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  1. MBX

    Mine hold 29.
  2. Frontenac Hilton. Great location and a real step above the chains. At 40 and Lindbergh.
  3. It is worth the hunt, A very well done explanation by CHA -LEE.
  4. Agree with Jack. In my observations the best shooters very rarely change platforms.
  5. I find coated are great for a minor load. Clean and accurate. For Major power I use JHP. They are more accurate in both of my guns.
  6. Plus 1 for Silhouette.
  7. Precision Delta and I wish I had an affiliation! Tried MG and Zero. All good.
  8. As fast as you go I still don't know how you see the bouncing ball.
  9. I've had 3 Akai and a lot of work done by Atlas. I'm looking forward to an open from Adam now.
  10. We don't do this for a living and the after match hambuger tastes the same.
  11. No problems with the 2 I have. Thanks for the heads up about the problem and the solution.
  12. Received a Shockbottle today. This is a great addition to my bench!
  13. There is a nice looking 6" for sale by Moto727 on page 3 in the classified section.
  14. Buy the 9mm. Eric is right.