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  1. I have one on my 97B and could not be happier.
  2. It all has to do with dwell time in the barrel. A faster bullets will hit lower on the target. So, if you loaded a 147 with a higher velocity than the 124, the 147 would strike the target lower. But in general a heavier bullet traveling at a lower velocity spends more time in the barrel, therefore strikes the target slightly higher than the quicker 124 grain bullet with less dwell time.
  3. Having owned both I would choose the P-09 over the XDm if for nothing else the lower bore axis and much less perceived recoil. I purchased a 5.25 XDm for my Wife, it lasted one session and back in the safe it went. The beaver tail bruised her hand. The P-09 she can shoot in comfort all day. Less money, more gun. Win/Win
  4. I have used 3.3 for years @ 1.135 to make 132 PF. Yours should work. 1.150 is getting a little close to hanging up in the magazine so you might want to shorten that up some. At that OAL I get some nose diving depending on the magazine.
  5. My error was skipping by page 8. I just wanted to be sure I knew what I knew so thanks!
  6. So you are saying that the barrels do NOT have the hard coating and reaming them is just like doing the S1 barrels? I just want to make sure as I have heard it both ways.
  7. Just use the 147 grain starting loads and sneak up on it with caution.
  8. Asking which powder is the best is a very "loaded" question. Powder, like bullets is sooo personal. Everyone has a difference opinion and the number of choices is like a Chinese menu, just too many choices. You will eventually find the best powder for YOU. But to do that you must spend some time with a lot of them. I really liked Prima V in its first batch, it was going to be my forever powder and then they changed it. ETR-7 was another great 9mm powder and then it became unobtainable just like SR 7625. You will find the one for you if you try them all and give each one an even chance. The newer AA2 is close to Clean Shot but just a little different. I doubt you could tell the difference between it a N320. Try them all and try them all with the different bullet weights and after about 10 years of wearing out your press you will settle on 2 or 3 favorite powders and bullet weights and styles. The combinations are endless. We are always searching for that best load, may it go on forever.
  9. You can use that data or Accurate Arms AA2 data for your starting load. I ended up at 3.5 with a 135 grain bullet loaded to 1.120 for my CZ. I could not find any published data for a 135 grain bullet so I split the difference between the 124 and 147 starting load and proceeded with caution until I got to 130ish power factor.
  10. Clean Shot does everything well and is versatile, out of the group you mention it would be my first choice for several reasons. No down side.
  11. Who did you find in NC that could do it?
  12. The question about the profile change: After millions of rounds the original molds were worn out. The original molds were made to duplicate the 124 grain jacketed bullet and yes you could load them long. When ACME went back to this supplier to replace the worn out molds they found this vendor was out of business. They searched but did not find anyone who could/would duplicate their original mold so they tested what was available for accuracy. The mold they chose proved to be the most accurate with several Beta testers so they went with it. Yes it does load shorter than the original but I find it to be more accurate in my guns. All of my CZ's except for the P09/07 series have been reamed so I can load the new bullet back to the original specs. Anyone that has a 9mm barrel that has not been treated with a hard finish such as the XD/XDm's, Glock or the P series CZ's I will ream your barrel for these bullets free of charge so you can load them longer. Just PM me and I will provide my shipping address. There will be a one day turn around return shipping will be Priority Mail. We can discuss details after the PM. ACME has added several new bullets to their line up including the 135 grain RN in 9mm which loads out to 1.120 in my P Series guns. I have been asking for this bullet now for a while and I was not disappointed with the results.
  14. Sounds like you forgot to loop the decocker return spring back over the leg on the bottom of the sear cage. The "L" in that spring needs to go over the leg sticking down at the bottom of the sear cage, it supplies the tension to return the decocking lever.
  15. Another vote for the Cajun sights by Dawson. Already has the front sight drilled and the thinner front sight is standard. Be sure to watch the Dawson videos before you install them.