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  1. Long story short. I just put a Delta point pro on my CZ Custom cut slide. My slide came loose with the factory deltapoint screws and I lost the pins. If anyone has the delta point pins handy and can get me an accurate measurement that would be great. The Screws that were sent with the CZ Custom slide are not long enough and are 8-32 So I am supposed to ream my deltapoint with a #19 drill bit and come up with the 8-32 screws. Can anyone help me with the supplied pin measurements or your experiences with mounting the Delta Point Pro to the CZ Custom cut slide. Thanks TIm
  2. I have 17s 16s and 18's I like the 16 round mags with CZC long mag bases for Carry Optics best because they are cheap and the load witness holes are on the Left side of the magazines. I had Springer pads on the 16's prior to the Carry optics bases. They are nice
  3. I have not Chronoed mine but I like Bayou 124g Rn with 3.8g n320
  4. I out grew my CR Speed Belt after a couple years it worked out pretty good. I just got my New Shooters Connection Belt. I like it a lot. It is stiff and stays tight. I followed their directions for sizing and it was spot on. Great Belt at a very reasonable price and from Shooters I get my packages about a day or 2 after I order.
  5. I am still trying to wear out my Shadow 1
  6. I did end up getting CZ custom mag bases with there spring and follower my 16 round magazines are 22 rounds
  7. Springer mount with a vortex viper here. I took the advice of others on here and made 2 shims out of a Coke can to put between the bottom of the mount and the gun. I also used red loctite. I hope to get my slide from cz custom soon
  8. Guy on " USPSA Handfun Gear yard sale" Facebook page had 3 springers for sale for $90
  9. Same results for me with s&b and Winchester primers. 11.5 spring was about 95% reliable. I put the 13lb spring in and have not looked back
  10. I shoot both left and right handed. The best thing I ever did was buy a side charge upper. No more gas in my face from the charging port
  11. How would a CGW hammer compare to a standard Shadow hammer?
  12. Drilled and tapped a third hole in the center of the dovetail at work today 6-32, Used the 2 pop can shims and used red loctite. Its tight now. I am sure my extra screw will help but those shims make all the difference in the world Thanks
  13. Upper part of the dovetail?
  14. My factory bushing was TIGHT. I ended up using a small slide hammer to remove it.
  15. Got it thanks for the advice