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  1. I believe that Dawson can ream these barrels, they do the XDm barrels so these should not be a problem, check with them.
  2. Years ago when I was in the Second Chance game I had several 1911 barrels do something similar after an extended round count. Back in that day Blake Gann was the gun builder and he applied a simple fix that stopped this, at least on my guns, from happening again. Wherever there was a sharp angle cut ahead of the chamber as where yours broke and in and around the locking lugs he made the sharp angle a small radius between the angle and the barrel. The small round radius would relieve the stress areas where the barrel machining created stress points that start out as stress cracks. I realize we were not getting the pressures with our .45 ACP pin guns that the .40 creates but we were shooting rounds with enough pressure to make the comps work well that without a doubt were +P++ and would crack the frames in short order. after this simple modification which took him no more that 30 minutes to do I never had another stress related barrel failure. I don't have any pics of this mod as those guns were long ago used up but I learned then that a sharp cut or angle on a barrel could create an area prone to stress cracks and it would be reasonable to assume that is what happened to yours. The constant beating that the barrels take and who knows how much stress is on these points seems like a miracle they last as long as they do.
  3. sounds like you need to polish this as mentioned above. And then de-burr and polish this and your double feed should go away.
  4. His triggers are Production legal and I am sure you will enjoy the results. One of his in your gun would be way ahead of where you are and would also solve your reach problem.
  5. Sounds like you need a Production legal trigger with no pre-travel. This would reduce your reach by 1/4". Would that be enough?
  6. I agree that the first batch of PV was closer to Red Dot but the brand new batch I just purchased is much slower. We all need to keep in mind that the data presented is in a singular gun just as factory pressure data is presented. Loading manual pressure and burn rate data will not be what we experience in our guns. Every gun is different in every case, what would show high pressure signs in one gun may be perfectly safe in another that is identical. All printed data is just a starting point from which we experiment to find the optimum. The new Accurate Arms loading manual is a good example, I don't know what they are using to get their top load pressure readings but according the pressure gun BAE is using in their lab it is not even close, AA showing much higher pressures for the loads presented in several of the faster powders. I really wish PV would leave the formula alone, the first batch I purchased was nearly perfect for 9mm Production, why fix what isn't broken.
  7. I use Nu-Finish. I tried the Flitz product but found it turns black just as regular Flitz does as it polishes. I have found you cannot over do Nu Finish and you want your media saturated with the stuff for the best results. I run at least 3 stripes around the top of a new bowl of media and let it run for an hour to dissipate clumps and let the polish get into the media. When you run your brass it comes out looking like new and the cases resize very easily without the need for case lube. Nu-Finish works really well and a single bottle of it lasts a long time in the media. It does not dry up or go away so a single 3 stripe treatment will go many cleanings without having to re-treat the media and it also eliminates any dust so you don't need to add anything else.
  8. I have 10 Pre-B Transitionals with the 10X bushing installed. They work perfect, just buy the one for the standard CZ 75 with the smaller OD barrel. I have one of the hard chrome bushings and it looks just like matt stainless. You will need a #47 drill bit if you are installing a new sight regardless if the sight is pre-drilled. After the sight and new bushing is installed carefully run the #47 bit through and the new sight pin will go right in without a problem. For the long slide just buy the one for the TS and it works perfect for the long slide.
  9. a little carbon inside the case sure makes it easier to bell the case mouth.
  10. I have the grip from hell with my weak hand. I either use Manny Bragg's grip tape or make them out of Jessup with a pattern made from Manny's grips. Sometimes it take more than alcohol to get all the oil off. Getting the grip clean and applying heat is the secret to keeping the tape in place. Castrol Super Clean works well to degrease the grip before the alcohol is used. The brand of tape also has a lot to do with the longevity. I make sure the grip frame is hot before applying the tape and then re-heat them and hold tight until it cools off keeping pressure on the edges with my right hand and the my left holding a firm grip until the adhesive sets up. I do mine just like Marshall82 and wear the sand off long before the base gives up and it never moves. Also, when you see the tape conform to the shapes it covers you have done it right. You can see all the original shapes under the tape after I am through, the heat makes the tape conform and shrink down into the blocks and stippling of the original grip.
  11. Are you heating the grip and then the grip tape after it's applied? I wear all the sand off of mine and the backing never moves.
  12. Lone Wolf's are tight but if you order the barrel from them you can request the "GT Hole" and it will come with a standard sized chamber. I have had many of these done and they did not charge any extra for this service. Once reamed they are just as good as any drop in barrel.
  13. Your considerable increase in crimp is most likely under sizing your bullets and causing some setback. A lot of crimp only decreases the diameter of your bullets and reduces neck tension. This is what I would be looking at since it's the only thing you changed.
  14. You will find that the barrel is harder than the reamer material unless you were specific that you were reaming a Tenifer treated barrel. The P09/07 barrels are diamond hard and will most likely ruin your reamer. P09/07 in general do not have a tight chamber but they do have a short throat. A throating reamer would be more appropriate except for the factory metal finish. There are some gunsmiths who can do the throating on these barrels but the last time I spoke with Dave Manson he was not offering reamers that would work with these hard finished barrels, that may have changed. Beyond the throating issue CGW's Short reset kit along with their excellent Race hammer and over sized roller transform a P09 to a totally different gun. If you haven't installed David's action kit in your gun you are really missing out on what it could become. The improvement is dramatic. Good luck with your project and Happy Easter!
  15. The latest batch seems to be right with N320 or a tick slower judging from the powder charge vs velocities I see. The newer Prima V is not as clean burning as the older stuff I had but it is still just as soft shooting.