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  1. I just got one about a month ago. Its awesome.
  2. I, un-sarcastically, use hornaday one shot on brass in a ziplock bag.
  3. Interesting info about the primer pull back. I have a buddy with an Forcht that has similar issues at times. I have yet to see this problem but I will watch out for it. I have two little ones at home so lead/dust is a concern for me. I just head my two year olds blood lead checked and she is fine. I will continue wet tumbling for this reason alone.
  4. Most use just the fiber as aiming for close hoser shots. If the fiber is in the A zone at 7-10 yards you really have to do something silly with the trigger to not get decent hits. Like said above the intention of the fiber is to help pickup the sights quickly, most are still designed to use the traditional approach of the top of the post as the aiming point. There are some front sights, like the brazos manny dot, that are designed to use the fiber as the aiming point.
  5. I find the mr bullet feeder stepped funnel to be better than the dillon for both 9 and 40. Regardless of you using the bullet feeder or not. Any thump I have ever gotten from the press was the funnel sticking in the case. Especially really clean unlubed cases.
  6. I run both out of the box in .40 major with no issues. I did compress the springs in a vice a little before using them.
  7. Are you lubing the inside of the cases too or just spraying the outside?
  8. Especially once your classified it shouldnt be an issue. We allow new shooters to walk on to our club matches. Usually put them on a squad with an experienced RO.
  9. I use mine on the 1050. I usually dont stand and watch every case for powder but its there and it works.
  10. I stopped using the pins as well and they come out just as clean. I think for rifle brass where you want the primer pockets cleaned the pins are more beneficial.
  11. If its a good match..the match fee doesn't effect my decision to shoot one bit. I am already spending likely over 100 bucks in Gas, food and ammo. +-$10 is not going to change anything for me. We had a special classifier match a while back (uspsa) and I charged $5 more then our regular match fee and had some question it. They understood after I explained the USPSA fees but I was surprised how many people actually were concerned with $5 in a game as expensive as action pistol shooting.
  12. Shooting with those guys would have been great. If you look at major USPSA matches the ones winning are usually shooting at least 90-95% of the available points.
  13. I shot IDPA until a little over a year ago. Until then I didnt even know what USPSA was or that it existed. Found a match a few hours away and never shot IDPA again. I am now the match director for a new USPSA club. IDPA is just too slow with too many rules for me. Rules such as the ones limiting the distance a course of fire can make a competitor move just makes me laugh. Constantly changing rule books. So many rules you get way different calls from RO to RO. And stages are usually designed to be shot one specific way. in USPSA, the freedom to shoot a stage however you see best and the speed at which you must execute everything is too much fun. Accuracy is just as important in just have to do it faster.
  14. 180 coated from Tougher N' Nails targets and bullets. They are out of Texas and you can find him on facebook. Really good bullet prices.