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  1. Still happy with mine. Had the same junk shotmaxx 1. Went through 3. This new one is gtg
  2. If running one pistol caliber only and budget is an issue the sdb is a solid choice.
  3. I see no problem with scaled targets. If you have 50 yards to dry fire then use full size targets. Practicing with harder targets makes full sized targets that much easier on match day.
  4. I use it with a agressive texture steel grip. If my grip was made of barbed wire i would still use it.
  5. I have managed to get a hearing dr to try to file under hearing aids for the soundgear product. I am going next week for hearing test and molds and we will see what happens i guess.
  6. you were working with soundgear directly or through a hearing dr?
  7. How do you go about getting your insurance company to cover some of the cost?
  8. Dry fire 5-6 days a week 30 minutes to 1 hour a day. Try to live fire at least once a week. Shooting 200-500 rounds usually. Problem with live fire is making it purposeful practice and not just time at the range. Moving towards a system of dry firing standards type work, gun handling and stuff like that. And then split live fire between accuracy/trigger control/shot calling work and a mini stage. So for live fire the plan is to run a drill such as dots, 20+ yard bill drills, call it and leave it, accelerator and plate rack type stuff. Then have a mini stage to work on movement, entry/exit and transitions.
  9. A good drill is to have two targets. Shoot first target once and transition to the second. Do it your normal way on the clock...then work on transitioning as soon as you call a good shot. Only shoot each target once to focus on the transition. Another one is gun up and sights aligned on first target, on beep transition and fire one shot. If your working with a buddy you can do this repeatedly Beep transition shoot...Beep transition shoot. You can also with gun on target 1 Beep...shoot...transition to 2....Beep Shoot....Beep Shoot transition to 1.
  10. The limit is like 11 lbs of ammo. Which is not very much. I flew for the first time with firearms to from Dallas to atlanta for Area 6. I drove to dallas and flew southwest so that I could have a direct flight to Atlanta, limiting the chances of my bag getting "lost". I bought a nice case from patriot cases and two nice midrange padlocks for the case. Locks that screamed, dont F*ck with me. I also used a thick steel cable to attach the case through the handles to the frame of the roller bag I put my gun case in. I locked this with a beefy padlock. I went overkill on the locks. I purchased TSA locks for the rolling bag. I also purchased a luggage tracking device and hid in inside my gun case. At TSA at dallas love field they just had me fill out a form and stuck it to the gun case. Never asked to open the case and TSA did not call for me. A good trick that was recommended here is to tape a ziplock bag to the case for this form, it makes everything go faster. In atlanta my bag came out on the carousel. There were no TSA inspection notes in my bag. On the way home from Atlanta I had to take my roller bag to the "oversize" tsa luggage area. The dude opened my TSA locks, looked at my gun case, closed the roller bag and said I was gtg. The bag again came out on the baggage carousel in Dallas. I shipped my ammo to my hotel in atlanta. I had 600 rounds of 40. I came home with 250ish rounds which I also shipped back to myself from a UPS store. The 250 rounds would have pushed my bag over the 50lb limit and cost me 75 to fly with it.
  11. Its a PITA to setup, but it is great to have. It took the most time out of setting up everything else. You have to be careful because the unit can turn to the side and get smashed by the press. I took a dremel and cut a case in half to get it set properly. It works well now but took a lot of tinkering.
  12. so does this mean the arms can be in any orientation, such as weak hand/arm more at the 12'oclock position as long as the wrists are below the belt?
  13. what magwell is that?
  14. I have had a spot open up in a JJ Racaza class I am hosting in Midland Texas. It starts tomorrow morning. This spot was unexpectedly freed up, I know its a long show but throwing it out there in case someone might could join us.
  15. I have had a spot open up in a JJ Racaza class that starts in the morning in Midland Texas. Know this is a long shot but throwing it out there in case someone can grab the spot.