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  1. Search for Matt Lee on Facebook on USPSA yard sale page I just got a great hanger from him for like $30
  2. I just picked one up. Shopping for a holster for it. Are you turning the Romeo one on a leaving it on all day when shooting a match or steel challenge? I am used to C-mores I turn them off after every stage. I have some Sig reading to do on these
  3. I ended up ordering a gas block. I was concerned with the set screw moving on the key.
  4. Double post
  5. I just ordered an Aim lightweight Bolt Carrier. I am looking into adjustable gas for my 16" gunner barrel. I am considering the Taccom Adjustable gas key. Trying to find some opinions on them. Problems or concerns with limiting the gas at the carrier over the barrel. Thanks
  6. Looks like a cool idea. I had an Anderson Sport upper on mine. I then put a New Frontier Side charge upper on when it came available. I like the side charger alot. I shoot left and right handed. I have a Phase5 ambidextrous bolt release. The bolt release makes holding the bolt open and dropping the bolt easy. Best thing about the side charger is I don't get blowback in my face like I did with the traditional charge handle
  7. Are you staking CGW pins? I loctited mine. I thought those pins were too hard to stake
  8. Dave at Cajun Gun Works has great customer service. Great products and he has been very helpful to me with advice and install questions.
  9. X2 on the Bayou bullets. Great FAST service.
  10. I agree CGW is great. Great products and they stand behind them.
  11. I am kinda new to reloading. I have had great experience with Bayou bullets and N320. The Bullets are reasonably priced and I get them about 3 days after I order them. The hi tech coating and n320 are very clean
  12. I lit off a s&b primer while seating it. I could not imagine a whole tube of those things going off. I load with ear plugs and eye protection. I learned at that point not to force a primer
  13. I called Dawson. I had no idea they had 2 different gauges match and super match. The silver one I bought is super match is tighter than the anodized one. They sent me a return slip and I am getting the regular match one. Thanks for the help guys I will let you know how it goes
  14. How do I tell which Shockbottle Guage I have I just ordered a silver one from Dawson.
  15. As far as I know it is the standard one I got it from Dawsons.