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  1. ^^ i was doing the same math and too really hope there is an initial dump into the US of 2k guns. if they start at just 100 per month and the approval process is legit that'd really suck. just have to wait and see! SHOT is over, so ship 'em already.
  2. Thank you. That's the type of information I need to know to take to our BoD.
  3. Shooting local matches as I've traveled, to places no one knew me, I too have had to "prove" something occasionally before being allowed to shoot as I didn't attend their new shooter brief or was a member of their club and so on. I now just carry my uspsa card with my classifications on it and hope that them seeing "M" and "A" all over it gets me a pass. It always has but some have given me the feeling they still didn't like it that I didn't attend their training and get signed off on it. Back to the question of why is it hard to get people to shoot, here we've had some people come either as what looks like father and son or boyfriend and girlfriend just to watch before they came to shoot a match. They leave and you don't see them come back. I'd love to have an exit interview and truthfully know why they took the time to drive out and watch a match for two hours and then decide it's not for them. A guess I have is that often new people are squadded with people who are really good. You're already nervous, curious, uncomfortable and hyper self aware. Now factor in performance comparison and all the other things like time and cost and it's a hard commitment to make. Kind of makes me think that the times I've seen matches have an "all beginner or new person" squad was a good idea. There is a comfort level in knowing you're not the only one.
  4. seems like a gimmick and another thing to lose or break. again, who was clamoring for a 9mm ar that could take glock and sw mags?
  5. looking at just two local matches with fault lines here, names that were not in contention for top 3 before are now. I know that's a small sample size and every match is unique but it reinforces to me that a more "secure" way of shooting will pay off versus a more "loose" style. when you think how short an idpa stage is round wise, how often prop heavy and a great percentage of the time in the stage spent not pulling the trigger the proportional effect points down can have is hard to make up.
  6. most i know choose the p01.
  7. I bet everyone is waiting to have it in their own hands before they order a holster. i hope you get a lot of sales.
  8. Well thank you soo much! I just sent an email to my club's president asking the best way to address getting our SC matches to be "real", us affiliated and the divisions corrected and so on. I know it's primarily a 'fun' match at our club, but if I'm gonna go it has to count. Our SC director is well liked and likes running the matches, I hope I'm not stepping on toes or talking myself into a job. Ok, so if I'm already a member I can sign up for SC matches at other clubs, just give them my uspsa number and division and be good to go? Sounds good.
  9. Previously I've owned a dedicated CMMG 9mm AR, an 80% lower I made into a 9mm AR with a Hahn mag block w/mix and match parts, a CZ Scorpion and a different RRA 9mm AR upper on a Colt 9mm AR lower. Recently I got a Rock River LAR-9 of the CAR A4 variant. When I picked it up, I took it home and did a basic field strip, wipe down and lube, put 6 quarters behind the buffer spring, function test with snap caps and bore sighted a Burris FF. I just grabbed my current USPSA pistol load, 147gr RMR Bullets plated hollow point, 3.3 of Titegroup and a 1.120 oal. It came with one 32 round RRA braned magazine and I brought along a 32 round ASC and a 20 round Metalform. From the first shot through the gun I was easily on plates at 20 yards as was a new shooter with me. The gun fed my hp bullets that are just a 130pf load perfectly. No adjustments to making them hotter or different oal. The trigger is a mil spec trigger with the expected pull but with a surprisingly good reset. Each mag worked flawlessly and each would lock the bolt back on an empty mag. Two days later I shot my first Steel Challenge match with the gun and did quite well. I've had 9mm AR's in the past, some took a little bit of work to finesse things how I wanted but this gun has worked great right out of the box and for a sub $1,000 price if you shop around. I plan on just JP springs and polish for the trigger and my own garage gunsmith work to bevel the magwell. Other than that, not a change seems to be made!
  10. I shot this the day the first of the "new" rulebooks came out. Since then it's already changed with the addition of fault lines at the barrels for the classifier and the -0 scoring zone addition to the head. And rumor is the rules will be changed again here soon..... But thank you for the compliment. I was shooting a regular CZ SP01 Shadow as built by Automatic Accuracy, RLN Custom holster and pouches and CR Speed EDC belt. Fewer strings, no head shots out of the holster, fewer shots at distance and only one kind of reload. I think my summation still stands, this is a shorter, less complex COF but a decent test of IDPA skills. I also think the skills are a little technically easier, so that people should be able with practice to shoot a higher classification than the could previously if they were close. Again, thank you for the compliments and interest in my shooting. I hope you get out of the snow and ice and can start your outdoor shooting again soon!
  11. that's cryptic man! hahaha. when is your S2 arriving?
  12. And looking at my results I shot say Five to Go in 12.07 with my PCC and 13.86 with my CO gun. Looking on the SC website it has "Peak Stage Time" for SC-101 as 11.50 and 13.00 for PCCO and CO respectively. Does that mean my classification for that stage would be what??? I can't find a SC classifier calc online.... Thank you.
  13. So I shot my first club Steel Challenge match this weekend. Seemed a fun distraction so I'd like to join and have what I do go towards a classification. I go to the SC page and everything I click on to join is just a paragraph about SC being bought by USPSA. I'm a USPSA member already, does that make me a SC member already? I thought SC had divisions similar to USPSA but at my local match I was just "center fire pistol open", shooting my carry optics USPSA gun and "pistol caliber carbine open" shooting my PCC rifle. I mainly shoot Production and thought for sure there was a division for that..... Anyways, how do I get in as a member, and does my club need to change some things so that I'm entered correctly. (It definitely had the feel of "just for fun" from everyone and no one on the results page has a classification or a number......) Results HERE
  14. There will always be a market for an apex product. There will always be someone willing to just pay for something totally built, with all of the best.