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  1. A stage designed to be all about one thing and normally through some sort of gimmickery or undue influence on a shooter is almost always a poor stage. If you have some sort of ah-ha moment about how crazy, cool, hard, unique or whatever your stage might be, maybe sit back and ask someone else's opinion.
  2. Production one is done and in the books. Good times!
  3. yes
  4. Shoot more A's than the guys ahead of me and no misses to their two misses apiece. But being 1.10 seconds slower per stage gets me 3rd overall. (Though I did miss out on second by only 3 points!!) Link is for results from a recent state match this weekend. But still, the point stands. If I could just be 1/10th of a second faster every where and everything I do, then that gap would be gone. Yes, my current program and skills can have me in the top ten of state matches for Prod and top 20 of Prod for most area matches. But I want more than that..... Anyways, glad this idea, of how many discreet elements added together make a big difference. And that with desire, a smart program, self awareness and work you can get better. Just don't be thin skinned and ask for video tips, hahahaha. I can hardly read that thread I started as I just feel bad hahahaha.
  5. 1. change balance of the gun 2. aid in mags dropping 3. bring a gun closer to its 2.0 oz by other means 4. change how your hand grasps the magazine in the pouch 5. cosmetics 6. metal will not shatter like plastic on impact 7. unique identifier of your mags being your mags i don't know anyone who does it because they say it's faster but i do it for all 7 of the reasons above
  6. Thanks. I feel like the reload/move is the lowest hanging fruit right now. I will endeavor to work that area!!
  7. If you want to look at Practicscore the results are here 5th overall for division, 80% of Hwansik, 2 misses. #1 issue I see, my reloads are not done quick enough to be totally ready to shoot as I arrive into new shooting positions. #2 issue, not on a stage in the video but I had some issues with gun manipulation picking it up out of a briefcase that cost 2 seconds I know there is probably a litany of things that you'll see on video but what do you see as the number one issue, same or different than what I see?????
  8. not because i'd claim it is "the best", but i just have a large supply of titegroup and have experience loading it for 9, 40 and 45 it is my choice. the vv n320 did not run cooler as claimed by many. it did not feel softer. all subjective but not enough in a way for me to warrant the switch.
  9. Liking the 10lb recoil spring but only done it for two days. Used the cz comp hammer from czc.
  10. at first glance, that looks entirely like a trigger travel issue.
  11. idpa now has a specialty division. so you can use non legal guns at local matches. like carry optics set ups or guns illegal for other reasons, like the shadow 2. in my experience i didn't get the best out of my hand fit disco in the shadow two until i also changed hammers.
  12. my shadow 2 chronos significantly faster than any of my other cz pistols. talking to others they are experiencing the same thing as well. don't be surprised if you find the same thing as well. i tried to like vvn320 and never could. i have two 4# jugs sitting un opened i'll never use.
  13. nothing seems as accurate as my accu shadow. but the bushing made a huge improvement on my shadow 2.
  14. I find most white rouge compounds to be the very best for a mirror finish. applied to a small, round, wool buffer. go in both directions as well. as an example the simplest way to get it is drive to home depot and buy this package in the polishing section and just take the white compound out of it. be careful though as compound can really fling off so wear an apron, gloves and eye pro. and be careful in which direction you're spinning things.
  15. I'd love to see 48% humidity....