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  1. are all the zippers on the tactical range pack ykk zippers?
  2. does the GPS bag have a solid base inside the bag to hold ammo boxes or is it soft?
  3. I bought a used daa backpack, the large one. The zippers are not that great on them. The zipper in the lower compartment does not work at all unless you really encourage it. The guga ribas backpack looks really nice, I dont know if its built any better or not.
  4. Special classifier match with 6 stages at the Midland Shooters Association Range. PM me with any questions.
  5. I cant imagine being that concerned with recovering the components from one loaded round.
  6. What size ipad? Wish our club could throw 3k at tablets
  7. When you lock the tablet or turn off the screen and turn it back on your are presented with an advirtisement. You just swipe up to get back to the tablet. Price you pay for a $75 8" tablet but no big deal.
  8. Yes I was impressed. I bought practishades but no RO used them. I bought some anti-glare screen covers but they are not easy to install and only actually got them on one tablet. I ran a tablet without the protector and was pleased.
  9. CCI primers...RF100 on a mouse pad works great.
  10. I thought the rf was overpriced until I got one. Put it on a sturdy table and on a mouse pad. It runs flawless with CCI small pistol and CCI small pistol magnum. I have one flipped primer ever 2k maybe. With my Mark 7 my downtime is only a few seconds while I walk the tube from the RF to the press and back. The RF makes for frustration free and efficient primer loading.
  11. The shellplate bearing kit, the lighting kit and the no spill thingy are awesome on my 1050. The light is really excellent.
  12. 3 hours into a match and the new HD 8s still have 90% battery
  13. Im sure you can find 15 minutes a day to dry fire. Set that alarm 15 minutes earlier and bang out some focused reps every day. Skip a match or two and go train at the range. Shooting just matches will not get you out of C class. You could dry fire your way out of C class 15 minutes a day in a matter of weeks. The cold hard truth is it all depends on your level of participation and what you REALLY want. If you want out of C class get a training schedule with your hands on your gun every day. If your cool with and having fun just shooting matches then thats great. Otherwise there are no shortcuts, effort in results out.
  14. Blue, what does your current training schedule look like?
  15. Ya I just bought 4 of them. They are fast. They do have ad's when you lock the screen but its no big deal for 75 bucks for an 8" tablet