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  1. seeing that 6-32 is a lot more common, would there be any issue in using it instead of 6-40?
  2. 5-40 by 1/2" is long enough. Cut to correct size. you can get them at some home depots and specialty fastener places . or ebay and amazon
  3. So they do uspsa every week? i am thinking of coming down and staying a few months after the summer is over
  4. Tell Pro Gun Club their web site sucks.
  5. how do you seperate the rounds and media? i dump mine into my dillion media separator just like i would empty brass and turn a few times and its all good. Also put a few dryer sheets into it help with the static cling that might be holding the media in the HP
  6. check to see if the comp or the set screws have loosened
  7. is that the gans one that was for sale a couple of months ago?
  8. Do you happen to know how long is LSI backed up on guns?
  9. have you tried the SV ones? they are lot more tougher
  10. if you want a almost guarentee no move sight just do like brazo and drill a 1/16" hole in the sight through the slide and put a 1/16" pin in it. if you ever want to replace the front the hole will be covered anyways with the new sight.
  11. drizzle some wicking loctite into the slot and let it harden. or you can do like brazo and drill a hole for a 1/16 roll pin. or call STI and ask them to send you a new sight and fit it yourself.
  12. the few caspian slides i have seen have numbers stamped ahead of the disconnector notch.
  13. hmmm interesting. will head there tommorow and take a look
  14. life would be easier if i could just buy one off the shelf.
  15. Safety area is deliniated, but there is no " safety area" sign. people that have been there before where and what it is, but if a new shooter did something DQ able in it, would the DQ hold as its not marked?