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  1. I hand it to CJ with my dummy ammo that won't plunk. I get it back and it does. I too have been curiously looking at this and what others are reporting.
  2. 180gr plated bullet. 4.70 titegroup. mixed brass. Win spp. 1.130" oal. yields 170pf.
  3. So I took my CO 140mm mags and they hold 15 of my 40sw rounds. That's not enough, if they held 17 I could tolerate it.........
  4. True, my TS holds 21 in its mags. I might be willing to sacrifice it though for a Shadow 2 in 40.
  5. if that's what you call regular fail for a day i'd hate to see what you call epic! hahahaha
  6. I just want a different choice for competing in Limited than my TS. I love the ergos of my Shadow 2, so naturally I want one in .40. The SA of my Shadow 2 is awesome, the grip is far better than on the TS, it weighs more than a TS and you should still be able to get 20 rounds in a 140 mag that'd fit in the Shadow 2 frame.
  7. a stack of barrels isn't a good plan for an object to brace to slow yourself down. and almost doing something isn't doing it. looking at the vid if you'd knocked them down by accident coming into that shooting position then REF and reshoot. now if you knocked them down trying to make it look like an accident, because they were able to be knocked down that's a different story. there's a big difference between "almost doing" something and attempting to do something but being unsuccessful.
  8. I want a Shadow 2 in .40sw.
  9. caliber conversion kit. $126 for 38sc dies. $67 your case feeder plate should work.
  10. i don't see anything from a rami slide stop that'd have to be ground down...??? and it's really the right width? i think i have one in a spares kit, i'll check this out too.
  11. Some of that is Amidon vs Troy's way of doing things too. But yeah, still waiting on ya CZ to get 2k of a gun into the USA........
  12. ignore the parts of me talking. but watch my actions and listen to my splits and transitions. it makes a MA run on the classifier sound and look doable. (and i shoot far more uspsa than idpa now)
  13. no way
  14. I have an ipsc standard and like it. I too am curious about all the little differences as I just treat them like the same gun with everything interchangeable.