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  1. if you want special and fun, just as a shooting toy i'd get the TSO.
  2. yep my idea is now illegal. i can accept it.
  3. Just over 300 people in it..... I'd hoped for more. As far as round count to bring, 600 is a good bet.
  4. any mark is a hit. a miss doesn't leave a mark. only shot with steel perpendicular, never angled facing the shooter.
  5. I do not sort before cleaning or loading. I do more culling than actual sorting. If it looks or feels "funny" during the loading process or won't take a primer the first time, I throw it away. For major matches things get case gauged and a very good visual inspection, that has nothing to do with looking at the head stamp.
  6. RL1050 case feeder yes bullet feeder yes experience 3 years rounds hour of 9mm 600. 600 rph is me walking out to the garage with nothing ready. so im lubing cases, filling primer tubes ect. then it also includes case gauging and packaging. so this is 600 rph for the total deal, not just handle pulling.
  7. guns legal for production are on a list on the uspsa website. no need to guess or remember criteria. just get a gun on the production approved list and it will be legal for carry optics. i have my optic in a dovetail mount and once that mount was solid, have had no issues. get an 85 combat or a 75 shadow, neither are current models if i remember correctly and put your chosen optic in a dovetail mount. done and dusted.
  8. Whichever one you can shoot with and use with the least amount of gimickery or compromise.
  9. Gun is 47 oz. Not gonna make CO
  10. I'd check with a gauge. ... Im running a +10% spring. I had to bevel some places to get things to work consistent. Leading edges of everything involved.
  11. I did it myself at the automatic accuracy shop.
  12. I didn't have safety issues. I had qc and gun to gun compatibility issues. I didn't want a cz load a pcc load a glock load etc. I wanted a load. Making my cz take a longer load by reaming the barrel solved all those issues.
  13. in my 17rnd mecgar mags with a SP base pad I get a total of 21, so plus 4. i've now tried the TTI base pads on the same mags and they are plus 4 as well. I have NOT tried any of the extensions to make a stock 18rnd sp01 mag into 140mm.
  14. none of my metal stands nest and it's a pain. my home made 2x4 ones work fine but just don't seem as finished or durable. i drive a truck so i just throw all these things in the back however. if using a car trunk i'd probably want folders. none of the metal stands i have will hold a target up in a breeze, let alone wind, without stakes. my home made wooden ones do this better. 4 stands seems to be a good number. at one time i had ten, i've pared that down to 6 now. the club i belong to has stands in the bays, no need to bring my own. so mine are just used for dry fire in the yard when it's nice outside.