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  1. Glad you can and it was worth the trip. Great shooting too. That's a fine pistol you got I'm looking at getting myself one now thanks for letting me look at it!
  2. The 2017 Mississippi PCC, Carry Optics, and Limited 10 Championship is in the books, and although we started the morning out with a little rain, and endured a shower around lunch, it ended up being a pretty nice day, and we had a blast shooting. First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who came out and shot with us, helped past and reset, tear down, and most of all those who helped RO and setup the night before. Without these guys help, these matches just don’t happen, and I like to thank them first. Lee Frasier, Ken Hablitzel, Harry Williams, Mike Ramos, Nick Saucier, Gary Kerr, Mike Strong, Trey Nicholson, Aaron Fitgerald, Bryant Willett, Robbie Foil, Jonathan O’Brien, Gerwin Henn, Roger Henn, Brian Dolly, Stephen LaSavia, Rafy RIjos, Steve Tannetta, David Pape, Bill Mahley, Ruth Mahley, John Nguyen, George Miller, Calvin Lindsay, Kyle Watkins, Ethan Boudreaux, Jeff Blitch, and Dani Blitch. That team of folks makes the match what it is, so when you see them around give them a big high five. It’s also worth noting that a lot of the same names are at the top of many of the leaderboards today. It says a lot when your top guys are also putting in work. Other places I’ve been the local heat expects the superstar treatment and I’m pretty darn proud that none of our guys are too proud to pick up a hammer and pitch in. Now on to the action: Stage 1, Swinging Steel, was a 12 round short course that had you shooting 8 small pieces of steel at a pretty healthy distance, then a swinger and a tight partial with a mandatory reload mixed in. This one was a lot tougher than most folks expected, and it tanked a lot of folks matches today. Max Michel Sr. didn’t have that problem in Carry Optics with the stage win in 12.63 seconds, Gerwin Henn leveraged his solid fundamentals here for the L10 stage win with a smoking 10.79 run, and Joshua Mazzola blazed through this one with ease in PCC with a time on 8.73. Stage 2, Swinging Bill, was a 12 round Virginia count stage that required 6 shots on the swinger, and 6 on a partial. John Nguyen took the stage win in CO here with a 10.87 run, Gerwin Henn took the stage in L10 with a 8.41 run, and Fernando Almeida took PCC with a 7.65. Stage 3, Four by Four, was a 12 round short course that featured four popper on the left side, and four paper on the right. The only real decision to be made here was which way to go first, and then rely on execution. AJ McCartney picked the right choice and made it happen in CO with a smoking run of 9.70, Rafy Rijos took L10 with a 11.50, and Joshua Mazzola took the stage in PCC with a 10.21. Stage 4, No Step on Snek, was a 24 round long course that featured four big colt poppers, and two deceptively small and distanced lollipops. Roger Henn was the man here in CO, with a 13.72 run, his old man Gerwin took it in L10 with a 13.37 run, and Joshua Mazzola ran the table in PCC with a 12.61 run. Stage 5, Double Time, was a 14 round medium course that had only two steel, and a few tight partials. Roger Henn again won the stage in CO with a 9.54 run, Steven Mosher won L10 with a 11.80 run, and Bryant Willett won PCC with a smoking 8.61. Stage 6, Triple Time, was a rehash of the previous stage, only this time it was three rounds per target, and ended up a 20 round long course. John Nguyen took it down in CO with a 11.39 run, Steven Taylor won L10 with a run of 13.48, and Joshua Mazzola won PCC with a 11.05. Stage 7, My Way, was a pretty straightforward 24 round long course that featured two poppers. John Nguyen took the stage in CO, Gerwin Henn took L10, and new PCC shooter Woody Landry set the tone on this one in PCC. Stage 8, The Highway, was the same stsage, with the added twist of an unloaded start and all mags staged on barrel. This didn’t change much for the high cap guys, but it altered the L10 guys plans significantly, as well as sending a couple people home anytime you do gun and mag handling off barrels. John Nguyen repeated his stage win in CO, Rowdy Bricco took the stage in L10, and Joshua Mazzola took the stage in PCC. Stage 9, Wide Open, was the largest course at 32 rounds, and easily covered the most ground. This one really rewarded those guys who could cover ground quick, as evidenced by your fast-footed MD Steven Mosher taking the stage win in L10, with Roger Henn taking CO and Joshua Mazzola taking PCC. Stage 10, Split Second, was an 8 round speed shoot that featured an optional drop turner, two poppers and tight partial. Roger Henn took the stage in CO at 4.93, outpacing the field by nearly 25%, Jonathan Jones blazed the stage in L10 with a time of 3.85 for the stage win, and Christopher DiMenna smoked a 4.51 run in PCC. When all the results were tallied, your final leaderboard looked like this: Carry Optics: MS STATE CHAMPION – Roger Henn 1st Place – John Nguyen 2nd Place – Roger Henn 3rd Place – Jason Welch High Junior – Blayne Dupuy High Senior – A.J. McCartney High Super Senior – Don Evans High LE – Herman Cox Limited 10: MS STATE CHAMPION – Gerwin Henn 1st Place – Gerwin Henn 2nd Place – Rowdy Bricco 3rd Place – David Pape High Junior – Jonathan Jones High Senior – Gerwin Henn High Super Senior – Lee Frasier High LE – Julio Salado High Military – Chris Lewis PCC: MS STATE CHAMPION – David Martian 1st Place – Joshua Mazzola 2nd Place – Fernando Almeida 3rd Place – Woody Landry High Junior – Piper Hattox High Lady – Piper Hattox High Senior – Trey Nicholson High LE – Christopher DiMenna MS PCC, CO, L10 MVP – Kyle Watkins Springfield 1911 drawing winner – Stephen Russo Full match results here: Practiscore – USPSA – Again, want to thank everyone who came out and shot, we certainly hope it was worth the trip, and as we are always striving to improve our match experience, I’d also ask that you please email me with any suggestions and/or constructive after action reports so that we can continue to improve our match. See you at the next match!
  3. I'll have to check it out.
  4. we use amazon fire 7&8s. I usually unplug the router while we shoot, and after the match plug it in and rejoin the wifi and sync. works like a champ.
  5. Rowdy is it much bigger than the sp01? Hard to tell, but in pics it looks more along the lines in size of the shadow 2
  6. What barrel and are you using the spacers?
  7. What a dumb rule.
  8. Same thread after just about every big match.
  9. The L10/PCC/CO state match is overfull with 90+ shooters. The Production state match is 135+ shooters with room for more. The Open match is around 100+ shooters with lots more room. The NSSF Rimfire match is around 70+ and lots of room available. The CQB state match is at 125+ with a little bit more room. If you want great competition and great fun, we got room for you. Get signed up.
  10. They either have some crazy elaborate stages or are in desperate need of process improvement. The rule of thumb in my experience is about one man hour per stage.
  11. 13 hours to setup holy cow.
  12. Black Friday we got fire 7 tablets for about $25. Work like a champ.
  13. Double the entry fee and let those that volunteer to help shoot free.
  14. We had a guy inadvertently shoot our MGM star at about 13 yards with 223 and it held up just fine.
  15. I would think hands relaxed at sides precludes someone from holding something.