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  1. I just bought a 650 from one of the local Masters who bought a 1050. I'd like to use the 650 for 9 and the 550 for other stuff.
  2. I have a 550B with a case feeder. When I cycle the handle, the system hangs up as the primer cup reaches the hole. I have the slide bar adjustment screw (14037) set up so that the Primer Slide Return Spring Post just touches it with the primer cup centered in the hole. What I see happening is that, as I lift the handle, the Primer Slide Return Spring Post touches the screw (When the handle is about 5 degrees from vertical) and then backs away just a little, maybe 10 to 20 mils. The primer cup looks like it's hanging up on edge of the hole in the shell plate on the edge towards the primer slide. If I push the slide in a little, or wiggle the case feeder a little, the primer cup moves into the hole. Any ideas? I can make it work. But I hate having a machine that doesn't work right.
  3. I just bought a 650. Is there a way to set up for primer pocket swaging on a 650 so I don't have problems with crimped pockets? I don't sort brass by head stamp. On my 550, I get about 1% interrupts because of tight pockets. I have to toss the brass and primer and it takes time.
  4. Seems like the ultimate problem is over tightening of the bolts that hold the housing to the press. The holes enlarge and push the slide to the right so the primer cup hangs up. New housing and it worked fine so far.
  5. I just completed the RO class. My card came today. I will take the timer and run shooters at my next match. But I'd like to be as ready as I can. As a regular holder of the tablet, I've been involved with lots of rules discussions. I will learn more there as I gain experience. What I'd really like a little more help with is where to stand, how to avoid "RO Traps" and what to be watching when. Is anyone aware of any good videos that cover this kind of thing?
  6. So the tightening again didn't get it back to functional. It is still hanging up between the sleave on the "Primer Punch", 13824 and the right side of the housing. I rebuilt the primer punch assembly with parts from my parts kit. Same problem. I noticed that the walls of the primer housing weren't parallel. In trying to straighten them, I broke the housing. All done until I can get more parts. I now suspect that the hold, in the primer bar, that the punch runs through, is word so that it doesn't it's offset some and the punch isn't vertical.
  7. I called Dillon and they (thanks Peter) recommended that I realign the primer punch. You push down on the primer punch, against a table. Then you loosen and then re-tighten the set screw. Next 200 rounds were very smooth. Started having occasional problems. I finished the primer tube up and then redid the primer punch again and tightened the set screw harder.
  8. I have a case feeder, so the parts are a little different. The screws are very tight.
  9. Pulling this out didn't help.
  10. with the operating rod removed, it moves smoothly. I think the off axis force of the operating rod is torquing the slide and either front right corner of the slide or the primer cup is hanging up on the housing.
  11. I've got about 40k rounds through my 550B over the 3 years I've been reloading. Most of it 9mm. For the last 10k, I've been using a bearing plate from one of the kits with an adjustable bearing, but without the bearing. Somewhere on this forum there's a recommended cleaning procedure for this press that you use every 3k rounds. I do that cleaning when the bar starts sticking. The last time the bar started sticking, it was at about 3.5k since the last cleaning. After cleaning, no work. I tried adding the bearing to try to get the slide moving straighter. No work. I went back to the stock bearing plate, no work. I saw a post, on this forum, that said that the area on the housing near the bolt holes bulges some time and needs to be filed a little. No work. I've tried loosening and tightening the bolts. No work. I've polished the surfaces that rub. No work. I've tried bending the operating rod to make it stiffer, then the spring that pulls it in isn't strong enough to pull it in. In the current configuration, it works about 9 out of 10 times at normal reloading speed. If I go slow it sticks about 2mm from the fully out position needed to get a primer. If I push the end of the primer bar towards the handle, it comes out the rest of the way. If I push it the other way, it doesn't come out. I figured the bearing should be able to fix this. No luck. What else Brian Enos hive mind?
  12. I like the Acme 147 FP. I prefer FP to RN because I like the wholes they make.
  13. I have shot 7 different coated 147s from my Shadows. The best one for seating depth has been the Acme 147 flat points. I have to load those to 1.13. The Blue 147 flat point needs 1.12.
  14. I just ordered the parts
  15. I shoot Production with a Shadow. Lots of the guys I shoot with keep encouraging me to shoot open. They also are encouraging CO because they tell me shooting with a dot will teach me a lot about trigger control and calling shots. I was thinking of putting a dot on my back up Shadow and messing around with it. Is a Springer dovetail mount and a 6 or 8 MOA Fastfire 3 a good way to go? I have a couple 140 mags from when I shot 3 gun.