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  1. Far more important than the number of mags is that they work. I take 6 or 7 with me that I have absolute faith in and clean them as necessary during the match (which means not much)
  2. I sent mine to Bruce. I did not weigh it prior to sending it, but I can tell you that it dropped WAY more than 1.5 lab's, along with being a much cleaner break.
  3. I have shot both the Trojan and Para SS' quite a bit. Either will do what you need them to. Both will require a bit of work to truly make them a "competitive" pistol. One of the nice features on the Trojan is the flat topped slide. One of the nice features on the Para is the checkered front strap. I shot both with ammo loaded long, 1.180, in 10mm mags.
  4. Just got the 320 back from Bruce. I have some 147 AAA loads to try in it. What (if any) has been the consensus of loads for these? Thanks!
  5. I am going to try and make it. Sounds like a great match.
  6. Stripper lipstick red
  7. There must be other factors between the guns other than the sight tracker, to account for the remaining weight difference. Is one a long dust cover and the other short?
  8. Shot yesterday. Great stages! Lots of opportunity to shoot the presentations differently. Beautiful weather. What else could you ask for?
  9. When you get a new gun one of the first things you need to do is spend some time shooting gouts. Find the right combo that works for your new blaster.
  10. Looks great! Love the square trigger guard and the short mag well. Well done!
  11. Major in wilson 10mm mags. Loaded to 1.19-1.20
  12. I have a Para and a Trojan. Both set up pretty much the same as far as trigger, safeties, etc. Not sure one is better than the other. Like the checkered front strap on the para. Like the flat top slide on the Trojan. Get whichever you can find a decent deal on, add trigger job, mag well, and (depending on preference) a set of safeties, then go have fun!
  13. Whatever you buy is really just a good starting platform. You will end up changing trigger (for length if nothing else), adding a mag well, possibly changing safeties, etc. Find a fair deal on one, then buy ammo!
  14. Anyone have a good starting load for Clays loaded long (1.20)? Thanks
  15. I shot a 6" lightened slide, etc, and a 5" full dust cover, bull barrel gun back to back yesterday. Not much difference in muzzle lift. The point of balance is certainly different. They feel different. You need to try both and decide for yourself.