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  1. DAA Alpha X. Simply the best I've tried.
  2. No problem using a slide stop thumb rest. It is easy to try without drilling your frame. Drilled frames seem to lower the value if you ever decide to sell.
  3. Looks great. Adam does great work! I look forward to an update after your Stoeger class.
  4. At the 2016 US National 39% of the contestants shot 9 and 46% shot 38.
  5. 9 major 124 JHP at 1.165 and 7.0 grains of Silhouette. 171 PF. Very soft and reliable.
  6. I disagree about about buying a 38 SC over 9MM gun. 9MM bras is ubiquitous, easy to find, very inexpensive and most importantly safe. I will send you by PM a builder many in the midwest have used and all operate reliably.
  7. The overwhelming majority of open shooters use STI framed guns based on the 2011 platform. I think it would be a mistake to stray to far from this platform. There are several custom builders that will build a polymer gripped custom gun within your budget.
  8. If that shoots half as good as it looks we will have another GM.
  9. Bullet - Precision Delta, Montana Gold or Zero 124 JHP Primer- A any small pistol or Federal Small Rifle Powder- Silhouette or Aotocomp OAL- 1.165 7 Grains of Silhouette = 171 Power Factor.
  10. MBX

    Mine hold 29.
  11. Frontenac Hilton. Great location and a real step above the chains. At 40 and Lindbergh.
  12. It is worth the hunt, A very well done explanation by CHA -LEE.
  13. Agree with Jack. In my observations the best shooters very rarely change platforms.