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  1. Is it ok/legal to run a level one/local match without having a classifier stage?
  2. I used my new shotmaxx 2 in dry fire for par timing 6 days a week for almost 3 months before it needed charged. I have only used it in live fire twice in that time period. The screen is easily scratched so I recommend the screen protector thing. Other than that I am happy with it so far.
  3. Very true. We dont get much rain here so its not really an issue.
  4. I have purchased once fired .40 brass from multiple sources. All of it has at least some cases that can not be properly sized with normal sizing dies. Normal dies just cant size all of the base of the cartridge. Sometimes a U die can fix the case but most times the cases need to be roll sized. Normally I will have 1-10/100 cases that will not properly gauge. A lot of them can still be chambered in my guns but if they dont gauge they get thrown in the practice bin. I recently sold an SV pistol with AET that would hardly chamber any used brass that wasnt roll sized. It really depends on how the barrel was chambered when the gun was built. Moto, glad you have good luck with your range brass, many of us do not. A quick google search or forum search for glocked brass will reveal a lot of people having trouble with used .40 brass.
  5. Here is one example. The bulge is slight but it will cause a failure to feed in most 2011's.
  6. If you put calipers on the brass do you not find the base is a little too thick? Sometimes its just on one side of the case. All glocks may not be created equal either. I think the term "glocked" is being used to reference any brass shot out of guns with lose chambers.
  7. I dont think its just glocks. I think a lot of factory pistols that are tuned to reliably feed ammo will have this problem.
  8. Found this in another forum. When I went through the Glock armorer's course not long after the GEN 4 came out, I asked if the new guns had addressed that chamber issue & was told they had not. The reason given was that it's part of retaining the feeding reliability. This came from a travelling Glock instructor I've known for well over 25 years & he's a very knowledgeable ex-cop & longtime firearms instructor, former member of Jeff Cooper's outfit. Like the Glocks or not, their chambers ARE more unsupported (or less fully supported) than many other brands. And, they remain so. And, it's not just the .40s.
  9. I just bought brass from capital cartridge. Its about 1/3rd glocked.
  10. Stay away from freedom remanufactured. Freedom new is ok
  11. I chickened out and bought new starline brass for Area 6. Having 600 rounds all case gauge was a welcome change.
  12. When you zero your gun with the Manny dot do you zero with the blade at the top of the notch like normal or do you zero splitting the fiber or using the top of the fiber?
  13. My case doesnt have a hole so that i could lock the gun to the frame. Did you drill a hole in the case? is going with a high end padlock, like an abloy pad lock overkill for locking the case?
  14. You could dig down creating a pit and use that dirt to extend the height. My friend has one like this and you just drive down into it. Its probably 10 foot below ground level and that dirt was used to raise the berm another 10 feet or so.
  15. Good stuff here. Thank you.