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  1. 21 signed up for next Sunday's Mississippi State Match! Still got room!
  2. MATCH UPDATE!!! Due to increasing demand, we are adding a second day and 75 more slots to the 2017 CK Arms Mississippi Open State Championship. The match will now be July 22-23rd. ... This will bring the total number of slots to 150 for the match. It will be a 10 stage, one day format shot either Saturday or Sunday. If you want to shoot against the best open shooters in the state, region, and world, get signed up now! Register at:…/register
  3. I tried to read that and it seems like people over think it. I just pick the gun up and shoot.
  4. Kneecap my niece so she can't go to her dance recital.
  5. We've had a surge in entries over the past two days, must be that good word getting out. Up to 517 entries total. Production match is up to 124 entries. Open match is full at 75+. Keep them coming though. I'll make room
  6. I want to do the 4 gun package so bad but I have a schedule conflict. If that falls through I will be there!
  7. I got classed in open a while back and am shooting open minor.
  8. Not sure where to send suggestions, or if it's been brought up before, but use the product a lot for match management and two common things I encounter thought I'd give suggestion for consideration. No biggies or deal breakers: 1. People click "View Squadding", see empty slots, assume the match has openings, send nastygrams to MD when match is full saying they can see empty slots. Suggestion: Add "unsquadded competitors" to list somewhere. 2. People squad online, then get to match dicking around with sorting nook random orders to determine the perfect shooting order. Suggestion: Let people squad online in the shooting slot that will be transferred to match. You squad in slot 3, it puts you in slot 3 on nook, etc. Or maybe add option to sort by name/shooter number/random to "as ordered on website". Just some suggestions. Great product. Use the hell out of it. Matches wouldn't be the same without it.
  9. We've had 491 registered entries so far in the 2017 Mississippi State/Section Championship series of matches, and that number is sure to grow once we open registration for the CQB, 3gun, and Limited state championships. Here is a quick breakdown of some of the upcoming matches as they stand right now: And as a general rule of thumb, here is how we recognize overall awards and classes/categories for the USPSA matches: Highest MS resident in division, state champ plaque. Top 3 overall in division get 1st-3rd plaque. 5 in a class, 1st gets plaque. 9+ in a class, 1st-3rd gets plaque. High Lady, Junior, Senior, Super Senior in a division get plaque. If 5+ in division LE and MIL, 1st gets plaque. Unclassified not recognized, no plaques.
  10. That sounds like a great trip. If you want to hit another club match along the way, there is a great local match the day before our match just 45 minutes up the road in Hattiesburg at Brothers N Arms. It'll be a good tuneup for the match quite a few of us will probably be there.
  11. Latest update: March 26th - Rosco Manufacturing MS Two Gun State Championship --> Results! April 30th - Iverson Arms MS Single Stack/Revolver State Championship - Match Full. --> Matchbook! May 28th - MS L10, PCC, & CO State Championship - Registration is open, register now! --> Register! June 24-25th - MS Production State Championship- Registration is open, register now! --> Register! July 23rd - CK Arms MS Open State Championship - Registration is open, register now! --> Register! July 29-30th - MS State NSSF Rimfire Challenge - Registration is open, register now! -> Register! August 27th - MS CQB State Championship - Details coming soon. September 23-24th - Freedom Gunworks MS Limited State Championship- Details coming soon. November 18th - MS 3-gun State Championship- Details coming soon.
  12. A few important announcements concerning upcoming matches: First, the matchbook with stage diagrams for the 2017 Iverson Arms Mississippi Single Stack and Revolver Championship is now available at the following link: Secondly, a reminder that registration for the 2017 CK Arms Mississippi Open State Championship opens tonight at 7pm cst at the following link: And lastly, the 2017 Mixed Discipline World Championship scheduled for October 29th has been cancelled. The Louisiana Gator is scheduled for that weekend, and the BPSA staff is looking forward to shooting that one.
  13. Want to shoot this so bad, but am putting on our state NSSF match the same weekend. Trying to figure out a way to make it work!
  14. My nephew loves the matches that use the real tall aiming points further than 10 feet out and he ends up just a tick lower than his normal stance since hes so short lol.