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  1. drizzle some wicking loctite into the slot and let it harden. or you can do like brazo and drill a hole for a 1/16 roll pin. or call STI and ask them to send you a new sight and fit it yourself.
  2. the few caspian slides i have seen have numbers stamped ahead of the disconnector notch.
  3. hmmm interesting. will head there tommorow and take a look
  4. life would be easier if i could just buy one off the shelf.
  5. Safety area is deliniated, but there is no " safety area" sign. people that have been there before where and what it is, but if a new shooter did something DQ able in it, would the DQ hold as its not marked?
  6. this is one of the topics that people are afraid to share their experiences because of concerns about being called a racist. the few black shooters i have met in the PNW have been pretty good people. they seem to be the " silent blacks" that just keep to themselves , work a job and raise a family. Conservative types one would say. i can count on 2 hands the amount of black folks i have met at idpa and uspsa matches though. one guy i squadded with i asked him " how come you don't bring some of the brothers to intro them to this sport:? His reply was interesting and frank. He said" many of them are felons so they can't even have a gun". this guy is a construction worker that works in the big city i have found the shooting sports to be one of the most inclusive sports around. most shooter don't care what color you are as long as you don't do stupid crap and are unsafe.
  7. i occasionally see cylinder style thumb rest on open guns. they seem to replace one of the mount screws. all i can find are platform style rest for sale online. So who sell the round ones?
  8. one of the most interesting is people that the gun in the 1 or 2 o'clock position. many don't realize that even though the body has turned 90 degrees, the gun has not. so they actually need to turn further their body more than 90 degrees to avoid a D/Q. i see it happen at many a local match
  9. i personally dislike uprange starts. i think more would have gone home early if there was a RO stationed in that corner instead of just you running the whole stage when we got there.
  10. my cmore has a click switch. the switch is bad and i want to send it in. they want more money to replace the click with the same than with a reo.. i was thinking or just having them replace it with a regular reostat one. So are the click and reo go the same intensity at max setting?
  11. So i am looking at the schedule. the last squad is scheduled to shoot at 17:50 . So assuming everything go to schedule the match with the one hour arb and closing ceremony it won't be over till 9 pm ? i have not been to SUPS for a few years. Do they have lighting and or a clubhouse?
  12. Same crack as my friends CK. Your not the first
  13. Is your load a compressed load with that powder?
  14. a sized unflared case measures .370/1. so .380/1 is enough bell i have found in my experience. i loaded thousand fmj/plated/coated and have not had any issues. bell too much and one might see setback issues here is what dillion says
  15. what i think is happening is that it a combo of longer 9mm cases and your seating die down a little too much . turn the seating die out a maybe half a turn or one turn and reset the seating depth. as stated before set the bell to .380 with a case in the middle range of lengths . you will be surprised how much 9mm varies in length. set the crimp to .378./9 try this and get back to us with the results .