even with the 10% coupon they are higher than BBI or Bayou etc.
  10. thanks . So do regular mounts use the same screw head? i might change to a one side mount in the future and wonder if these larger heads will work with them. or do side mounts use the head size i can buy at the store? thanks
  11. i have been using BBI 125 in my open gun for a while. i recently got some MG 124 to try out in it . at the same powerfactor i found that the BBI were actually more accurate than the MG bullets at 25 and 50 yards. it might just be my particular gun though .
  12. lube your cases. grab a bunch of cases and measure them. 9mm varies quite a bit in length, find one in the middle of the case length to set the bell. this way the shorter ones still get some bell and the longer ones a little more. Set bell to .380/381. crimp to .378/9. the 9mm is a tapered case and your over belling it will result in less tension to hold the bullets in resulting in bullet setback. try this and tell us the results
  13. what exactly is this team relay?
  14. same here. hell i even load all the other stuff you guys dislike
  15. Damn you guys are making me think. I can only bring 400 on the airplane and need to ship the rest .