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  1. Don't feel bad teddy. I joined almost 13 years ago and ...well you see my post count.
  2. My daughter shoots steel challenge with a 22/45 lite with a cmore. She is 10 and started when she was 9. In fact we are shooting in the US Steel Nationals tomorrow. Like you said focus on safety and gun handling. Aside from that, just encourage him and praise him; keep it fun. We usually have a contest at practice to see who can shoot the best smiley face on a piece of steel. Early on I would place clay pigeons in the berm and let her shoot at those. She liked seeing them bust when she hit them. Keep in mind that they get bored quickly. My daughter carries and iPad with her and plays on it between stages. She likes to paint the steel between shooters so I let her do that to keep her involved. I would just focus on safety and having fun. Try to do something special associated with it. We usually go to her favorite restaurant for lunch after the local matches.
  3. Well, just to follow up. After I changed the cmore, I started getting horizontal stringing on the target. Checked the grip and mount screws and all were tight. Looking closer I noticed a place on the front of the comp where it had been hit. I then noticed that the comp was really close to the slide. Not having feeler gauges with me, I used a lottery ticket. On my two other open guns, I could close the slide with the ticket between the slide and comp and the ticket would slide out easily. On the dropped gun it would clamp down on the ticket and tear it if I pulled. I decided to take the comp off. Surprisingly, as I was removing the two set screws on the comp, the comp was already loose. I think the gun hit on the comp and pushed it and maybe the threads back some. Long story short, i removed .005" off of the rear of the comp and reinstalled it. Lottery ticket now would slide out like other two guns. I took it to the range on Tuesday and was able to shoot approx. 2" groups at 25 yards. Put locktite on comp and set screws. Everything seems okay for now. Thanks for all the ideas.
  4. Great ideas. I think I may swap the mount from another gun. That would allow me to rule out the mount; or not. I did try three different loads (match, practice, and steel challenge) and they all shot the same. So I think I can rule out the load. What kind of clearance should I have between the comp and slide? I am not sure its not touching (need to get feeler gauges from my Dad).
  5. As the title states, I dropped my open gun. It was in a gun bag/rug, but it fell about four feet and landed upside down on the concrete floor. Took it to the range and could not keep bullets on an IPSC target at 25 yards. Shoot five and only have three on the target. And they would be six inches apart. Thinking it was just the cmore, I replaced it with one from another gun. Took it back to the range today to see if that fixed it. Nope. But it did shoot better. At 25 yards from a bag rest, all the bullets are the same height but will string out across the target about 6 to 8 inches left to right. I don't see any comp strikes and none of the bullets are tumbling. Before I send it off for repairs, do you guys know of anything else I can check? Thanks, Jerry
  6. I use the 38/40s as well. I shoot 9 major in two of my guns and 38SC in one of them. Don't have to change anything with the mags to switch back and forth.
  7. Same for me as well...Grams springs and followers.
  8. I use MBX in all three of my CK Arms open guns with no problems.
  9. The snap ring that holds the "floating decap assembly" on my Dillon sizing die broke last night while reloading. Now I know I can call Dillon and they would be more than happy to send a replacement, but if I can get one from the local hardware store, I would do that and not bother Dillon. So, does anyone know what size that snap ring is? When mine broke, the majority of it flew off and I can not find it anywhere. Thank you.
  10. Hello and welcome. What part of SC? Upstate here.
  11. Since you are in South Carolina, go to www.delphiforums.com and search for South Carolina High Power. Also, www.usrifleteams.com is a good forum for highpower. There is a long range section and then a national match section. The later is the one you want. Basically, the course of fire is this: 200 yards - 10 rounds standing (offhand) single loaded, shot in a time limit of 10 minutes 200 yards - 10 rounds sitting (starting from the standing position), rapid fire, shot in a time limit of 60 seconds with a magazine change (2 rounds, reload then 8) 300 yards - 10 rounds prone (starting from the standing position), rapid fire, shot in a time limit of 70 seconds with a magazine change (2 rounds, reload then 8) 600 yards - 20 rounds prone, slow fire, single loaded, shot in a time limit of 20 minutes. Equipment: For service rifle, most people are shooting the AR. It has to be a 20" barrel in either A2 or A4 configuration. Compass Lake Engineering and White Oak Armament make some of the more popular ones. The Rock River Arms National Match is also a popular rifle. The above is for CMP rifle, but if you are talking about CMP pistol matches, the rules just changed this year. This article should provide the information you need http://thecmp.org/cmp-pistol-program-rule-changes-for-2015/ The 30 rounds pistol course of fire is this: 50 yards - strong hand only, 10 rounds fired in 10 minutes 25 yards - strong hand only, 5 rounds fired in 20 seconds (done twice) 25 yards - strong hand only, 5 rounds fired in 10 seconds (done twice)
  12. Similar. The Wilson and those like it measure the sized case to make sure it is in SAAMI specs. As long as it sits between flush with the top and flush with the little cutout, it is in spec. The one I have actually measures the shoulders with a little micrometer like device. What I did was fire 10 rounds of factory ammo and then took the average reading of that brass. Then I took that number and subtracted .003 from it and set my sizing die so that when I sized my brass it would measure right around that. Most things I have read said to bump your shoulders back .002 - .003. Being that some fit your 223 chamber and some do not, just a 1/4 turn down on the sizing down will probably fix you right up. You are close, but it looks like it just needs a tad more.
  13. Try running your sizing die down a little bit. What is happening, is that the shoulders of the case are not being bumped back far enough to fit in the 223 chamber. The 5.56 chamber is longer (nothing to do with case length) than the 223 chamber. Most reloading companies even make a tool called a headspace gauge that allows you to check them. I use one from RCBS called a precision mic cartridge headspace tool. Find a piece of sized brass (doesn't have to be loaded) that will not allow the bolt to close fully on your 223. Then turn your sizing die down about 1/4 turn and resize the brass. Then try to close the bolt on it. If it does then leave the sizing die in that position. If not then repeat the process until the bolt closes easy. Good luck.
  14. You're supposed to be working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think of all those people waiting for their cable to be fixed........... and here you are wondering about this morning's classifier. MAN!!!!!!!!! Jerry
  15. I have Zero 147gr. JHPs. Their length is 0.670" Hope that helps.