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  1. simplify your stage plan. if you're making a step by step by step list in your head of everything you want to do, yeah you probably won't get that dialed in 3 minutes. to me, if your stage plan is more than 5 mental markers of things, you're doing too much. you only have soo much attention, or selective focus. spend it wisely. secondly, practice your visualization skills away from the range. visualize stages you already shot. visualize how the gun looks in front of your face, the sights on moving targets perfectly timed. visualize silly stuff like everything in your drive to work and hit each of those marks perfectly, like you could do it with your eyes closed you nailed it so perfectly. play with it, incorporate it into stuff to get lots and lots of practice. also popular as mentioned, is start going first, every stage for like the next 4 local matches you go to. that'll help.
  2. The Comp hammer also just comes with "less" hammer hooks. The shelf is smaller to the naked eye. Play with the stock hammer. The worse that could happen is your gun goes "brrrraaaaaaaaaaappppppppp" until empty.
  3. Stuart says a P01 slide stop fits.
  4. ssp, guns on this list, with these mods only, this size and this weight. esp, guns this size, this weight. that's how simple i wish it was. a ssp legal list would sure make that easier. and have esp really be as simple as just size for the box and weight for the scale. the end.
  5. One, that's California pricing and entirely inline with every match there. Secondly, you haven't seen their club matches. Living in the South now, having moved from California, if a local match here is more than $10 people act like you're holding their child for ransom. I don't get it. Most people I run into here would rather have a blah quality match that was cheap and they were done with well before lunch than a match with larger stages, more people attending, longer time to shoot match. Especially when almost all clubs here only have just one match a month. One. Make something out of it, just don't half azz it. I see a lot of people trading good away for easy. And it drives me crazy.
  6. The grip is a little wider. But to me it feels smaller at the top where you get your hand up under the beavertail. The circumference of the gun feels good there. I am running flaz VZ grips on mine right now, I wear a medium motorcycle glove, and the gun feels awesome.
  7. Woot!! Congrats. Yeah, if you're not being super picky it really si pretty good to go right outta the box. (I pushed my sight to the right as I too was shooting left on mine quite a bit.)
  8. Yep keeping the stock one. I like the Shadowline trigger.
  9. take a 3' long target stick, paint it a bright color, drill hole in each end, stake it down. done. it's not that hard people..... or take a 2"x2" stick that's 3' long and do the same, then it's supper apparent if someone steps on the ground on the other side, make like 20 or so of them. done. yes, there are places and such for tape, rope, paint or whatever. but most ranges, most stages the stick is the gold standard. not some freakin' bi-color, bi-material thing.
  10. I absolutely hated the fault line design at the Florida match and it is opposite of what everyone else in the world does with their fault lines. It's wrong. If you can't call a foot fault from someone standing on a stick to whether they touch the ground or not you're a poor SO. Their placement relative to targets was great. The 500+ Procedure penalties given at that match tells you a considerable amount.
  11. I saw Dave H at the range yesterday. We didn't talk about this, but he wanted my opinions on the Florida stuff. I'll just keep shooting my regular SP01 Shadow in SSP. For me and my sponsors, if you can now shoot an Accu Shadow in ESP that'd be good news. I'm cautiously optimistic.
  12. that is a beautiful edc gun. and as a cz guy i fully approve! hahaha. and yes, having had to hang with certain types of people who shoot guns for a living, the games can be frustratingly different.
  13. J Amidon would add stuff almost instantly when asked.
  14. many martial artists i've shot with like to carry those stances into shooting sports. they feel comfortable to them and they have countless reps in training them. but i would suggest if you really are trying to eek out every 1/100th of a second from your personal or physical performance they are not the best for the game and it can be proven on the timer and in video. this is essentially golf with guns. have your movement look more like a wide receiver's or a point guard than a tma practitioner's.
  15. so??