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  1. Probably need a STI 9mm HEXTAC as your primary spare part :-) Just kidding, but I'm in to see what others recommend. This is my first season with a 2011 based pistol, although there are no STI parts in my gun.
  2. Keep it up! Some random tid-bits: - read this blog post and consider incorporating some of his exercises into your PT - practice your speed and your accuracy, separately, during practice (dry or live). In a match, just call your shots. - for now, work on one skill at a time (on a drill) - you are thinking right when speak about shooting only as fast as the sights let you. Go as fast as possible on everything else - understand what an acceptable sight picture is, on different targets/distances. - we are measured on Points Per Second, so if you're not shooting, you're earning zero points per second - look directly at your mag well on reloads See you on the range!
  3. Try coating the entire bullet and brass with a Sharpie. Then run it in and out of the case gage a bunch, pushing a little hard where it sticks. The look for rub marks to learn what the issue is. Probably just that the bullet isn't seated 100% straight. That'll put a slight bulge in one side of the case. That's my guess :-)
  4. Welcome to the forums Jeremiah! For sure you should shoot the classifier match. You've already came a long way and have demonstrated some safe gun handling. So you should not hesitate to jump into any of the local club matches. The classifier match will just be a skills test and not really have much movement (if any at all), but it will get you classified in a Division quickly. You'll get 6 classifier stages and as long as you get 4 scores over 2%, you'll achieve your classification from just doing this match. If it's not to far to drive, come out at 3:30 on the Saturday before any match. Extra help setting up is always welcome, you'll learn some things about stage design and it gives you a chance to see the stages ahead of time. On a normal club match, you'll get more dynamic movement vs our Monday matches. The courses are 3D vs what we're stuck with on the indoor range.
  5. I'm in the same boat as Tanks and like zzt, I also have both. Shot the TS for the last season and a half and just picked up a new 2011 based custom from Atlas Gunworks. I moved away from the TS for safety reasons. I have large hands and a very high grip. The safety on the TS hit the fleshy part of my weak hand. So I would have to click off the safety, then flag my strong hand thumb out of the way to make room for my weak hand. I kept clicking off the safety early. With the Atlas and the PT EVO grip (CZ shaped), I can still have my high grip with the strong hand thumb riding the safety. YES, the new gun was quite a bit more than the TS :-) My TS came from the Custom Shop and had the works done to it, except the grip reduction. I shoot both guns very flat, but the TS has a little of a tuning fork effect as the sight settles. The Atlas is pure sweetness and the sight is just there...every time. I'm really liking it.
  6. ....slide racker too
  7. A local GM told me early on, "Last thing in every practice session is to shoot a paster". Lets you know if your sights have moved. It's saved me and others more than once. Especially important for Open shooters.
  8. I've been using for about a year and it's holding up so far. I don't crank it down with everything I have :-) Also, there's a Harbor Freight a half mile from my work, so I can always grab another.
  9. I use a cheap strap wrench I picked up at Harbor Freight.
  10. Thanks, I'll check out the EGW. I do have a very high, thumbs forward grip and totally agree that it helps control the gun. I just have freakishly big hands :-)
  11. I'm looking for safeties that will provide the most room underneath for weak hand thumb. I have a high grip and big hands. Would be for 2011. thanks for any help
  12. OPENB, if you see M.F. tonight, ask him to handle his Stock II and his Limited.
  13. I run a +1.25 for my right (dominant) eye and plane for my left. I'm really liking it. As Sarge says, it takes a bit to get used to it each time I put them on. However, for me, it only takes about 5 min. It's just a little weird at first as you non-dominant eye has to take over for distance focusing.
  14. I believe that individual PT frames are now available from Atlas Gunworks. Pretty sure I seen that, not that it helps you now.
  15. When my daughter was 12, we did a 10/22 build. I highly encourage you to do your project. We had great fun. I just bought the cheapest 10/22 I could find with a stainless receiver. We sold off everything but the bolt and receiver. Sent the bolt out to a guy in Alabama for blueprinting and polished up the inside of the receiver our selves. I let her pick the stock she wanted and I picked up the barrel and trigger parts from Kidd. Her rifle turned out great and its a real shooter. She can dump round after round through a quarter sized hole at 50 yards. Enjoy you journey!